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Somewhere out there…

… beneath the pale moonlight…


I heard on TRMS from last night that the airlines are refusing to let their planes to be used for the purpose of transporting separated children to places around the country. It started with American Airlines and spread and is still spreading.

Yesterday, PA governor Tom Wolf joined other governors in saying that the PA National Guard would not be sending units to the border to help the border patrol detain asylum seekers and separate their children from them.

But I have to wonder about these church charities that are offering to do this foster care work. Aren’t they also going to be tarnished as collaborators? Then there are companies in bed with Trump who have contracts to set up camps in the Texas desert with tents and no air conditioning in the summer for detainees. Now those tent cities will be used to hold families together in the sweltering heat until these asylum seekers are prosecuted and returned to whence they came.

Why isn’t Trump attacking the problem at its source by stepping up diplomatic and security forces in Central America?? Because if we really don’t want immigrants in the country, it would make sense to help them stay in their country of origin in the first place.

Oh, that’s right. Trump doesn’t do diplomacy. Its hard. You have to consult experts and read briefing books and stuff. Plus, it’s not a testosterone soaked aggressive maneuver sure to piss off the libtards. 🙄


24 Responses

  1. What is their game? What are they playing? Husband of the lying witch KellyAnne. She does not need the money nor the connections and she could resign today.

  2. RD, ‘diplomacy’ is reserved for people like Kim Jong Un…you know bend over and give him everything he wants.

  3. I told this to my husband couple of days ago… in every way trump is making the problem worse and costly both in the tangible and intangible.

  4. There is no coherent logic to anything Trump does. It is as logical as a two-year old throwing things across the room because he is frustrated, or just feels like it. In this matter, Trump does not like people who are not Aryan like him. He doesn’t want any of them in this country; and those who are, he does not want to be able to vote. He wants to make it impossible for people from Latin America to get in here. He does not care about them or their infant children. He does not care if the cartels in Central America terrorize them, that is their problem, just like he doesn’t care about the people devastated by the hurricane in Puerto Rico; here are some paper towels for you to start cleaning it up.

    One of the many infuriating things we face every day is that his political allies and even the media keep acting as if his actions have some legitimate coherence or basis which is helpful to America. But they don’t, they are the actions of a perverted and conscienceless person who revels in upsetting his political enemies, and in making life as miserable as possible for anyone outside his xenophobic, racist, illiterate base. After a day of doing that, he will settle down with some hamburgers and chocolate cake, and then go play golf. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette had more concern for the welfare of their people.

    • My husband tells me that Melania Trump is down in Texas doing her Princess Diana impression. No one will believe that she cares about the children until and unless she packs her bags and takes her son back to NYC beginning her new life as a single mother.

    • Since when are “Aryans” orange? 😉

  5. On the good news side. Michael Bloomberg has pledged $80 million of his own money to help Democrats retake the House. Predictably, early responses on Twitter from either the Fanatic Puritan Left, or possibly some bots, include several “why should we want a very rich older white man with business ties to give money to the Democrats? We are supposed to be the party which doesn’t take corporate money.” (And loses most of the downballot elections, but feels virtuous about it). For my part, I would welcome all of Bloomberg’s help, he is very good on two crucial issues: protecting the environment, and limiting access to guns.

    • If the Republicans take money from the likes of the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, why can’t the Democrats accept Michael Bloomberg’s dough? Do the purity ponies really want to lose or is the infiltration broader and deeper than we can imagine? There’s the old saying “I’d rather be right than President.” Yeah, I don’t feel that way.

    • I’ve long ago had it with these bozos. We have baby prisons and they are worried about “corporate money”. Really, what is WRONG with these people????

  6. And one more comment: I know it is early, and I know many will disagree with me on this, but when I see Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren on TV (which is often of late), I am not impressed with them, or their ability to win a national election. Any Democrat would do at this point, since we are running against all-out fascism. But unless it turns out to be an election where any Democrat would win, which is very unlikely, we had better pick someone who makes a good national impression, and is not one of those wish fulfillment projections which the Left is always captivated by. Warren doesn’t have close to Hillary’s grasp of issues, particularly foreign policy; she is really a one-issue candidate (stop big banks, protect consumers; both good issues, but how well would those play in the Midwest, particularly her as a spokesperson for them?). Harris has been in the Senate for less than two years’ and to me, her popularity is mostly because she is a woman and of mixed ethnicity, sort of a “checklist” candidate.

    On the other hand, I do not want Biden, and I abhor Sanders, who has no chance to be nominated. Warren is in some sense the surrogate for the Bernie people, the kind of person they always wanted rather than Hillary, and whom they might be able to nominate, just like they were thrilled to be able to nominate McGovern in 1972. But we absolutely cannot afford to lose another presidential election, or the country is gone. I don’t know whom we should nominate, but the reflexive, “let’s nominate someone who is not a ‘neoliberal’ like Hillary, but is a ‘ true Progressive,”‘ then the populace will be energized and we will win!,” is a march to doom, somewhat like Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg. For the record, though I have not learned sufficiently about him, my choice right now would be Jason Kander of Missouri, who lost a Senate race against fairly popular incumbent Roy Blount by only 3%, in a state which Trump won by 19%. And my sense of him is that he is liberal, but more pragmatic than the Bernies like. He would be only 38, which could be an issue. I am open to other possibilities, of course including women or African-Americans, but I have a bad feeling about Warren’s potential chances; and we could lose badly, because despite all the inveighings of the Sanders acolytes, this country is not nearly as far to the Left as they imagine it is; something which is manifested in every national election, but which they always somehow convince themselves is due to the candidate not being enough to the Left. “Bernie woulda won” is so far wrong as to actually be frightening, showing the absolute lack of political insight that these people have.

    • I agree with you. Glad Bloomberg is at least only giving his $ to dem centrists. Can’t imagine who we’re going to nominate. Hillary was the one.

  7. Why can’t Democrats have competing rallies and scream “reunite or resign” or “con the don” or “lock him up”?

    More importantly this family separation saga is not over by any means. We should insist that a process be put in place to reunite them unless the parent legally gives them up.

  8. If we really wanted to tackle the immigration problem we would do two things, neither of which is imaginable in today’s pro business climate.

    1) We would require employers to prove that they complied with procedure to ensure that their employees are legal. If not, throw THEM in jail, not the workers. Make examples of, say, the managers of a few meat packing plants with hundreds of undocumented immigrants (easy enough to find plants like that in Iowa and Texas), and employers would get gun-shy. Eventually the flow of immigrants illegally seeking jobs here would fall off substantially. Just as importantly, if we target employers, there would be fewer people to arrest, and immigration enforcement would be easier, cheaper, and more efficient.

    I know, not going to happen. Aside from America’s aversion to prosecuting rich, white people, agencies like ICE would scream bloody murder as employee headcount (pardon the pun) melted away.

    2) Legalize drugs, and implement the kinds of drug addiction treatment programs used in, say, Portugal or Switzerland rather than rely on cops to police people’s private habits. Once drugs were legal, drug prices would plummet, and the cartels would be out of business. And hey presto, people would no longer need to flee gangs/ cartels and seek asylum here. Of course, police unions, private prison companies, and the pious moralists (stand up, Jeff Sessions!) would never stand for it.

    Our refusal to do the obvious stems from blind moralism, vested economic interests, and wingnuts’ pleasure in “getting tough” on a group that doesn’t look like them.

    Not claiming to know what the optimal level of immigration is or who should/ shouldn’t come here. Just saying that this the obvious way to enforce whatever immigration law we decide to have.

    • Good ideas. I heard someone on TV say that America needs to create and implement a Marshall Plan for Central America. Let’s help make Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala livable.

  9. From Mock Paper Scissors. 😈

  10. Happy First Day of Summer! (in the Northern Hemisphere)

  11. I Really Don’t Care Do U? Sadly, Fuck yeah, I do.

  12. Read yesterday that the private prison industry is now a $1 BILLION industry. Also remember reading back in the earlier 10s about how prison lobbyists & private prison contractor lobbyists were flooding DC… Just waiting for today.

    Of course the Trumps have contacts within construction. Of course they are all going to make a fortune off this.

    Heartened to hear the Border Patrol has now refused to continue to refer migrants to Federal criminal court, despite the EO yesterday. It is, apparently, up to the BP. (The downside is…they refuse to do so until there are “resources in place” to house them.)

    There’s probably another reason, but I’m hoping something that contributed to the BP’s decision was the effort by mental health professionals to “remind” the BP union that people working at the cage detention centers will be both liable for and prosecutable for felony child abuse and neglect (which this is), even if the govt. tells them to do what they are doing.

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