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Tweet du Jour

Damn, we could have had a president with a sense of humor.


75 Responses

  1. Buffoon is conducting an impromptu ‘press conference’… LOL he is such a joke! He is BSing about the ‘war games’ and the reporter said NK calls them war games and we call them exercises, no, no, war games, I came up with it, it is my term, it is my term… LOL, lying through his teeth and blaming the Dems and everyone else.

    RD, this guy does not have a sense of humor but he is a joke all by himself.

  2. He blamed the Democrats ‘law’ for the family separation. There is no such law and certainly not Democrats’. Why can’t the Dems call a press conference and call him out on his BS? Why can’t everybody just scream, you are BSing.

    • I read yesterday–I forget where, or I’d link it–that Cheeto Benito does NOT enjoy a majority of support among white Americans with at least a four-year college degree.

      It’s like the Dems (mostly a centrist party) and the independent centrists can’t bring themselves to admit the grim truth–that a majority of Amurkan Palefaces are mucking forons who can’t think rationally about politics, and need to be spoon-fed propaganda.

      Non-right-wingers consistently over-estimate the intelligence and sophistication of the Amurkan Palefaces.

  3. At least NYDaily is on the job.

  4. Prez Cheeto Benito actually confessed he wants us to treat him the way North Koreans treat Kim.

    Sh’yeah, right.

    In your DREAMS, Orange Boy.

    • If Obama had said this, the wingnuts would be calling for impeachment, if not impalement.

  5. Why didn’t the voluminous IG report mention Giuliani’s “prescience” about “big news coming out,” before it happened? About the almost certainty that the Southern NY branch of the FBI was leaking to him? And there was an article in one of the New York journals entitled, “The FBI is Trumpland.” The odds are that the vast majority of the FBI people wanted Trump to win. Clearly, Comey, whether out of utter arrogance, sanctimony or stupidity, damaged Hillary and helped Trump enough to change the election results. But all we hear about is one text message from an FBI official which is supposed to show bias against Trump by the FBI. One of the great problems, of course, is that there is no one to stand up and offer the rebuttal, since Hillary is certainly not going to do a press conference about it, nor anyone else on her team. The best we get is the occasional guest on an MSNBC show, while Trump;s lies get massive coverage at all times.

    The emails were the biggest political red herring in the history of Western Civilization. The Republicans knew that Hillary would be the nominee, so they were desperately trying to find something to go after her with. I read an article in 2015 about some Republican operative who was stationed in the Clinton Library, poring over every single thing to see if there was some statement or historical fact that could be used against her. Ultimately, this email nonsense was seized on. It was and is nothing. But the Republicans turned it into “old brown shoe” or whatever that was in the movie “Wag the Dog,” where a meaningless phrase gets repeated over and over again until everyone is saying it. And of course it took the media, ever eager to savage a Clinton, and to make the race “exciting,” to do all of the Far Right’s work for them. They couldn’t go after Hillary on policy issues and plans, particularly with an ultimate opponent who was lucky to get through third grade. They couldn’t question her experience or record; she left the Senate and State with great popularity. They had to just keep hammering her with “emails!,” no matter that the implied punchline, “the terrible effects of her using a private server,” did not exist at all.

    This campaign exists as the nadir of the reign of media being intimidated by the Right, and of spiteful Mean Girls and Misogynistic Guys turning the race for President, so immensely important to the country and planet, into a junior high school pile-on for their amusement. No one to this date has offered one bit of data as to Hillary’s emails falling into the wrong hands, or of any deleterious effect whatsoever of her doing what Colin Powell and many other officials did. And Trump has an unsecured phone line, plus he outed an Israeli spy when he wanted to impress Russia with how much he was told in briefings. But the Far Right got millions of people to frenziedly chant “Lock Her Up!!,,”pretty much the way that the Nazis were taught to scream hatred against Jewish people. And the media just sat back and thought it was amusing. And here we are, where in some sense it was inevitable that we would ultimately be, for anyone who had observed the rise of the Far Right hate machine, amplified by Far Right owned airwaves, and enhanced by the total abdication of responsibility by the rest of the media. They did it to Dukakis, they did it to Gore, and to Kerry; they did it even worse to Hillary. And of course Democrats “lost” two elections where they won the popular vote, because of the Far Left’s self-indulgent purity crusades. None of these people has learned one thing from it, and are anxious to do it all again.

    • Lol! You keep getting thrown in the moderation queue because of the length of your comments. They are excellent and remind me of my hypergraphia days. I’m releasing them as quickly as I can but I might be distracted by real life. So don’t take it personally if they don’t automatically appear. To avoid that, consider breaking them up and marking the parts ala 1/3, 2/3, 3/3.

      • Coincidentally, “Hypergraphia Days” was the name of my Springsteen cover band back in the ’90s.

      • Thanks, RD. I do perhaps tend toward prolixity at times, though I like to think of it as elaborating on points! Being a literature major was ideal for this; not so much law school exams where I initially would write them like elegant essays, not the “hit as many issues as you can in the time allotted” answers that they wanted. Then after passing the Bar, I took my first job not in law, but in sports handicapping, where I wrote the newsletters and predictions,, and always had the publisher exhorting me to “write short, punchy sentences, they don’t even have to be complete ones.” But you can see where my stylistic preferences lie. 🙂 And I always did enjoy your long essays, which I would fully read back in 2008 when I first came upon your site.

    • And did Cheeto Benito show any gratitude to Comey, or to the FBI in general?

  6. Oh yeah, looks like Paulie Walnuts Manafort is going directly TO JAIL. 😆

  7. This got the cartoonist fired. 😡

  8. And I’d like to dedicate this tune to Paul Manafort, on the occasion of his incarceration.

  9. What ever happened to “Suffer the little children to come unto me?”

    • Right-wing “Christians” must have misinterpreted that as “Make the little children suffer”.

      I wonder if I’m even joking here. It would explain their adoration of corporal punishment. 👿

    • If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were hung around your neck and you were thrown into the sea.

      (Mark 10:42, NRSV)

      Maybe “Christian” wingnuts should thump their Bibles less and read them more.

  10. I don’t want to wish Sessions a special place in hell. I want that hell right here on earth for him while he is living. Preferably in a jail cell, forced to ‘interact’ with one or more you know who. Oh, and I want trump right there next to him.

    This family separation thing is getting out of hand.

  11. Would all 60 million or so of you Trump Chumps please go fuck yourselves with the nearest available cacti at your earliest convenience? 😡

  12. Is anybody following Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes story? Wow…

    • Just more or less skimming the story but even just skimming the story wow, it is very bad news.

      • sorry the link below was meant as a reply. Crazy, how she deluded herself. Very fitting for trump era…

    • at 43:45, the journalist answers the question that if it is even possible to do all tests from two drops of blood. Looks like Holmes bit more than she could chew and got caught up in a farce of her own making and I can’t believe she thought she could pull it off. Maybe that is what she had to do short of admitting what a monumental blunder she got herself into.

    • … The plane had reached cruising altitude, far above a bank of clouds, and another green vegetable drink had materialized in her hand. “I have done something, and we have done something, that has changed people’s lives,” she told me. “I would much rather live a life of purpose than one in which I might have other things but not that.” Also, she said, with a smile, “I think I’m very young. Still.”

      She lied to investors and the people she so nobly gives herself credit as serving. She was a fraud. This reminds me of the last scene in the movie “Psycho” where he is sitting in a jail and sees a fly and is thinking aloud that people will think of him as not even wanting to hurt a fly.

    • Hey RD can you weigh in on this. I am very curious. Two drops of blood to replace a half vial of blood and not from the veins but a finger. Even for this computer engineer not knowing much about blood testing, it sounds too good to be true. And I do know a thing or two about statistics and sampling and it sounds too good to be true.

    • We must remember that Don Cheeto Benito and his capos are not the entire problem.

      GOP delenda est.

  13. This is the truth. It is HIS policy causing family separation.

  14. I am all wrapped in the Theranos story still, 🙂 This one has so many parallels to the BID fraud trump and his supporters (at a rally). A 2016 article talking about Oct 16, 2015…after WSJ reporter Carreyrou wrote his damning article.

    By the time she returned to Palo Alto, the consensus was that it was time, at last, for Holmes to address her hundreds of employees. A company-wide e-mail instructed technicians in lab coats, programmers in T-shirts and jeans, and a slew of support staff to meet in the cafeteria. There, Holmes, with Balwani at her side, began an eloquent speech in her typical baritone, explaining to her loyal colleagues that they were changing the world. As she continued, Holmes grew more impassioned. The Journal, she said, had gotten the story wrong. Carreyrou, she insisted, with a tinge of fury, was simply picking a fight. She handed the stage to Balwani, who echoed her sentiments.

    After he wrapped up, the leaders of Theranos stood before their employees and surveyed the room. Then a chant erupted. “Fuck you . . .,” employees began yelling in unison, “Carreyrou.” It began to grow louder still. “Fuck you, Carreyrou!” Soon men and women in lab coats, and programmers in T-shirts and jeans, joined in. They were chanting with fervor: “Fuck you, Carreyrou!,” they cried out. “Fuck you, Carreyrou! Fuck. You. Carrey-rou!”


  15. I’m guessing the only reason the IG report didn’t mention the rampant egregious anti-Clinton bias among agents/Rudi/Nunes; Is because there must be a separate criminal conspiracy against the US investigation underway involving those “good FBI Agents”… Right?

  16. I just watched a Spanish speaking, MSNBC reporter interview a young mother with an eleven month old baby. The mother left Central America with her baby so they could escape the gang violence that is destroying their homeland. Now, she’s wearing an ankle monitor and is depressed almost to the point of catatonia. The baby was clapping and trying to play but it won’t be long before his mother’s fear and sadness affect him, perhaps forever. I broke down-again. Who are we? What kind of people are we? I can’t even look in the mirror anymore. Seriously, I brush my teeth in the dark. What can we do??????

    • Sue, we knew that if Hillary lost (“lost:”), things would be very bad. We knew that this was not one of those, “oh, well, we can fix it in four years” kind of things. The seeds of what has befallen the country were sown long ago, and evilly nourished by Nixon, Agnew, Reagan, both Bushes, Cheney, DeLay, Armey, Gingrich, Buchanan, and all the Far Right owners and talking heads on the networks. When I read an article in New Republic around 40 years ago, about how the evangelicals were taking over the Republican Party in various states, I did not give it the import it deserved. Here they are, having taken over the entire government, with their point man not being an evangelical, but rather a stupid, greedy hate-filled man who lacks a shred of empathy. And the idiots who kept saying that Hillary was not perfect, or that there was no difference, or let’s take a chance o something new, enabled all of this.

      As to what to do, we must win many elections, and that is possible. More immediately,, people must stand up and/or march. The Democrats in Congress should get up every day and condemn this in the strongest terms. The evil point man in charge, who sees everything in the world through the distorted prism of how can it help him, is now attempting to blame Pelosi for MS13, figuring that if he can demonize her some more, it will help the Republicans win midterms. That’s all he cares about. But I do think that the outrage over what is happening will cause political harm to them. Of course, we want something to be done now, not in a year, or three years. A massive outpouring of anger and resistance might help. Think of, “what the Germans did not do in the ’30’s,” and then do what they did not.

  17. What I am seeing suggests it is going to get even worse. there are a few tweets on this saying that there is no process to reunite the children with the parents eventually — children don’t know enough to say who their parents are and parents don’t know where their children are. IT IS A CLUSTERFUCK!

  18. wow, I had not seen this. click on the pic and it looks like a twitter account tweeting what he is hearing from a FBI agent on his plane on the day Comey’s letter was released.

    • Also check this thread. IG has not reported on FBI NY field office leaks to Rudy G. and I hope that report hangs them out to dry.

      • What a strange thing; we heard all week about Strozek, but nothing about the NY FBI working with Giuliani to leak out damaging and misleading information about Hillary. That Weiner laptop was held for almost two months by the FBI, when it would have been the easiest thing to have run a duplication search on it and found that the mails were all duplicates of the ones they had already looked at. But they held it, and then suddenly we have Comey telling the Republican leadership in Congress that he found a laptop and that might be germane to the case; and then Chaffetz leaked it, and Hillary dropped three points in the polls. But somehow the over 500 page IG report neglected to mention any of that. Why was this? The exact same bias and double standard which was shown against Hillary throughout the election? And here are the media clucking in concern about how awful it was that Strozek sent a text message; and of course the Far Right is all over it. Nothing about how the NY FBI cabal worked with Giuliani , and how Comey let them hold onto the laptop for six weeks, to use for maximum effect. And we will never hear about it on TV, either, just on Twitter. Damage is done, as it was intended to have been. They should all be hanged for treason.

        • The Big Media–“centrist” as well as right-wing–are owned by the same kind of evil McDucks who own the rest of the country.

          The McDucks don’t want anything published that might make Us The People mad enough to throw out the GOP, because then the McDucks would lose those sweet, sweet tax cuts.

          The rich people of the USA consider it a lesser humiliation to don knee pads and give intimate services to Vladimir Putin, than to pay taxes worthy of the name, which they would never feel.

        • Supposedly the IG is going to deal with the NY field office and Giuliani separately.

        • Excellent observation and thank you for expose, let’s make it viral…

  19. 😉

  20. I’ve been away for a couple of months. Just got back from the actual wilderness, had no news for weeks, came back and it just shocked me to my core–as if I was transported from 6/16 to now all at once. I can hardly function for the rage and helplessness.

    This was the bottom of my many lines established in late 11/16: people of color in camps. I thought it wouldn’t happen. But “detention camps” are “concentration camps”–we may not gas the people living in them, but they are going to die sooner than they would have, and they are going to suffer sexual assault and molestation. And we know NOTHING about the girl children or the babies.

    I can’t imagine the trauma these little kids are experiencing. Drawing pictures of their parents at 5 years old.

    I’m grateful for the journalists and even a couple of Senators who are pushing their way today to find out where the camps are and are visiting and documenting them. Those pictures need to flood everywhere.

    Here’s a link to ICE detention centers–it doesn’t include the prisons, where many of the adults are, and it doesn’t include nearly all of the camps being set up for the kids (and there are more kids than parents): https://www.ice.gov/detention-facilities

    Just read ICE plans to ask for and check citizenship status on public buses.

  21. From Booman Tribune:

    “Krym Nash, Trump Nash!”


    Russian State TV is openly bragging that Don Cheeto Benito belongs to Russia. 😡

    Two quotes from the comments thread:

    It’s not only Trump. There seems to be quite a right wing sect out there now that have imbibed the Russian racial/cultural/sexual politics. The rest of us are just treasonous Cultural Marxists. Quite a turn around.

    It’s the most amazing and incredible thing I have ever seen;
    The xenophobes are in thrall to a foreign authoritarian.

    • Our bigots, all the way up to Trump himself, have chosen to serve a foreign dictator.

      So much for right-wing “patriotism”.

      It turns out the old Soviet Russian subversion strategies work after all; the old USSR was just fishing with the wrong bait. New Russia just needed to substitute “traditionalist” white supremacism and male supremacism for Marxism. 😡

  22. Special Election Ohio 12th!
    The “good” Congressional Candidate for the Special Election on Aug 7 is Danny O’ Connor. The “not good” NRA endorsed candidate 93% rating of the let drunks bring guns to bars brilliance, Sen. Troy Balderson the BIG problem historically Democrats don’t show up at the polls. Kasich was elected with only 28% of registered Democrats casting ballots. Get off your xxx and Vote Democrats……

  23. I have just recently started following emptywheel’s tweets. Why does not the TV people have people like her in panels? The latest salvo from trump and co is the WAPO article on Stone and Caputo. Why are our media people so fucking mediocre and dumb? I am not calling Alene dumb but people have to be smart at describing an event/ paraphrasing things that trump and co do.

    • Related to the WAPO story on Stone and Caputo.

  24. This is getting very serious and quickly out of hand. What can we do? trump/Sessions/Miller all be prosecuted similar to war crimes at the Hague.

  25. Hillary on trump’s deportation force and she was talking about the 11 mil undocumented immigrants not the nightmare that is happening right now with his policy. But she warned us all!

  26. This is a moral crisis.

    • I am at a loss (just donated to ACLU but a drop in the bucket). What are influential people doing (were they on weekly shows this morning calling for trump’s head over this?)? What are they waiting for? Why are they not on TV? Why are not groups calling for a march/protest?

  27. Good for Bill! This is what I am talking about. There is no ‘uncharacteristically’ in this day and age. Go on a fucking rampage, influential people.

  28. Break time: From 1961, one of the instrumentals which were popular in the glory days of AM radio. :mrgreen:

  29. From a couple of years later:

    The only song sung in Japanese ever to go to #1 in the USA.

    • Of course, back then, Americans were more confident, less fearful of foreign people and influences. I wonder if a foreign-language song could hit #1 today?

      • Hey, I learned Frere Jacques in kindergarten. Yes, I remember that song and it was pretty and romantic.

  30. Off topic: From a comment thread on the Daily Banter, Aaron M. Litz (no, I am not he) had this to say:

    Mother Nature is not your friend.

    Mother Nature is not kind.

    Mother Nature is not good.

    Mother Nature is not inherently healthy.

    Mother Nature is not a magical cure for everything.

    Mother Nature is not a magical force that cares about you and wants you to be happy.

    Mother Nature wants to kill you, watch you rot, and recycle you into worm food.

    Whenever I read the ubiquitous bullshit posts from people about the “evils” of GMOs and how it goes against the “Inherent Goodness of Nature” and “isn’t how Nature intended” and always including some kind of voodoo bullshit about how “Mother Nature will take Her revenge against the evils of Science messing with the Natural Order making Frankenstein vegetables!” and lots of other Nature Woo bullshit about the Magic of Mother Nature, usually mixed with badly mangled psuedo-Native American mixed with comic book level of science, I laugh in their fucking faces and explain to them that humans have been genetically engineering our food, both plants and animals, since the very beginnings of agriculture thousands of years ago, and nothing we eat today is “as Nature intended” or it would be unhealthy, full of parasites and diseases, and trying to kill us. Because that is what Nature does… Mother Nature is out to kill you and recycle you into raw material to grow something new.

    There’s a damn good reason why humans started wearing clothes and shoes and building houses and cooking our food as soon as we figured out how; because Nature is dangerous, it is not your friend and only wants to eat you to make way for something else.

    That’s why I call the bitch “Mommie Dearest Nature”.

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