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Art of the Deal

ProPublica has obtained a recording of 10 Central American children as they are processed by the border patrol and separated from their parents. It’s hard to hear this without wanting to give them hugs and reassurance because that’s what little children need. They are too young to fend for themselves.

And it just occurred to me that this is exactly what the Trumpers voted for. It’s not that Donald Trump is some brilliant strategist and deal maker. But he is a brutish thug who knows damn well that causing misery for the young and helpless and forcing others to watch is the best way of shoving his unacceptable policies down our throats. He’s going to get $25 billion for his border wall if he has to terrorize every little kid from El Salvador to do it. Just dangle them out the window by their feet and threaten to drop them unless he gets what he wants.

This is exactly what Republican voters wanted. They don’t want him legislating or negotiating or compromising or being diplomatic. They want him to cut through all that comity that exists between people that make life less stressful and go right for the jugular. They want him to rip some throats out. And if that means being cruel to people who need help, kicking them when they’re down and taking their kids away, so be it. He showed them, those pansy liberals.

What does he want that wall for anyway? $25 billion is not going get it completely built, it’s not going to stretch from sea to shining sea. But I’m guessing it’s going to make some people very rich. No one I know wants a stupid wall. A wall could be used to keep us in. It’s a waste of money when we could use it for so many other things, like real infrastructure.

But he’s gotta have it. The money is going to end up in his pocket one way or another.

So, let’s just cut him and his family a check for $10 billion and tell him to take a hike from the White House.

Take the deal, Donald, and go away.


17 Responses

  1. I hope there is no funding for the fucking wall. This type of extortion, hostage/ransom, cruelty should never ever happen. On a related note, many voted for him because of ISIS. Whatever happened to them? They seem to have disappeared, as if they were a state sponsored entity and the state called back their dogs.

  2. Where are the girls?

    • After the Comet Ping Pong hoax, I would suspect sexual slavery, because everything is projection with these Madoka-damned fascist sons (or daughters) of bitches.

      Apologies to literal dogs for the comparison.

  3. I just listened to the audio on Maddow. Stomach turning. This is trump’s America and not our America. This is heinous.

  4. Ha Walter Shaub did this!

  5. For Christ’s sake, call your senators and congressmen and, if you’re healthy and young enough, march. Easy for me to say but, for the first time, I’ve found a cause that I’d be willing to die for.

  6. Of course, Useless Horseshoe Leftist Purity Pony Ian Welsh is saying Trump’s policy is just an extension of Obama’s, and Obama and the Clintons were really just as evil as the Rethuglicans, and yadda yadda yadda… 😡

    • His latest spew is linked at the left of this page, but I would NOT recommend reading it if you have high blood pressure issues.

  7. Yea, spare us the selected, calculated outrage, guys. Crocodile tears. Where was your sympathy for American children murdered by violent thugs streaming into the country because of your open borders preference? Non-existent … I wonder why …

    • Proof, please?

      Please note that nothing coming from right-wing nut sites will be considered as “proof”.

      • Crocodull Dummee will probably pop back with a quote from The Protocols of the Elders of Tenochtitlan. 😉

  8. I’d pay the $10 billion. And throw Pence a billion too if he resigns and renounces citizenship/ makes an ironclad agreement never to run again for anything. If we have to outbid the Koch brothers (who own Pence now), it would be well worth it.

    Kind of like the way I would pay for publicly financed campaigns and fat pensions for Congress critters, on the condition that they not become lobbyists after they leave office. Whatever we pay under those circumstances, would be cheaper than the real cost of what we get now.

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