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    • Cold War 2.0 Incoming
      Right, with the ban on Huawei using chips made with American manufacturing equipment (one of America’s last few places of absolute advantage); the bans of TikTok, Tencent and WeChat; the attempt to convince other countries to not use Huawei 5G; the arrest of the Huawei founder’s daughter for doing business with Iran along with the […]
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75 Responses

  1. Apparently Trey “Benghazi” Gowdy has found his religion. Should we be thankful? I feel that there was some ‘negotiation’ between the Dems and the Rs or even DOJ/FBI to add Gowdy to the gang of 8 to counter the stupidity of Nunes.

    • Gowdy got played by a Russian agent. He’s done and he’s just trying to redeem himself a little bit. Shame on SC for ever electing such an idiot.

  2. As Dave Barry would say, I Am Not Making This Up.

    You May Have A “Brain” In (Or Near) Your Butt


  3. Cocaine wasn’t the only “WTF?” ingredient which used to be found in sodas. 😮


  4. OK, Spammy, I’ll try this again: 🙄

    One used to find really odd ingredients in soda pop.


    • RD–feel free to remove one of the last two posts, as they go to the same article.

  5. Hey, it is a WITCHUNT!!! No, no, it is a WHICH HUNT? Follow the leads on this fabulous site:


    • If you would like to retweet this:

  6. Another resource for Russia, Russia!


  7. All the best hells are ironic… 😈

  8. 😛

  9. I found this on Imgur.

    I am told the “artist” is a fellow named Erik Thor Sandberg.

    I am glad I do not know Mr. Sandberg, for I suspect he consumes near-lethal quantities of illegal substances.

  10. From The Rude Pundit:


    Finally, there continues to be the way that the disaster in Puerto Rico has the potential to be a disaster for the whole country if we don’t invest a fuck-ton of funds there. 90% of emergency room physicians say that “they have experienced shortages or absences of critical medicines in their emergency departments” in the past month. On top of that, 93% say “their emergency departments are not ‘fully prepared’ for patient surge capacity in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, or mass-casualty incident,” with less than half saying they are even “somewhat prepared.” One reason (though not the only one) for these shortages is that “up to 10% of all drugs consumed by Americans” were made at pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico, along with about half the IV saline and a large percentage of the IV bags used by, well, everyone from the local EMT to your big damn hospitals. Those facilities still aren’t fully back and are subject to the whims of the weakened power grid.

    Heckuva job, Donnie! 😡

  11. Apparently Ben Rhodes, Obama guy has written a book in which he says trump won using the same argument Obama did against Hillary which was that Hillary was part of the corrupt establishment. Is/was she really corrupt and was she really establishment, Obama? What did you become? And are you proud of using something that trump would use against her to win? Fuck you!

  12. This makes me LOL that trump was dumb enough to appoint Sessions AG and Sessions was greedy enough to take it knowing he may have to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

  13. If being insulted makes people become extremists, why haven’t Dems rallied around a “Left Trump”?

    From No More Mr. Nice Blog:


  14. Everything is happening right under our noses and yet, nobody, media, congress and voters can push him out of office. He is blasting Sessions for not ‘protecting’ which is guilty as fuck and he said he fired Comey because of Russia which is guilty as fuck and everything else he does that is objectionable to show he is unfit for that office. Something is wrong with this country’s constitution, with both the legal construct and people’s will to bring accountability to that office.

  15. MSNBC should bump this guy to 7 PM and Nicole Wallace to 6 or 8 PM slot. Bernie should be banned from Hayes’s show and I avoid his show because he brings Bernie on. Get rid of the old fossils Todd and Matthews.

    • I agree. Hayes, Todd and Matthews are less than worthless. Todd has the most vapid show on earth. Hayes can’t move past being an idiotic Bernie Bro and Matthews time was up long ago.

      • Sort of hard to imagine a few years ago, but right now, I think that Nicole Wallace has the best of the MSNBC shows, though Maddow and 0″Donnell are certainly worth watching. Wallace is bright, good-natured, knows politics, gives her guests a chance to talk. And she absolutely hates Trump, and does not hide it. She describes herself as a “pro-choice, anti-gun Republican,” she voted for Hillary. I’d actually rather have her as the Democratic nominee than anyone listed in the top five of candidates right now, none of whom would be likely to win the general election

        . One thing I was virtually sure about in the aftermath of what happened in the last election, was that the next Democratic candidate would not be close in stature or capability to Hillary Clinton. This may end up being our sour-tasting revenge on the corps of Hillary haters among the “Progressive” Democrats: that they might ultimately realize that she offered the best chance we had of stopping the fascist takeover of the country. Even then, though, they would not admit it. It feels like 1970 right now, with another McGovern soon to be thrilling the Left for a few months, before running a blundering and hopeless campaign. And anybody–Hayes, Maher, anybody– who keeps putting Sanders on TV, is stupidly setting the table for it. Or I suppose we could get Biden, who is okay to listen to for five minutes at a time, never for a year long campaign. It looks like Biden vs. a more liberal woman, Harris or Gillibrand or Warren. To mix historical metaphors, Mondale vs. Hart, neither of whom was a good candidate. Booker is more dynamic and might have some chance. Adam Schif would be my top choice, but he is unlikely to run.

        • Good to see you around.

          • Thank you, it is nice to see you as well. 🙂 And so we beat on bravely…

            BTW, I am finishing a wonderful book about “The Great Gatsby,” and Fitzgerald, by Maureen Corrigan, who is an English professor and literary critic. A charming and very informative book, a lot of fun to read. It is called,, “So We Read On.”

        • Well, I disagree with you on unlikely to win an election outside of Biden and Bernie. The bros are just going to have to STFU in 2020 and either vote for Trump or vote for the D. Bernie has zero chance since he is polling FOURTH in his backyard of NH. Bernie and Biden both need to pack it up and realize their time is past. Since Harris, Gillibrand and Booker have risen it seems Biden may have realized his time is up and has faded into the background. Nicholle Wallace would never make it out of the D primary due to working for George W. Bush. So that’s not really even a possibility.

          • Agree. No more of these old fuckers who could not win their own primary when offered an opportunity. I want new younger leaders and I want LAWYERS! Biden has a law degree but he is 75 and he was not nice enough or supportive to Hillary which will cost him some goodwill from people like me.

          • And a woman on the ticket.

          • I did not say that; maybe I should have been clearer. I do not want Bernie,,and do not think that he would ever win a national election; the sooner he shuts up, the better. I do not like Biden, either., though he is not as awful as Sanders, who would be happy to destroy the Democratic Party rather than ever admit he is wrong about anything. I also do not like the usual list of “Democratic frontrunners.” I am concerned that the Democrats will tear themselves apart on gender and racial faultlines. Republicans are truly evil, but they have this native cunning and homogeneity which compels them to fall in line behind anyone who can enact their agenda. Will various Democrats refuse to support a candidate who is not a woman, or not a Black person, or was against Medicate For All at some point? To win the next election, Democrats somehow have to not fight along those lines. Bill Clinton won because Democrats were so desperate after virtually 24 straight years of Republican dominance, that even the Left stopped finding fault with a candidate who was actually very progressive, but was not pure enough for them. After that, the Left reverted back to Jacobinism, and helped defeat Gore and Hillary by voting for third-part candidates, or staying home in spiteful protest. It could happen again, at least the staying home part, particularly as goaded along by Russian disinformation.

  16. HONK! 😛

  17. Thread and who warned us that ‘he’ didn’t have the temperament. This is crazy that it happened and is still happening in America. Who elected this mfer? Art of the Deal, my fuck! This guy is so ignorant, it is mind blowing.

    • Who warned us?

      • She was talking about the social chaos he would cause but we now have economic/tariffs, foreign policy and so many other disturbing developments.

        • And she warned us that the Russians were actively working to “meddle with” the election.

          • Yes, she did. But I was saying that about the video that in the video she was talking him causing all manner of societal chaos.

  18. I have not seen a discussion on other presidents making this many pardons this early in the game. Were there other presidents and if there were none, wouldn’t that make this even more egregious and we all know why he is doing that but put that in context of other presidents. Maddow had a excellent show last night about Nixon dangling pardons and how that would have amounted to another impeachable offense.

  19. this is from Ari Melber retweet, trump is tweeting at 4:21 AM about jobs report (which is illegal even for him). But others are talking about him tweeting it at 7:21 AM (tweet timestamp in their tweet). Where is the discrepancy coming from? The tweet should have one timestamp, no?

    • hmmm. it shows 7:21 AM in that cut and paste above but what I see on my computer is this:

      Donald J. Trump
      ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

      Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning.
      4:21 AM – 1 Jun 2018

    • Is Ari Melber on the west coast? Maybe that is it.

      • Ari Melber
        ‏Verified account @AriMelber

        Ari Melber Retweeted Donald J. Trump

        they found the leaker

        Ari Melber added,
        Donald J. Trump
        Verified account @realDonaldTrump
        Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning.
        6:07 AM – 1 Jun 2018

  20. This never gets old.

    Thank you, Melissa of Shakesville.

    • I would not blame Hillary if she had actually written a book with this title.

      • Blame her? I’d buy her a case of the finest Chardonnay. But Hillary will never be one who gives no fucks; she is and has always been a patriot.

  21. And now for something completely off topic: 😛 😆

    8 Disastrous Product Names


  22. Something weird going on with Melania.Where is she?

  23. This is going to be another clusterfuck, isn’t it? Why should the American tax payer pay for this murderous dictator?

    • Cheeto Benito and Dr. Kim Evil call each another names and threaten each other, then suddenly do a 180 and decide they can be friends?

      Is anyone else reminded of the Nazi-Soviet Pact?


    I expect most of us here remember the sound effects. :mrgreen:


  26. Good article. https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/561794/

    …we tend to see “risk-aversion in choices involving sure gains and risk-seeking in choices involving sure losses.” That is, people are more risk-tolerant when attempting to regain what has been lost. So, a gambler who is winning will then confine herself to more probabilistically likely outcomes (safer bets), thereby increasing the likelihood of continued gains (a winning streak). But a gambler who’s losing will grow increasingly desperate to replenish her losses and make riskier bets.

    It’s instructive to review the evolution of Trump’s North Korea policy in this light. His opening gambit was a long-odds bet that “maximum pressure” could precipitate that country negotiating away its nuclear weapons. When that failed to produce the intended result, Trump belittled North Korea’s leader, then bombastically threatened “fire and fury,” then impulsively agreed to a first-ever bilateral summit with that same leader, then advanced the notion that he (Trump) would deserve a Nobel Prize for Peace, then indulged in flattery of Kim Jong Un, then instructed the Pentagon to develop plans for withdrawing U.S. forces from Korea, then allowed his administration to claim the deal with North Korea would parallel Libya forsaking its chemical weapons, then called off the summit in a most unusual letter for the annals of diplomacy, then portrayed the cancellation as a negotiating tactic and dispatched envoys to North Korea to work out details for the summit.

    Maddow had a good background section on the NK Spy chief who gave trump his BIG letter for small hands. What a spectacle! The guy does not know what he does not know. Dangerous!

    • This is what is happening. Russia/China pulling trump’s strings. He is FAKE! We have a fake president and a sham presidency. If it is not scary, I don’t know what is. The buffoon talks to the meek press without substance and they refuse to call on him.

    • Desperation all around and it will happen despite the bungling (for US interests) idiot in the WH. S. Korea wants it for family reunification (a laudable sentiment but at the expense of US sovereignty). N. Korea wants it because they are dirt poor and desperate. China and Russia want it to throw US influence in the region to smithereens. Watch and see that the US base in SK will be closed as part of this deal and trump will agree to it. People who are supporting trump in this are working to undermine USA some wittingly and many unwittingly, but it will get lost in PR blitz from Russia.

      Winners: Russia, China, trump the person, NK, SK
      Losers: USA, Japan

      • If SK brings this family reunification and peace treaty to fruition, their president will get the Nobel prize but the Nobel committee will snub trump unless he (think Russia) blackmails the Nobel Committee in some form. When he gets it, Russia will be guffawing at us. A nice icing or cherry on top on the shit cake that they were able to serve the USA.

      • yeah, that Reagan! GOP’s idol.

    • “But a gambler who’s losing will grow increasingly desperate to replenish her losses and make riskier bets.” Make him pay!

  27. Apparently, Ben Rhodes says in his book that Obama (after trump’s win) said that maybe he came along (as president) 10-20 years too early. Yeah, implicitly the inexperienced mfer wonders why he directly or indirectly led us to trump. Imagine if the Dem primary in 2008 was done according to the norms and books of a well functioning party, he would be the VP for President Hillary Clinton. But after disrupting that natural order, the greedy mfer now wonders why trump happened. Fuck all of them!

  28. This guy is super paranoid and why? Media, do your fucking job! Ask why and not just report what.

  29. We knew this already, but…

    You can get a sufficient percentage of my duller-witted fellow palefaces to oppose social democracy with just one weird trick.


  30. Seniors tend to be more conservative because the poorer one is, the less likely one will survive to old age. 😡


  31. Who knew Nixon was a wife beater? And where is Melania? The rumor going around is something about an elevator tape where M is beaten by you know who and TMZ bought the tape to catch and kill. This is all so so ugly. Please put a stop to this!

  32. Hey RD, what’s happening?

  33. Spain has a new PM! Can he be more handsome than the monarch Felipe?

  34. Don’t ever change, Nihon-chan. 😆

  35. Bernie Snaders and his wife are SQUATTERS at the Democratic party. Dems don’t owe them anything. Throw them out.

    • Yep, just toss them. They are more trouble than they are worth. Their candidates keep losing and yet they keep issuing threats.

  36. The rush to the NK summit without the needed prep work and to involve the president wholesale from the get go, takes on a new meaning now. It is of course to ward off Mueller, we knew that. But it is still clarifying. (thread)

  37. Is this guy the most boring guy on TV and yet he is ubiquitous?

  38. It’s = it is


    Twitter people who should know better.

  39. Yay! I answered a Cach Cab question correctly!!! who (“Chekov”) said Medicine is my lawful wedded wife and literature is my mistress? A Russian I like and a philanderer I approve.

  40. wow, what a profound observation, MAGA Maggie. You think you do yourself proud with these stupid inane tweets, don’t you? Of course, he is going to blame everyone else.

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