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It’s got to be something big

That’s what journalists are saying about what it is that Donald Trump must be hiding. How else do you explain the tweetstorm he wrote this weekend?

Does anyone want to speculate?


Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, goes on trial today. Jury selection begins. The charges against him today appear to be auxiliary to the suggestions of conspiracy against the United States to interfere with a national election with the help of a foreign adversary (I’m sure that’s coming) Nevertheless, this is an impressive list. Paul has been a very busy guy:


Walk to work music:


Two things

1.) There is an old saying that “it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission”.

That doesn’t apply to any conspiracy that Trump may have engaged in with the Russians to win the election. I have no doubt that the Republican Party will try to say that it’s all water under the bridge, you can’t roll back time and we just have to go forward from here.

I think we should resist that bs.

The 2016 election will go down in history as the most consequential election in a century. I don’t even want to think about the lives Trump has ruined, the tax money stolen from us, the judges who will have the final say over women, gay people, immigrants, working class people for decades and decades to come.

They have committed violence to the country. They have been extremely aggressive in pushing through their pro-fossil fuel industry, anti-environment, anti-science agenda. Trump has enriched himself at the risk of damaging our national security.

We can’t forgive. We have to demand that no effort is spared to make things right again once it is proven that Trump and the Republicans stole the election and they are illegitimately running the country into the ground. All of their actions need to be reversed ASAP.

We should plug our ears when they start trying to move on.

2.) The reason we are in this mess to begin with is that a succession of institutions and people in power let it happen because it was entertaining or because they had a spine made of jello. That includes the GOP who didn’t take him out early, the media who thought it was all so fun. President “lifeguard in chief” Obama who went to McConnell asking for a bipartisan statement and promptly threw up his hands when he didn’t get one (oh dear! what could I dooooo???). Then there was the electoral college who was SUPPOSED to be a backstop but turned out to be a rubber stamp.

All of these individuals had an opportunity to stop the madness and didn’t. My French colleague told me that Americans are way too optimistic. We force positivism on each other. It’s all going to turn out right. Lots of smiles all around.

That’s because we haven’t lived through world wars fought on our soil. We didn’t know what it was like to deal with a repressive regime before. But you don’t have to experience something directly to understand the danger of a dangerous thing. You don’t need to stick your hand in a furnace to know it’s hot. You can read or listen to the experiences of others. So, really, there was absolutely no excuse for what has happened to us. There were books written and studies available. Our imaginations were all that was required to figure this out.

That being said, if it turns out that there is sufficient proof to charge Trump and Co with treason, then it is inexcusable that we abide by some arcane rule that a sitting president prevents us from arresting and indicting him. Impeachment means removing him from office. Arrest him first, THEN impeach his ass.

I’m tired of pulling the fire alarm only to have the fireman not take the inferno seriously.

If it’s treason, he has to go. Immediately. To protect our national security. I don’t care how it’s done. Just do it.

So, he was onboard from the beginning.

Trump knew about the meeting with Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower and he knew it wasn’t about orphans. Can we all agree with that?

So? So what? Is that illegal??

If the discussion centered around getting illgotten booty that was hacked from the DNC by a foreign government, yeah, I think so.

Maybe it was a package deal. It came with hacked emails and Russian social media trolls. The Cambridge Analytica data mining was extra. Trump had to pull Steve Bannon onto his team for that.

I’m just waiting for the money part to come out. Was Michael Cohen involved in that too? Was Roger Stone the bag man? Curiouser and curiouser.

You know, Trumpers, we get why you are mad. Most of it is irrational and self destructive and nauseates us but we get it. That’s still no excuse to saddle the country with this ignorant, stupid, criminal guy as our president. And we get it that you really didn’t like Hillary. 🙄 By that I mean that you have said it over and over again so it must be true but we still have no idea why you can’t see what’s really going on here.

In any case, why does your crazy hatred carry more weight than what the majority of the country wants? You can use that electoral college bullshit until you’re blue in the face but it’s like winning a Super Bowl on a bad ref call. Everyone can see that your team didn’t deserve to win, especially when the other team scored a lot more points.

Now that we know that he couldn’t have won the presidency on his own, you’re going to have to put up with our fury. Because as bad as Trump is, the full impact of his ineptitude and the not so secret agenda of the Republicans is not going to be felt until they’re out of office and it’s going to affect all of us, even those of us who pleaded with you not to cut off our body parts and disfigure us in front of the whole world.

And who always cleans up after the Republicans ruin the economy? That’s right. The Democrats.

But don’t think we’ll ever forget how you shoved this monster down our throats when we could have had a grown up whose only sin was her email address.


I think this tweet summarizes how the world sees us.

Hey, Lady, it’s just a FLAG. A piece of cloth. It is a thing. And I haven’t seen any foreigner disrespect a striped and spangled piece of cloth. I don’t even know how you do that. A piece of cloth has no feelings.

The American people do. And the only American people who are being consistently disrespected are the ones who didn’t vote for Trump. Are we saying we can give him a pass for all the other awful things he does because he hugs a piece of cloth?

That makes sense… how, exactly?


You people are always Gentle on my Mind😘:

Long Day Walk Home

Ahhtthfghjj! I can’t look at another PowerPoint deck today.

Catch me up. What did I miss?

Walking to the bus music:

I don’t want to alarm anyone but…

…I read some disturbing Tweets yesterday from people all across the country who report that their voter registrations have been cancelled. These are voters who have voted in recent elections. They are located in Georgia and Ohio but, let’s face it, you could be located anywhere. Most notably, they are not POC. They just happen to be Democrats.

Pretty soon, registration to vote in your state may be over. Make sure you haven’t been dropped. And this is especially important pif you are a woman living in a voter ID state. If your name has been changed due to marriage or unmarriage, make sure you have your marriage license or divorce decree with the page authorizing the use of your current name before you vote. I wouldn’t put it past the Trumpers in hardass states to challenge women at the polls.

And if all else fails, register as a Republican for the general. Try to not throw up. On New Year’s day, reregister as a Democrat.

How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Maggie Haberman wrote a “good-by cruel world” op/ed piece in the NYTimes the other day explaining why she is leaving Twitter.

The evening before, I had complained to a close friend that I hated being on Twitter. It was distorting discourse, I said. I couldn’t turn off the noise. She asked what was the worst that could happen if I stepped away from it.

Twitter has stopped being a place where I could learn things I didn’t know, glean information that was free from errors about a breaking news story or engage in a discussion and be reasonably confident that people’s criticisms were in good faith.

I confess, I might have been one of those people who criticized poor Maggie. I asked her to atone in the last tweet I sent her. I hope it was my tweet that made her take a break. I got very annoyed that she continued to pop up on my feed when I wasn’t following her. I could have blocked her but then I would have missed out on the strange sense of exhilaration I felt when others scolded her for her 2016 election coverage.

But wait! There’s more:

The viciousness, toxic partisan anger, intellectual dishonesty, motive-questioning and sexism are at all-time highs, with no end in sight. It is a place where people who are understandably upset about any number of things go to feed their anger, where the underbelly of free speech is at its most bilious.

Twitter is now an anger video game for many users. It is the only platform on which people feel free to say things they’d never say to someone’s face. For me, it had become an enormous and pointless drain on my time and mental energy.

That sounds bad.

But imagine what it was like running for president and having a paper’s worth of flying monkeys emanating from Maureen Dowd’s butt attacking you day after day.

She shouldn’t have used a private email server.

She should apologize for using the email server.

She apologized but it wasn’t sincere.

She should read our minds about how we want her to address the email server and to grovel so we can humiliate her more.

She’s unlikeable.

Nobody likes her.

Her supporters aren’t enthusiastic.

Why is she running?

She is associated with the Clinton Foundation.

She is associated with Bill Clinton

She’s MARRIED to Bill Clinton.

WHY is she married to Bill Clinton??

She gave a paid speech to Goldman Sachs.

She won’t tell us what’s in the speech.

That means she sold out her voters. Her voters have a right to know what she sold them for.

Why doesn’t she ever talk about what she wants to do as president? She never talks about policy.

Everyone likes Bernie more.

Everyone likes Trump even more than Bernie.

Trump! Trump! Trump! He’s appalling but GOSH, People really like him!

Look! Trump can say anything he wants and we are in awe!

Why can’t Hillary do that?

And why doesn’t she talk about important things? Like her email server? Did you see Matt Lauer go after her on her email server?

She got so mad. She has no right to be mad. She’s running for President. We can beat her up as much as we want.

Maggie can’t understand why people on Twitter are so angry with her. For some strange reason, Maggie does not seem to join cause and effect. Maggie’s writing and the writings of the other members of her clique on The Paper of Record helped to reduce what should have been Hillary’s insurmountable lead to almost nothing.

Hillary and her campaign volunteers faced an uphill battle against gale force winds with chains around their legs all election season. We got NOWHERE with a very high number of undecided voters who told us again and again that they were primed to expect something bad on Hillary’s emails just before the election. Now, how did that email thing get to be such a big deal?

What Maggie has shown us is that a woman running for president can never be too perfect even if the worst thing she has ever done pales in comparison to the least corrupt thing her male opponent has ever done. Maggie shows us how to make a Mt. Everest in a blizzard out of the littlest thing and how she can normalize a man who is the most unfit for president. Maggie is a master of confirmation bias and only saw what she wanted to see, ignoring the 65 million people who voted for Hillary.

But isn’t that the point? The NYTimes has no interest in the great crowd of average Americans who just want stability and competence. Where’s the story in that?? Besides, the real target audience is the finance industry just down the road a spell. They think of themselves as too enlightened for Trump but they needed to send Hillary a message in case she decided to crack down on them. The message was “we will make your administration a living nightmare”. And Maggie was one of theirs.

Maggie doesn’t see the average Americans who are going to suffer under this presidency because she is paid not to see. To her, Clinton supporters are unenthusiastic, if they exist at all.

Except they do exist on Twitter. Lots of them. And they told Maggie exactly what they thought of her. I don’t think the comments were particularly sexist. At least she hasn’t had to put up with them for 10 years. And anyway, we Hillary supports grew a thick skin. Maggie is only getting a teensy taste of what it’s been like for the rest of us for the last decade. She can dish it out but she can’t take it?

A Pulitzer is not the same as a Nobel. And Maggie has done nothing to improve the human condition.

Buh-bye, Maggie.

Don’t write a book and go on a speaking tour talking about what you’ve learned from the 2016 election.

Just go away.


Oh SNAP! This is going to leave marks (read the whole thread. Devastating.)