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It’s not your conservatism…

… that bothers us, conservative women.

It’s that you think you can get away with being cold, heartless, snobby twats and hide behind your “virtuous” life and that no one will dare say a word against you. And you unreasonably resent it when you fail to pass our character test.

To you, it’s more important that people don’t drop the F-bomb around you than condemning white nationalism. Your priorities are defective.

You don’t have to be a white nationalist or sexist jerk or Incel or homophobic person or someone who thinks that immigrants are animals who deserve to have their children terrorized by the department of homeland security for us to want to avoid you in public. All you have to do is let others’ indecent behavior go without comment or protest because somehow, you benefit materially or psychologically from this administration’s reprehensible and inhumane policies.

That’s nothing to be proud of and we are not here to try to understand why you feel ok with treating people badly or approve your point of view.

If you don’t like it, tell it to the chaplain.


27 Responses

  1. SHUN everyone of them!

  2. “If you don’t like it, tell it to the chaplain.”

    Or tell it to the Ascended Madoka.

  3. Never forget–at the end of the day, Trump is not the monster.

    He is the monster’s lackey–and apparently provides other services to the true menace as well. 😈

  4. Check this thread and understand yet again media malpractice when it comes to Hillary.

    • The media employees know what their owners want, which is GOP misrule, so the owners will keep getting those sweet, sweet tax cuts.

      If they have to sell our country to Vladimir Satanovich Putin to get their tax cuts, they are fine with that. 😡

  5. 👿

  6. The worst part (for American citizens, anyway) about all of this is that it has revealed just how many of our fellow citizens are Orcs, or potential Orcs.

    Dammit, Mueller, pick up the pace!

  7. Do you remember in psychology class if you took it learning about people who used the language of superiority were really people of low self esteem? That is who conservative women are. They are these hound dog beaten down women who have been told their only worth comes from their fertility. It’s also one of the reasons why Hillary was hated by conservatives: she was past the age of bearing children. These conservative women have had decades of basically being told they are worthless in the patriarchy other than to cater to the whims of men. No one is constantly told their only purpose for being is to serve another person is going to have any self esteem.

    • Pinkie Pie Infinite Upvote! :mrgreen:

    • I think you’re onto something here, regrettably.
      It helps if you don’t completely define yourself by your gender. Because once you reach the age of unfuckability, you’re going to be invisible if you haven’t worked on developing your mind.
      And let’s not forget that Hillary would be president if not for the electoral college. She won more votes. We tend to see her loss as proof that the retro Trumpers worldview won. This is not true. The problem is the founding fathers didn’t build in enough safeguards and failed to consider an industrialized nation.
      She went out of her way to develop her mind.

  8. They have been getting away with the use of the term ” Conservative” for many decades. The last true Conservative was probably Theodore Roosevelt, who cared about the environment and wanted to protect it. Yes, “Conservative” could refer to some kind of laissez-faire economics, but I think even that was too generous a term for greedy people of great wealth who kept wanting their taxes to be less and less, while the rest of the populace suffered. The term “liberal” could sound like “permissive” or “soft on crime,”, while “conservative” sounds like “careful,” “prudent,” “protecting institutions”. But for decades, people who call themselves Conservatives are actually radicals who want social engineering which favors their religious and moral beliefs. Christian prayers in schools; banning or burning of books they don’t like; severe constraints on First Amendment rights, no abortions unless you are rich, or the mistress of a rich “Conservative” man. The Second Amendment read not in the way it was clearly meant, regarding militias, but as stating that anyone can buy as many machine guns and howitzers as they might want. The so-called “Conservatives” on the Supreme Court, are actually radical judges who are trying to toss out a hundred years of jurisprudence,and turn back the calendar to 1870 or so. “Conservatives” want to repress the right to vote, particularly if you are likely to vote for the side they don’t like. They are not conserving anything, except power they had in the Gilded Age North and the Jim Crow South.They want to completely dismantle the social policies which benefit the working class and poor. But they get away with calling themselves Conservatives, which is a cloak for their evil.

    Since labeling and branding unfortunately has major impact in our sound-bite culture, I wish that Democrats started emphasizing that these people are hiding behind the word “Conservative,” and that they are actually destroyers of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are anarchists (Bannon), or fascists (Trump, Stephen Miller) or extreme authoritarians who hide behind insane religious purity (Pence, Huckabee, father and daughter;, most of the Republicans in the South and surrounding environs).The few people we see who might get away with calling themselves doctrinal conservatives, would be people like George Will, Jennifer Rubin, David Frum, Steve Schmidt, whose opinions I almost always disagreed with, but who are not haters, not fascists, and who have essentially left what passes for the Republican Party. The party of Trump is no more “conservative” than was the party of Hitler. I actually think that the labeling of “LIberal vs. Conservative” is a typical media branding meant to favor the Republicans. If I were running the political strategies for the DNC, I would want our candidates to tear down this facade of “we are proud Conservatives,” and say, “No, these policies have nothing to do with “conservatism,” that has long been left behind, as the dictators, bigots, liars,, brutalizers of families, destroyers of the middle class, have taken over.” Don’t let voters hide behind this identity. Stop being so considerate to them, it does not work.

  9. I suggest we start calling the Trump Camps “Kiddie Koncentration Kamps”, with that exact spelling.

    • I like it! The Kamps could offer a strict regimen of exercise for body and mind: self reliance, American history and values, etc. These kids could form the vanguard of a new Trumpian Youth movement. This one’s a winner Ivory Woodcuck, pls forward to the White House!

  10. If you have a Republican Senator, please call him (or her) and ask him to co-sponsor S-3036, a bill which would ban the new practice of taking children (including babies and toddlers) from their parents causing irreparable harm to all. We are a better people than this. Do whatever you can do. Are you good with words-write a letter to the Editor of your local paper. Are you good at Social Media? Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. Are you a lawyer or a law student? Organize a cavalcade of buses filled with legal eagles and make the trip to McAllen, Texas to represent these children and their parents in court. Do something. This is a moral crisis and we need moral courage. God Bless.

  11. I just watched Kirstjen Nielsen and I’ve never seen such a stone, cold bitch. Just terrifying. We are being governed by people with no souls.

    • “Kirstjen, She-Wolf of the SS” 😈

    • LOL YA BURNT 😆

      It’s been taken down by now, but this was posted on Wikipedia for a while today.


    A judge not only struck down Kansas Kris Kobach’s fascist voter law, but ordered him to take additional legal classes!


    I think that calls for a horse laugh. You’re up, Pinkie Pie.

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