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Prediction on Kavanaugh

He’ll be rammed through before the end of July. As long as the Republicans have 51 votes lined up, with Pence as tie breaker, there’s no reason to even have hearings. The Democrats don’t count.

Better to get this nominee out of the way as soon as possible. Trump needs him to run interference against the Justice department. It clears the way before the campaign season kicks off. It reinforces a sense of learned helplessness with Democratic voters.

Watch and see. They’re going to circumvent the hearings. That’s what I would do if I were McConnell. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve had this planned out for months in advance.

I’d like to be wrong. But I put nothing past these Republicans.

22 Responses

  1. Where was Kavanaugh on ” a sitting President cannot be indicted” during the Starr investigation?

  2. I knew he’d pick Kavanaugh. He probably wanted the woman because she’s telegenic but his handlers persuaded him to choose Kavanaugh.

  3. Welp, once we take back the other two branches of the Federal government, we’ll just have to find the skeletons in these bastards’ closets and purge so hard it would make Stalin blush. 😈

    • Yes, and something tells me that it won’t be too difficult.

    • We need a Cambridge Analytica of our own. Actually, if the media does its job, they can expose all these fraudsters. Remember the recent story about Theranos?

  4. Harris, Booker say no…

  5. hmmm, will the Dems go the extra mile to Bork him?

  6. The next time some idiot intones “elections have consequences,” be sure to mention the election of 2012 which Obama won, thus supposedly giving him the right to choose a Supreme Court nominee in 2016, and have timely hearings on him. We know that the Senate would have approved Garland; McConnell’s only ploy was to subvert the Constitution and never hold a hearing. If any Democrat had done that, the media would have been calling for him to be hanged for treason, but it’s just those wascally Wepublicans doing their thing;; too bad, Democrats, chide the media.

    I am inclined to agree with you, RD. This is a losing battle, in that even if we somehow stop Kavanaugh, we’ll just lose the Senate races in two or all of ND, WV, IN, thus giving us no chance to win the Senate in ’18, and not so much of a chancre in ’20. We are never going to somehow stop Trump from getting some awful person on the Court, so I would play the longer game. The only problem is that there are many activist Democrats who would absolutely scream in anger if the party did not but up a big fight in the Senate. In fact, if any of the Democrats, even in Red states, voted for the nominee, they would refuse to vote for him in the election, thus guaranteeing he would lose. This purity politics will be the destruction of the Democrats.

    I would relish a fight, except that there is no real plus side, unless one argues that it will energize our base. I know that acceding is not going to do that, so I guess all we can do is to bring up all the bad things about Kavanaugh,,and figure that no Republican will vote against him (you don’t really expect Collins to, do you?), so he will get in by a thrilling 50-49 vote, as the minority of about 40% continues to dominate the country through bogus elections (2000, 2016), an awful Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore, gerrymandering, voter suppression; and the same Supreme Court which permits all of it, in a perfectly circular evil. The only hope is that the 60% of us will actually vote in record numbers; that we win Congress and the Presidency in 2020; and that we then add about six Supreme Court seats. The media will erupt in anger, but there is no other way. And Bush v. Gore destroyed the Supreme Court as a judicial institution, and then McConnell stomped on the ruins. So there is no excuse for the Democrats not adding seats to the Court. You cannot play by Marquis of Queensberry rules in a street fight where winner takes all.

    • “So there is no excuse for the Democrats not adding seats to the Court.”

      And there’s nothing preventing Trump from doing the same thing beforehand. Let’s not give them any ideas, shall we?

      • So what if he does? Once demographics gives us the other two branches, we just find their financial and/or sexual scandals (they’re white men with power; you KNOW they have scandals), and purge them out.

  7. Yep, this guy will soon be on SCOTUS…Republicans, as vulgar and vile as they can be.

    • Will this guy find trump who is worse and has none of the redeeming qualities BC has, disgusting?

    • Well, if a President should be investigated for five years for a legal land deal, and then a bunch of other nothings; and then should be asked under oath about the specific details of his consensual affair with an of-age woman, then one might think that it would just possibly be okay to investigate a President for conspiring with a foreign power to trade massive election interference by that country, for a foreign policy which benefits it, including the destruction of WTO, NATO, and the entire postwar alliance. But apparently Kavanaugh has a new position on such things now.

      Based on this,I have changed my mind from what I wrote below;; even if it’s an ultimate loser on the vote, we might as well go all out. Because Kavanaugh is a moral hypocrite, just like Starr, just like all those right-wing Republicans. The President whose hand he is yearning to shake, has done a hundred times worse than Clinton ever did, and often not with consenting women, either.

  8. BC had upwards of 60-70% rating during Starr investigation, right? And now, we will let trump go scot-free? Let us make this Republican mfer and every other one sweat, people! Vote them out in November!


  10. Interesting!

  11. Slightly off topic, but important.

    Jonathan Chait in New York magazine:

    Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart–Or His Handler? 👿


    7-letter word, starts with “T”…

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