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So much newsing

It looks like a lot happened this week while I was busy. It’s a little weird which things are getting attention and which aren’t.

For example, Ireland just repealed it’s almost total ban on abortion yesterday. Where the Irish will eventually draw the line has yet to be determined. But there was no ambiguity about the results. The vote was 68% to 32% in favor of repeal. How did this happen in an overwhelmingly conservative Catholic country (or it used to be)? Sentiment might have turned when Savita Halappanavar, a Hindu dentist living in Ireland, died from septicemia when she was having a miscarriage and the Irish hospital she was in refused to perform the abortion while there was still a fetal heartbeat. Actually, there were so many human stories about women having to leave the country to get abortions for various reasons. The Irish apparently decided that the grown up living humans should have a vote in this and they did. Overwhelmingly.

But from what I could tell yesterday, this vote got little attention here.

What did get attention was how children who have been already born are being ripped away from their parents who are asylum seekers by the border patrol. Where are these kids going? Foster care. Somewhere. The government isn’t making that very clear. The parents have little to no contact with their kids. They just — disappear. Well, they scream and cry for their mothers as they are taken away. So, you know, abortion is horrible, immoral, bad, disgusting, sacrilegious in the US but removing already born children from their mothers when these “animals” cross the border, that’s perfectly fine.

You know what these asylum seekers and illegal immigrants need? PETA.

Someone reminded me recently of those Myers Briggs categories the other day. I thought they were more geared towards business. (ENTP, if anyone is curious). But maybe we should pay more attention to them because I think the unintentional consequence of the right wing propagandists is that we are separating the country along the thinking perceivers and feeling judgers line. This is reinforced by the tidbit that the Big Five personality assessment that Cambridge Analytica used as a starting point for targeting certain political messaging also divides people by their openness to experience, empathy and analytical thinking abilities. (Yep, confirmed bleeding heart liberal who over analyzes stuff. Check.)

I’m going to guess that if you’re on the FJ side of the Myers Briggs assessment, you’re probably ok with no abortions and punishing families who cross our borders seeking asylum. It’s a reflexive reaction. Those people were not following the rules. I get thats the judging part of the personality. It’s probably important if you are religious or a conventional, conformity minded person. But people who respond with gut reactions rather than rational thought puzzle me greatly. How is their emotional reasoning able to sidestep the anguish of parents losing their children to strangers? Or do they get more positive response to the idea of power than the reality of what that power is doing to other human beings?

Oh, I’m sorry. Animals. That’s right, they’re animals to our president and his voters. So much easier to do what you want to people when you stop thinking of them as people.

In other news, Donald Trump says the actions of the FBI are “political” and he’s probably right there. The FBI bent over backwards to keep the investigation of his campaign a secret from the country in the lead up to the election of 2016. But that’s all irrelevant now. The question going forward is will Trump begin to demonize as political enemies those of us who resist him? I think we can answer that question. Donald Trump will burn to the ground anything and anyone that attempts to hold him accountable for his actions, regardless of costs.

Where are the feeling judgers when it comes to enforcing the rules with this president? Interesting. They must be getting something out of letting him escape the rule of law. Do they hate the rest of us even more than they love their rule of law?

Meanwhile, there’s this new bit of newsy goodness from Spain:

I can’t imagine what we have done to the Spanish but they seem pretty eager to spill the frijoles. Did Don Jr. act like a bore in Barcelona at some point? Who knows. But they’ve got the tape of the axis of evil between the Trump Crime Family, the Russians and the NRA. It’s only a matter of time before those pesky kids from Parkland, Florida get drawn into this. Then everybody watch out because as David Hogg says, “The young people will win”.


This is where we are headed. Jews, Polish, they were all untermensch to the Germans:

73 Responses

  1. Apparently the Spanish were already tapping the Putin ally for money laundering and a few other crimes he committed in Spain and they got Don Jr. on tape because the idiot met with the Russian criminal.

    • Let’s think about this for a moment. The number and variety of infractions and crimes is getting too numerous and serious to keep track of. At what point do we have to choose the one do focus everyone’s attention on? I’m even starting to get overwhelmed by it all and I’m keeping track. This is not made up shit like whitewater and it’s not some abstract ideological quid pro quo like Iran contra.
      This is straight up corruption and racketeering on a global scale, carried out by the wealthiest people most powerful people on the planet. It’s a fraud perpetrated on the citizens of the most dangerous superpower.
      I’m very concerned because the media, instead of learning ANYTHING from 2016, has spent the last 2 years focusing its attention on the Trump voter, giving this minority outsized attention and with it, power, while attempting to silence and ignore the majority and the person who actually won the election. It can’t seem to overcome its pettiness. This is a serious failing of the media because the havd now become targets of the very people they empowered.
      But ok, let’s pull back for a moment and decide which one of those criminal enterprises would get the attention of the most people so that they understand Trump and the global oligarchs for the threat that they are. Would it be enough for the Spanish to release the transcripts of the tapes?
      Or will we need to rely on ICE separating parents from their kids?
      Or a playmate who got an abortion?
      Or, I think this would be the thing that does the trick for sure, will we need to see proof that voting machines in PA were hacked?
      Which thing will have the greatest impact? Because sooner or later, even the Trump voter is going to feel how destructive the Trump administration and the Republican lock on Congress has been. Why should we all suffer for them being mislead?
      Which thread should be pulled with greatest force?

      • I am getting overwhelmed also. I am getting frustrated with the media treatment of it all too — there are too many of them, the reporters, the anchors and the pundits and their programs and they are all far less than mediocre resulting in cacophony and muddying the waters on ever criminality this mfer is involved in. We need a sense of urgency and there is none of it out there.

        Everybody in the media is going OMG, he wants more classified info. I have yet to hear someone say why the FBI sent an informant and were mum about what they knew Russia was doing in his campaign instead of making it all public like they did with Hillary and that benefited trump. There was no spying unless bad things were happening and they learnt of it and now he is in trouble. He got caught. Instead of the media pinning it back on trump for he and his minions actively participated in the Russian shenanigans (at least to the extent that they didn’t take the FBI warning nor did they inform the FBI), they are all over the place.

      • Zerlina Maxwell tweeted that the accountability is going to have to be handled by the voters because the media either is incapable of or unwilling to do the job they are supposed to do. Yes, it’s a lot and this is why I argue with a lot of other D’s on discussion boards that we just need to have one overarching theme in November and it’s hold Trump accountable. Considering the GOP affinity for pedophiles I’m really worried about the missing kids. Nothing is going to loosen his base from him. They have been brainwashed by conservative media. Even the evangelicals will twist themselves into pretzels to apologize for Trump’s playmate having an abortion blaming the woman like they always do.

    • Nobody expects the Spanish Investigation! 😉

  2. Hey RD, love the blog and read you daily. But I learned the Meyers-Briggs thing quite a bit differently and take exception to your dissing of FJs. Consider the INFJs–you know, the empathic crusaders for the greater good, like Mandela, Gandhi, MLK, maybe Jimmy Carter. My point (and it’s a very small one!) is that the Meyers Briggs personality types are more about style and process–what you do with your core beliefs more than what you believe. In my opinion, US politics could really use a good INFJ right now.

    • It’s more of an observation and I’m not the only person who has made it. The key is whether you tend to prefer rules and whether you are a rational thinker. Many studies show (see Bob Altemeyer’s site for example) that the more easily you respond to emotional content that provokes fear and threats to your mortality and the more likely you are to be conventional, the more likely you are to respond to authoritarian messaging. Lots of papers. Lots of experiments.
      This is the FJ part of Meyers Briggs. There are other measures as well. The big 5 assessment measures openness to new experiences. Altemeyer shows that conservative, conventional thinkers do not like the discomfort of ambiguity which is what TPs thrive on. If you told me that what we need is a INTJ, I might agree with you. That would be a person who is intuitive, rational and rule based. That person is able to imagine the big picture and big ideas and is not likely to pull your emotional strings and scare the shit out of you. That person prefers the rule of law to a free for all. And who would that be?
      Hillary Clinton.
      It was her introversion that did her in.

    • Thank you.

    • RD’s FJ may be appropriate but that seems to me to be only half the picture. What do you do with all the feeling and judgement. You can put to good use/outcome like the people you mentioned or you can regress into bringing about bad outcomes. To me, personally, trump voters are the most territorial, the ultra NIMBY crowd of every community/town there is and note that these are poor people.

      • *these are NOT poor people and even if they are materially poor, they feel psychologically rewarded by what trump is doing.

        • “…even if they are materially poor, they feel psychologically rewarded by what trump is doing.”

          Cheeto Benito’s chief appeal to the non-rich was, and is, “I will restore your lost psychological wages of whiteness to you.”

          And the despicable imbeciles of the non-rich Right consider those psychological wages more valuable than the material wages of social democracy, and have felt that way for decades.

          They have proven themselves unfit for the demanding task of self-government.

  3. He has consistently said that trump won’t serve his term. I hope he knows things we don’t and I hope he is right. Meanwhile you hear Pelosi saying just now on the news, impeachment is divisive and we won’t want that. WTF. Take the criminality and evidence wherever it leads. That is it.

  4. The whole “Trump called immigrants animals” story has been debunked repeatedly. It was very clear that he was referring to MS-13 gangsters. If calling them animals offends you, well that’s a different story.

    Neither Trump nor his supporters think immigrants are animals. Repeating the lie will not make it true. There are good people on both the left and the right. Demonizing each other just makes things worse.

    The separating families policy at issue was Obama’s, not Trump’s, and many of the problems have been corrected since this was first reported two years ago.

    • This is the way all pogroms work, Niles. “Oh we weren’t calling ALL immigrants animals. We meant MS-13. The rest are thieves and rapists. And they bring their families here.”
      Maybe he should use the word “animals” to describe “people”. Clinton called Tim McVey an evil coward. That was just about right. He didn’t call him an animal. That would be unkind to animals. Maybe Trump could have called MS-13 a brutal criminal gang. But that would be like calling the kettle black. In any case, the designation tends to spread. And you know it.
      Violence and inhumanity towards certain groups are frequently preceded by dehumanization of that group. The Jews were vermin. Tutsi’s were cockroaches. Immigrants are animals. It makes it easier to do with them what you want.
      Well, Trump is your balless wonder, not mine. Hey have you seen how Moon and Kim are playing him? China is directing. They’re all making us look stupid and powerless. What can you expect, Trump can’t man up to talk to mueller and get the investigation over with. You’d THINK he’d want to do that. You know, just put in his big boy pants, swallow some stamina and sit through an 11 hour interrogation like Hillary used to do.
      I guess not.
      Must be hard to defend the guy but you keep trying, Niles, if it gives you any consolation. We’ll still be here when it all wears off.

      • 1. Jews in Europe have endured antisemitism for nearly 2000 years. Hitler did not invent it.

        2. The Tutsi were the dominant tribe in Rwanda until the Germans allied with the Hutus in the 19th Century. The oppressed became the oppressors. After WWII the Belgians put the Tutsi back in power and they resumed oppressing the Hutu. Long story short, the genocide in Rwanda was caused by tribal warfare.

        3. I am disappointed that you have chosen to argue dishonestly. Either that or you are delusional. Either way, sad. Enlightenment thinking requires empirical facts and logical reasoning. Apparently, we lack a consensus reality and I don’t know how to fix that.

        4. I believe that Salena Zito is a columnist in Pittsburg. During the last election, she spent a lot of time traveling flyover country and meeting Trump supporters. What she found surprised her because it was so different from the media narrative. She wrote a book about her findings called The Great Revolt. She is not a Republican or a conservative.

        5. This article is one of the best explanations of the Trump phenomena. The author is a professor at Stanford. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/trump-rationale-why-voters-chose-him-and-support-him-now/

        6. I make a point of reading articles from people on the left because I want to keep my mind from setting like concrete. Maybe you should try reading some articles from people on the right.

        7. Calling millions of your fellow Americans “racists” and “deplorables” is far more dehumanizing than calling some thugs “animals.”

        • So Niles and his fellow wingnuts–you know, the “Fuck Your Feelings” people–have got their feelings hurt now?

          Bullies never like it when their former victims learn how to hit back.

        • I clicked the link.

          The professor in question is Victor Davis Hanson, who can be ignored.

        • Niles, this blog has been around since 2008. WE know what it’s like to be called racists and stupid from our very own side. The obamabots called us that constantly. It got so bad that some of us, including yours truly, switched party affiliation in 2008. And it was all because we didn’t trust Obama and thought he was going to be in debt to the people who put him there. He turned out to be a very weak negotiator and neither he or his administration seemed to give a fuck about how much Obamacare was costing working class families and the self-employed. We didn’t like the way he patronized women on plan B. He was all talk, very little actual improvement. Our problem was he was too suburban upper middle class moderate Republican.
          We were never racist here. Never. You can go back and read our archives. We were Clintonistas from the beginning. And then we watched as his presidency just did an Eisenhower.
          For that, other Democrats called us every name in the book.
          So, you know, if there was ever a blog out there who felt your pain, this would be it, even though there really are REAL racists on the other side. We want nothing to do with them.
          As for the right’s viewpoints I have 2 things to say about that:
          1.) it’s EVERYWHERE. I’m more likely to see Fox News on in waiting rooms than any other news program. Even mainstream news papers have a couple obligatory offensively conservative opinion writers spilling their offensive bilge on a fairly regular basis. The owner of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette seems to be particularly out of step with the city where he owns the paper. Pittsburgh went for Hillary by something like 70%. You would never know it from the batshit crazy obviously racist crap he forces down his editorial page editors throats.
          2.). I know when media outlets don’t make any fucking sense. And I’m even cautious about our side making outrageous claims. Like yesterday, PBS was reporting that some children taken from their parents ended up in the hands of human traffickers. That would be horrible if it were true. The thing is, it doesn’t pass the smell test with me.
          Unfortunately, hardly anything the right says passes the smell test with me. I havd relatives who get most of their news from Fox who can’t talk about any news worthy subject without it sounding like a disconnected word salad. Subjects that have nothing to do with each other are tied together by spider silk and duct tape. They have no idea how moronic they sound. And every bullshit thing they say ends up with the Clintons, particularly Hillary, taking the blame. But what really turns me off to right wing news sources is how ridiculous they are about wanting to turn back the clock on women’s equality. It’s deeply disturbing. Why should I pay any attention to their anxious, fearful, domineering, greedy ids on display?
          Political correctness by any other name is simply treating other people they way YOU wish to be treated: without prejudice and with sensitivity for the feelings of others. But the right has to object to even that. And Trump and his advisors are ok with making the only group that matters white male and Christian. You know, that is a minority group and I don’t remember god putting them in charge in perpetuity. If the idea that you’re about to lose your place at the top of the food chain bothers you, too bad. You’re not allowed to bogart all the good things in life and pull up the ladder on everyone else. We outnumber you. Get used to it.
          So, if you think we aren’t taking your list of petty grievances seriously, you’re right. We saw with our own eyes how many in the old coalition of Democrats, took their balls and went to the Tea Party during the Obama years. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Obama that had nothing to do with his skin color. But I’m not stupid enough to vote for any downticket Republican. They never have nor ever will represent working people.
          So don’t present your little manifesto to me as if there is something there that I haven’t already thought of and dismissed as being too ridiculous to believe or persuasive enough to change my mind.
          You are deluded by Trump. You wouldn’t be the first person to fall for his con. Just don’t expect the rest of us to believe it.

    • FWIW, I was no great fan of Obama. He was way too Republican and negotiated away too much. I was very disappointed in the way he handled immigration. But Trump has made things exponentially worse.

      • Not only did Obama attempt to conciliate with Republicans far too often, his opening lines, “There are no Red States, there are no Blue States,” was embarrassingly naive and grandiose; and while Obama was praising Republicans for negotiating on their own terms with him, they proceeded to completely take over the legislatures in all of the Red States and many of the Blue states, as well as the Congress. And then when it came down to the swing Supreme Court Justice which we Democrats have been desperately waiting for, for years, Obama only
        feebly raised a hand in protest against the Republicans incredibly not giving his typically moderate nominee a hearing, so that now the Right will control the Court for another forty years or so, unless somehow we win the Senate in ’19 and the Presidency in ’21. Then when all his intelligence agencies told him that the Russians were conducting a full-scale campaign to elect Trump, he decided that the best course was not to antagonize McConnell, or too appear “partisan,” so he kept it a secret until it was too late, and the Russians now run our government.

        Obama is a decent person, a fine family man, and he is on the right side of most issues. However, he sat there while the Republicans took over the Congress, the Statehouses, the Presidency, the media, and everything else. For some reason, many liberals do not hold him responsible for any of it, as if being a decent person and meaning well is sufficient. He was the wrong person for the time, and he should not have run in ’08,and Hillary should have won two terms starting then, and then he could have run, and the world and our collective mental health would be in a vastly better situation. Republicans never feared Obama, they feared Hillary, who is actually a New Deal Democrat, not someone who presumptuously thought he could transcend politics. Inevitably, he ended his terms with a high personal favorable rating, while the country was taken over by the religious fascists. And unless one is a Biden fan, which I am not, he left the Democratic Party with no legacy or “bench” beyond himself.

        • Good to hear from you William. I’ve been missing you and your well presented points about Obama; to what I solely agree.

    • Your kind have been demonizing us for 50 fucking years, Niles–and demonizing the non-whites for much longer than that.

      So you find the taste of your own medicine bitter?

  5. I couldn’t have said better. Looks like this Niles creature ( we can call him that, right?) is feeling something I don’t know what that is yet, about trump going too far.

    • This was a reply to RD’s comment.

      • I could not be happier with Trump if he made free bacon a civil right. I am very optimistic for our nation’s future, which is a huge change from the Obama interregnum.

  6. Lot of twitter pushback on the buffoon ‘s tweets today from media people. I hope they get on tv to say it.

  7. It’s Tits ‘n Ass time!

    These are tits:

  8. Never gets old.

  9. Future historians will show as little concern for the specific motives of individual Trump Chumps.

  10. trump’s ‘spygate’ is actually trump personally approving Black Cube, the Israeli company to spy on Obama aides in the context of Iran nuclear deal to dig up dirt on them. We have a saying in our native language if you scream ‘pumpkin thief’, he touches his shoulder. Guilty as fuck! He is so dumb that he transposes whatever criminal stuff he does/did on others — they must be doing or did what I am doing/did. He is unfit to be president.

  11. Where are these children?

    • #abolishICE “ICE was created in 2003 along w/ the Patriot Act. It was a weapon waiting for a tyrant. ” and the tyrant, dumb and incompetent as he might seem, is here.

  12. Here is the thing! Knowing trump’s strategy and knowing that he is burning the country down, why can’t the media come up with its own strategy to protect the country and its institutions by exposing him every second of the way? After all, they interfered in presidential elections, built narrative to hurt one candidate as opposed to the other, they hid things to prop up one but not the other and so on; are they not smart enough to deploy a strategy to expose truth about this mfer in the WH and protect their country? Or, are they just dumb mediocre mfers who don’t know what they are doing?

    • See what I mean about the media?! Look at this stuttering bitch giving crazy Rudy a chance to spout and spread his propaganda. What a way to conduct an interview? Maybe work on your knowledge of the case, legal stuff especially, inform yourself of how everything works and be more expressive than a stuttering fool. Watch a few hardcore British interviews. And work on your expression and articulation while you are at it.

      • The media has completely proven that they are 100% incapable of doing their job. The fairness doctrine or something is going to have to be restored in 2020.

        • Look at her simpleton question highlighted in the tweet after all the stuttering she exhibits before and after. Who cares if he thinks it is legitimate or not and of course, he will muddy the water to make a case that it is not legitimate. It is not her job to give him a chance to reinforce his lie and propaganda but challenge him based on evidence so far of which there is plenty.

  13. Throw the bums out and yes, fuck the media for making it doubly difficult.

    • Love twitter for this. A guy/gal with 69 followers can articulate the situation better than the media. I say if the media could drum up such ruckus over Hillary’s emails as innocuous as they were, they can hang trump over his own multiple criminal acts. What is the media waiting for?

  14. This is not even a strategy of a competent crook. This is insane talk by a guilty mfer. His supporters need to learn that there is not any well thought out strategy here. It is sheer insanity of a guilty man. Media needs to start characterizing this as such. He is tweeting this on the morning of memorial day weekend.

    • Much collusion with Russia, eh? I still remember seeing all the stories during the election campaign about how Hillary was so dangerous because she might cause a war with Russia. Of course, much better to have someone like Trump who kisses Putin’s ass on a regular basis….

  15. There is no law but only trump’s policy making this happen. Did the facethenation moderator who is also tweeting this say that to these mfer’s face? I don’t think so. See what I mean about the incompetent media fuckers?

      • Read Chapman’s short thread and ask why the media does not set the record right when they get the opportunity face to face with the Rs on national TV?

  16. OMFG!!!!!!! Sorry if you think I only post comments that are ultra negative but I am anxious and we live in dangerous times and everyone needs to wise up. Especially that fool we have among us, Niles and his ilk! The blog entry/photo is dated April 2016 and a fair question is why didn’t Obama do something about private prisons and ICE. You bet Hillary would have if she were president today. But don’t get sidetracked about Obama. This separating children from parents is all on trump and it is his policy like Kelly said they put children in foster care or WHATEVER; maybe this contractor may have fed ideas to trump and his team about immigration, you know, after all, that is his business plan making money off of detaining children and immigrant parents.

  17. Come on Garance! You know better than this! Media/press’s first obligation is to be an honest broker, fair arbiter siding with truth and facts. They OUGHT to play the referee calling out lies and propaganda because lies and propaganda hurts the little people who have no voice or whose voice is suppressed. Do your fucking job! What do they teach in journalism school these days?

    • WTF?? I and thousands of volunteers gave the Democratic Party all we had in 2016. It wasn’t enough. That doesn’t mean we lacked commitment. What the effing hell?? For two years straight, they told us how unpopular Hillary was and how nobody liked her or was enthusiastic about her campaign. Then she beat Trump by 3.5 million votes but those people suddenly don’t count. We’re nobody and the people who put the muzzle on us keep telling us to talk louder so they can hear us. What kind of sick joke is this?

  18. This NYT fucker and MAGA Maggie defender does NOT understand what journalism is all about. Journalism is about idealism, being a gatekeeper for norms, traditions, basically preserving everything that is DECENT and FAIR about civil societies, giving voice to the voiceless, to the suppressed, calling out lies and propaganda of the bully at the pulpit. Preventing government sanctioned atrocities, corruption big and small, being an arbiter of truth and facts. There is no party politics here. There should be no fear of what the conservatives label YOU! Nobody is asking YOU to play a proxy or a political actor. If YOU don’t get (regardless of what Democrats are saying) what trump is doing is harmful to civil societies, his corruption, his burning down the institutions, his inhuman treatment, verbal or policy wise toward minorities and non-white population, his ignorance, his incompetence,…, you are not fit to be called a journalist!

    • I am dumbstruck that these people are this mediocre.

      • Not necessarily mediocre–but, like anyone else who is not independently wealthy, they fear losing their jobs. Their employers love those Rethuglican tax cuts for fat cats (with just enough crumbs thrown in for the non-fat cats to fool Mediocre White Folks into voting Rethug).

        • He could refrain from making these nonsensical comments on twitter and still keep his job and be mediocre at it.

  19. For the record, I’m an INFJ and I despise Trump. Granted, my personality is not the most rational in the world–one description of the INFJ type says I would make a great cult leader–but that’s no excuse for an off-kilter sense of morality….

  20. Can we get a ‘Fuck You’ to Obama?

    • IMO this will not come as a surprise to most who have been reading this blog from the beginning. Obama is the primary reason we have trump today… His Hillary bashing will not be forgotten by many (except of course in the press). Had 2008 been a more level playing field perhaps today we would be in the first term of a more well prepared Obama.

      • But this was news to me that Obama stopped Comey from writing an op-ed. To your point, because of the 2000 election fiasco we got Bush and the Iraq war and because of the 2008 Dem Primary election fiasco, we got trump.

  21. The employees of the Mainstream Media (aka the So-Called Liberal Media) know that they must treat the Rethugs with kid gloves, because their employers want the Rethugs to stay in power to give them more and more of those sweet, sweet tax cuts.

    The wealthy owners of the Mainstream Media remind me of those German plutocrats who didn’t really like Hitler and the Nazis, but were willing to reap the practical benefits of working with the Nazis–until their glorious Fuehrer blundered them into a war they did not realistically stand a chance in Areinnye of winning, and they ended up getting the shit bombed out of their factories.

  22. Too me, John King of CNN is one of the worst. Everyday, as host of “Inside Politics,” King wipes off the slate and gives Trump another chance to be oh, so Presidential. Plus, he never mentions that he was married to panelist, Dana Bash. Gross.

  23. Plus, John King is icky.

  24. “…as anyone who has worked for him will tell you in candor, he often thinks whatever he says is what’s real.”

    “candor”?! This is supposed to make us feel better about YOU? Who cares what HE thinks about his “reality”? WE know enough about him, the FRAUD and the CON, to call what he says are lies. He does not deserve our benefit of the doubt. Call them lies and report the lies, dammit! Make HIM pay! You did it to Hillary, undeservedly so and now do YOUR job with this real mfer.

  25. Thank You to all the men and women who served our country, especially those who died in the process, or as a later result.

  26. “Error In Transmission”

  27. From 2014, but still all too relevant.

    Not A Tea Party, A Confederate Party


  28. “This Memorial Day, Your President Encourages You to Throw All That’s Good and Decent About America on the Grill, and Light that Fucker Up!”


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