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    • Here we go again
      This is one more reason why Biden will need to expand the federal bench and add a couple hundred new judges: @fedjudges reports the White House is nominating Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, an associate at Jones Day, and former clerk to Justice Thomas, to a lifetime-tenured judgeship in Florida. She graduated college in 2009, earned her … Continue reading Here we g […]
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    • Biden Picks Kamala Harris As VP
      The two most important consequences of this decision come from the fact that Biden is old and almost certainly senile. This means that Harris stands a good chance of becoming President if Biden dies or his incapacity becomes un-concealeable even with the best drug cocktails. If that doesn’t happen, Kamala is odds on to be […]
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Tweet du Jour- Korea Category

Congratulations, Stephen! You win the Internet today.

33 Responses

  1. Read for yourself. It looks pretty plain to me. Trump walked away from a bad deal.

    We lost nothing, and gained three American hostages.

    • Oh, Niles, you must be so embarrassed after all that premature celebration you did. We tried to tell you. Well, we’re here for you. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. You need to be kind to yourself.

      Did Trump really write that?? It’s about 5th grade writing competency. Wow. So that’s Wharton, eh?

      • Just Pixelz on Wonkette may have come up with the real explanation: 😈


        Mr. President, Kim Jong Un spends all his time thinking about how to get the best of the United States. He has hundreds of people examining every possible scenario. Before you meet with him you must learn about the North Korean economy, demographics, trading relationships, infrastructure, legal system, history, educational system, military deployments, treaties, …

        Li’l Baby Donnie: Cancel the meeting.

    • Yes, we gained three American hostages. And Kim has on tape our (fake) president praising him as “honorable” and talking of how well he treated his prisoners.

  2. heh, it is one big clusterfuck! The coward got cold feet because NK was driving the agenda. Hope these reporters go home safely.

  3. For RD:

    Next step for the anti-vaxxers? 😉

    • I’ve read that water is lethal if inhaled. The corporatists are withholding that information. They are literally killing people with their silence.

      • Thousands of Americans die every year from too much water. Only a few die from the lack of it.

        • You will die from lack of water before you starve to death. Well known fact.

          • The only people starving to death in America are suburban white girls and supermodels.

          • Chronic hunger, harmful even when not lethal, exists in the USA, if generally not as blatantly as in some other countries–but there is no material reason it should exist at all here.

            It exists here only because enough Americans believe our stupid cultural myths of “deserving” and “undeserving” people, instead of acknowledging that food is a basic human right, the way that civilized societies do.

          • Thank you, IBW. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
            As for suburban white girls and supermodels, there’s nothing funny about that, Niles.

  4. Off topic: Nichelle Nichols illustrates why you should never bring your work home with you. 😛

  5. Did you all notice this little tidbit from Maddow’s show last night? Adlai Stevenson was approached by Russians saying if he ran again they would help him win — he took that info and reported it to Eisenhower; Russians approached JFK and he said, no and I think LBJ too. Russians finally found their perfect puppet in crooked Don the Con and his stupid supporters would perhaps defend him saying that he is a crooked businessman, but not a lawyer and he does not know rule of law! What a country! I was at my dentist today and my trumper hygienist said ‘we are still not as corrupt as the rest of the world, right?’ I told her this is how it all starts. I don’t want to mock her but she did appear humbled and somewhat disturbed at what is happening. Me being Indian, she generally talks about India and today asked me about India and Pakistan and I told her about some of the history and I told her how a modern 1950s Afghanistan and Pakistan that had women wearing miniskirts and western outlook were turned into Islamic Republics by self-centered and corrupt dictators trying to control the peasant population by making them ultra-religious. I hope she saw the parallel between what I described there and what is starting to happen here with trump and the Rs.

    • Did you all notice this little tidbit from Maddow’s show last night? Adlai Stevenson was approached by Russians saying if he ran again they would help him win — he took that info and reported it to Eisenhower; Russians approached JFK and he said, no and I think LBJ too. But crooked Don the Con was different. How different, see the video in the link.

      FBI warned them that Russia maybe infiltrating their campaign but they paid no attention. The FBI informant was there to see what these mfers were up to and obviously, FBI wanted to stop Russian shenanigans if these people unwittingly fell for it. Unlike those other presidential candidates in history, however, trump did not alert the Obama admin or consult with the FBI when they warned him about Russian overtures BECAUSE trump asked for Russian help and welcomed it. GUILTY as charged! The dog who didn’t bark!

      • Unwittingly or wittingly?
        Hard to say. No one at Trump’s campaign displayed any great wit.
        But they knew.

        • true but when FBI got the first inkling from other intelligence services, they didn’t have any basis to doubt trump. They went in maybe trying to help trump out in case they didn’t know how to handle it (ha ha) but perhaps soon found that trump and his minions were active participants.

  6. I just hope the summit break-up isn’t followed by more pointless warmongering. Ah, why am I kidding myself?

  7. 😛


  9. You know one easy to silence trump about his spy, spy, there was a spy! cry?? He should be asked what if the FBI had gone in guns blazing INSTEAD with a FISA warrant to take his trump tower server BEFORE the election? Comey played dirty on both campaigns and did a huge disservice to voters and this country and robbed Hillary of her opportunity to serve (and serve well). Comey installed trump in the WH but could not uninstall him. What a smug, sanctimonious fool!

    • Comey is definitely one of those people that are so convinced of their own holiness that they cannot see the big log sitting right in their eye. He has this whole Naderish I’m so pure and everybody else is not thing going on and he cannot see his own huge mistakes.

  10. RD, do you/other RDers plan to blog about the topic of the NY Gov race, Gov Andrew Cuomo vs challenger Cynthia Nixon?

    • There’s nothing to really blog about regarding that race and none of us here are fans of celebrity candidates or rock stars running governments.

    • What GA said.

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