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I don’t think Trump has any shame when it comes to a pee tape.

*Maybe* he cares about getting caught for doing something illegal or traitorous but so far, he seems to have been able to buy or bully his way out of accountability.

Too many people think Vlad has something on him but I think the real reason he does what he does is right in front of our faces and it’s so obvious we keep missing it.

What have Trump and the Republicans done ever since they took office? The answer is they have removed the constraints and obligations from the world’s richest people. They’ve gutted environmental protections, given themselves trillions of dollars in tax cuts and gone after every regulation and trade agreement in sight with a vengeance.

If you slept through 11th grade Problems of Democracy, then this is what you missed. The rich and powerful favor Laissez Faire capitalism. That means, let them do whatever the f*ck they want without any government interference.

The oil companies in particular love this concept. Who needs Paris agreements and restrictions over where they can “drill, baby, drill!”

With all of the outrage over what Trump said in his press conference, what seems to have been overlooked was the announcement that the two made about the oil bidness.

Russia is almost landlocked. It doesn’t have too many ways to get its oil and gas out of the country that don’t involve going through the Caspian Sea region (hello Iran) or parts of Europe (here’s looking at you, Baltic states!) or North Korea (hmmm…). But with Iranian treaties off the table and NATO on shakey ground, and the US playing footsie with Kim Jun Un, well Vlad can see an opportunity.

I’m guessing that Putin and Trump are playing Bad Cop/Good Cop. Putin wants access and free trade and the end of sanctions, Trump will make the right countries give it up or not protect them or whatever.

“I don’t know, if I were you, I’d give him what he wants. Vlad is crazy. I can try to not let him beat you up but you know how it is”.

And what does Trump get out of this? Probably a stake in the profits. Why not? It’s just a business deal.

That’s what those two hours of private conversation were about.

Let’s see if the other Republicans start breaking away. It’s going to be very difficult without offending their masters. But they might feel that Trump has outlived his usefulness and they got most of what they wanted without instigating a revolution. Time to cut the line and save themselves in the midterm. We’ll see.

It makes a lot more sense than worrying about having a video of a gaggle of pretty Ukrainian prostitutes peeing on the bed. What does the man who brags about grabbing women by the pussy care about that??

It’s the money and power he wants. Oh and for people to stop thinking he didn’t win fair and square.


One Fine Day:

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for. It is not despair, for despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.”

— JRR Tolkien

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  1. We don’t know what they talked about during their one on one! Period…Knowing that he is a greedy crooked mfer, RD may be right about it being Russian oil. Good cop/bad cop also makes sense because I didn’t understand why trump was so against withdrawing from Iran deal but Putin was all for it and said so right in front of trump poking him and trump would not utter a word about why he pulled out. {I saw a tweet from a Russian source which I think brought here in one of the other posts that was scolding trump for his behavior at NATO summit and all other things that we complain about!}. He is being used in ways that he does not understand but he gets a cut of whatever which he does understand.

    {Can’t watch that woman, Ruth Marcus… change the channel}

  2. Remember this about Bernie when he talks about 2020.

    • Thanks, IBW for pointing that out. I have been noticing it for awhile whenever he sits with foreign dignitaries. I just couldn’t figure why he does it: Hard on? Embarrassed by the size of his package? Afraid someone will get up and kick him in the nuts? When paired with Putie’s gesture, however, it makes perfect sense.

  3. Obama is speechifying again.

    • It’s what the world has been waiting for pm….he did after all win the Nobel for doing just that, no? Did you hear the choir of angels sing?

  4. Once it all sinks in, it is surreal to think that a reporter could ask a head of state if they have kompromat on your guy and him giving a non answer not denying it while your guy is standing there smirking and pursing his lips while swaying his 300lb body from side to side.

  5. Looks like getting out of Syria is one of the payoffs for election assist and happening now. Emptywheel has been saying this for a while.

  6. We’ve had some bad presidents, and at least one who wanted absolute power. But even Nixon probably cared about the United States as a country. Trump is of a different species. I don’t think he cares one bit about this country or any of its laws or policies, except insofar as they can make money for him and his family, and a few oligarch pals. I am no student of the Mafia, but I would imagine that the same sociopathy exists there.

    It is almost laughable to listen to Republicans try to make some sense of this. Today Blount said that he is “trying to figure it out.” The problem is that the absolute capitalism (no constraints, no rules) which the current Republicans believe in, gets its payoff through Trump, so they can live with it. As you suggest, maybe after they have stacked the Supreme Court, and removed the safety net in order to fund their tax windfalls, they won’t need Trump any more. That doesn’t mean that they’ll turn into Rockefeller Republicans; they might be happy with Pence, or just try to stick in a Romney next time; whoosh, we have removed the bad optics of Trump, and can go on looting the country. As I mentioned in the below thread, I think that the only real chance is for Democrats to inextricably tie the Republicans to Trump, and to emphasize that unfettered benefitting of the wealthy at everyone else’s expense, will destroy the economy. Maybe the key word would be “lawless.” Something to not let the Republicans escape from this. Trump is truly evil, but the Republicans are not far behind.

    • Funny you should mention Nixon. I never thought I’d say this, but compared to some of his successors I really miss ol’ Tricky Dick. Crooked? Yeah. Paranoid? Most definitely.

      He did, however, establish the EPA, propose both a better health plan than anything enacted since, and even went so far as to propose a universal basic income/negative income tax. That would make him a pretty far-left Democrat these days.

      He and Kissinger apparently also dissuaded the Soviets from launching a preemptive nuclear strike against Chinese nuclear facilities:

      When he was elected in ’68, I was convinced that things couldn’t possibly get any worse. Had I but known…

  7. MSNBC, if you’re listening, please replace Andrea Mitchell or Chris Matthews with Chris Jansing.

    • Totally agree, I turn the TV off whenever I see or hear Andrea. I will never forgive Mathews for his unabashed adoration of the O. I can’t believe they have many viewers but they probably have well written contracts that allow them to ferment in place for as long as they can.

  8. Compare the above picture to this:

    “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before, Vlad. And Bill’s is MUCH bigger.” 😈

  9. Pootie is having fun. Looking at this politico article, it appears that he didn’t mind getting caught for the hack at some point. Wouldn’t it be nice to hold that over his puppet and also see the US struggle to deal with it.


  10. What a buffoon!!

  11. From The Daily Banter:


    I hope you Madoka-damned Purity Ponies are FUCKING SATISFIED.

  12. The Russian press said today that weak Trump sought the summit in order to hire Russian hackers to help him with the midterms. Again.

    I’m assuming if the oil hypothesis is correct, we will be turning a blind eye to the re-annexation of Estonia? They are pretty sure over there they’re going to be invaded. Already, the Russian press has them being portrayed as aggressors. That tiny, tiny country…

    I still believe Trump et al. and GOP leaders are being threatened with both email releases and Novichok, and the release of it and timing of those releases in the UK are messages to them. We can get you anytime, anywhere.

    I don’t think money is enough of a reward for all this; neither is power. There is real, genuine life-or-death risk here for them, now.

  13. He clarified. So everybody move on.

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