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Strzok Me, Strzok Me. STRZOK! STRZOK!

Peter Strzok is a better man than I am. WTF was that yesterday anyway?? The Republicans seem really desperate to pin all of Trump’s crimes, and there must be many, on one guy at the FBI who had the audacity to text what half of Trump’s own administration has been saying for more than a year.

Trump is a f****** idiot.

The Republicans were rude, dismissive, they interrupted, framed questions and statements to create the worst possible image of Strzok and then refused to allow him to correct the record.

But Strzok drew blood anyway. He cheerfully admitted to every text he wrote about Trump’s f****** idiocy. That didn’t work out like they planned. Well, no one ever said that Republicans were rocket surgeons.

Whatever Trump has done, it’s all Strzok’s fault.

But I think the thing that will stick with the Republican base is that the Russians were doing really nasty s*** to our election because they are bad guys. What does that have to do with Trump??

And the only reason this might work is because Robert Mueller’s investigation is notoriously leak proof. It’s also above reproach. It’s fortified with a impenetrable armor plating. No one knows what Mueller and his team knows and they ain’t saying.

But I’ll bet the Republicans do. I’ll bet they know exactly what Trump did with the Russians. And probably a good number of Congressional Republicans and their party apparatus as well. It will all come out when Mueller is finished and I suspect that his final report is going to be overwhelming and catastrophic for the GOP.

All they can do is flail and shriek like the flaming swamp monsters they are and beat up on the one guy who had the nerve to text what he thought about fearless leader and was delighted to hear those texts read into the Congressional record.

Cue the plum smuggler:

54 Responses

  1. What a hottie, between him, Clint Watts ….! I always thought I could work at FBI…maybe there is still time. LOL…

    He schooled GoP mfers in this:

    • Are you referring to Strzok or the guy in the back to the left of him?
      Yeah, I wouldn’t kick either one out of bed for eating crackers.

    • You know what the left needs?
      Moar sex.

      • Sex with good looking nerdy guys who are whipping smart and deal with bad guys to put them in their place. Did you watch Maddow’s show the night before last about what Strzok did to that Russian spy couple in Boston?

        • You know, there has to be a pornhub category for lewd and lacivious behavior with federal law enforcement agents. But it is a bit weird to fantasize about it.

          • Intelligence is sexy! {one Korean student of mine wrote on her SOP, research is glamorous}.

          • You know, when I added this pic to my Imgur collection, I did not expect to find an occasion to post it on THIS site. 😛

  2. See the dude in the center of the bottom row? All the others are helping him, whether or not they literally work for him. 😡

  3. Kangaroo court with the hillbilly motherfuckers! (RD, you’re right, that FBI Counsel is growing on me, LOL)

  4. Wow!

  5. Other people have begun to notice now what we knew then ‘oh Hillary said that!’

  6. We knew that before the election!

  7. She is a reporter on the money all the time. Why can’t we have someone like her here?

  8. The hillbilly trump supporter in America should take note of this:

  9. Yeah, the unsaid part is that Americans were warned IF they were trump supporters that they may get into trouble because people there don’t like them, rightly so!

  10. Mueller Friday!

    • Good CNN is doing the Mueller indictments … Rod R. on the screen.

    • Evidence of direct involvement of the Russian govt. in interfering with 2016 election. Good job. trump can talk about this with pootie in his summit.

      • So when do these guys get arrested and go on trial so we can see the evidence against them? Oh, that’s right, never!

        More importantly, when will we see the evidence of COLLUSION that we were promised? Oh, that’s right, never ever!

        What are you guys using? Synthetic marijuana? Bath salts? PCP?

        Whatever it is it is causing you to lose touch with reality. Disgraced former FBI agent Strzok looked like a deranged lunatic yesterday, which is probably why he looked so normal to you.

        • Oh, put a sock in it and shove it up! Are you even an American? I won’t even ask if you are a patriot.

          • Oh, they are patriotic, all right–for a country which no longer exists.

          • “Confederatism”, for lack of a better word, has metastasized outside of the borders of the Old Confederacy for many years now. 😦

        • Uh, no, the corrupt and/or deranged GOP Congresscritters looked normal to YOU, because you Mediocre White Males would rather lick Putin’s taint than accept equality with women and nonwhite men.

        • Hi Niles! You know, your boy could get this over with quickly by just submitting to an interview. Think of all the money he would save all his little minions.

          I can’t WAIT to see the final report from Mueller. It’s going to be amazing.

    • So trump knew this was coming down the pike. Is that why he started this summit with pootie talk? In their one on one, what are they going to talk about? does it not look like trump is working with pootie? This is such a clusterfuck and why aren’t people even more outraged at trump’s treasonous behavior?

      • Well, some of the Trump Chumps think it’s all just the Deep State manipulating the Fake News Media, but I think some of the other, especially the white male, Trump Chumps would actually rather be subordinate to Putin than equal to females and nonwhites, because at least Putin is a white male.

  11. Why hasn’t Cheeto Benito fired Rosenstein and Mueller yet? What does he fear if he does?

    One possibility: He really does believe that the Deep State exists as an actual, conspiratorial entity, rather than as a metaphor for the continuing interests of our national security institutions–and he fears that if he successfully blocks the Deep State from getting rid of him the way it got rid of Nixon, then the DS will merely shrug, go to Plan B, and get rid of him the way it got rid of JFK.

    • I don’t know if this has been confirmed or not, but rumor has it that Cheeto Benito relies on fast food partly because he fears being poisoned. He figures that the person preparing a particular fast food item won’t know who is going to eat it.

  12. “Russia if you are listening…” same day, same day! No collusion, no collusion, I mean no coincidence, no coincidence…

  13. Reporters have to be smart about what they report. I hope they rise to the occasion because this is all very serious. Don’t give any inch to Guiliani and other trump minions.

  14. What a fucking boor!! You wait for your host’s direction and FOLLOW whoever that is, queen or no queen.

  15. Hey RD, just remembered your post about how DNC hack and what Russians tracks what happened during Nixon’s Watergate (and worse that this was a foreign adversary). Now we have the evidence and indictment that Hillary and her campaign talked about during the campaign about Russians hacking DNC.

  16. I agree and he brought the mighty US of A to its knee with a mastery that is remarkable and as Clint Watts would say, with a pliable and corrupt candidate and now a president and his stupid and gullible supporters all from within. In addition, he is messing with the UK using nerve agents on their land with impunity and no repercussions so far.

    • While Putin has not wrought the massive evil that Hitler did–yet–Putin does remind me of Adolf in some ways.

      Like Hitler, Putin was a minor national-security functionary of a now-defunct empire which lost a major war, and he thinks his country got a raw deal, and he wants to restore its former glory and dominance.

      Also: Hitler’s early, dazzling success came partially from his being the only major politician who fully grasped the military potential of the internal combustion engine. Likewise, Putin has fully grasped the military potential of the Internet.

      • Likewise, Putin has fully grasped the military potential of the Internet.

        You know who else recognized the power of the Internet to do harm by Putin like people?


        she launched right into it: We’re losing the information war with Russia. She urged me to stand up a much stronger and more robust messaging machine to compete with the firehose of Russian propaganda and disinformation that was besmirching America’s image and undermining democracy around the world. “They’re using the old techniques of repeating lies over and over but doing so on 21st century platforms,” she said. You need to fact-check what they are saying and expose Russian disinformation in real time, she continued. We need to do much more. I remember how she ended the call: “The State Department is still issuing press releases while Putin is rewriting history.”

        She was right.


  17. Listen to this and weep! She was right all along.

  18. From Wonkette:

    Strzok Out With Your Cock Out: The 5 Best Moments From Yesterday’s Peter Strzok Shitshow


  19. Off topic: LOL Papa John’s. 😆

  20. Oliver Willis: 😆

  21. Follow her account for other info. trump and his minions have some stupid talking point about DNC not giving up its server which is debunked in her tl.

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