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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
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    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    jmac on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
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They ran through the bushes where the rabbits couldn’t go

My dad was into battles. He used to drag my sister and me down to Charleston harbor and point to Fort Sumter and tell us all about how the Civil War started as we climbed all over the cannons and stacks of cannonballs. He knew ever American battlefield from Schuylerville to Shiloh and everything in between. I once spent a rainy weekend at Gettysburg with him ticking off every monument and listening to a play by play recitation of Pickett’s Charge.

I feigned disinterest.

It turns out I kinda like battle strategy. But my genre is medieval battles. Fredericksburg? Meh. Hastings, Crécy and Agincourt? Oooo, yeah.

When I read this piece in WaPo about how Trump is handling his obvious displays of guilt, I got the battle vibe of the “Never Trumpers” immediately. They’re being overwhelmed and running for their lives:

Survivors on the Union side of the bloody battle of Shiloh reported witnessing a striking phenomenon moments before thousands of Rebels came charging through the Tennessee woods at dawn. Fauna in great abundance — rabbits and deer and squirrels and birds — made a startled dash through the Yankee camps. Thus the soldiers knew something alarming was headed their way, even before they knew what it was.

That story came to mind as I noticed a ruckus in the conservative media where President Trump finds reliable support. As a regular reader and occasional watcher of right-leaning outlets (left-leaning ones, too), I have been fascinated by the profound split Trump has caused among conservative commentators. So-called Never Trumpers don’t like him because they think he is the opposite of conservative: a radical intent on upending order and smashing tradition, twin pillars of their political philosophy. Among grass-roots partisans, though, the Never Trumpers appear to be losing sway to pro-Trump voices, if the robust ratings at Fox News are any indication.

But what struck me like the Shiloh field suddenly teeming with startled wildlife was this language of setups and entrapment because, where I come from, only guilty people trot out the I-was-stung defense. Indeed, the most infamous use of this jargon in Washington — the late Marion Barry’s “Bitch set me up!” — followed the mayor’s dismayed realization that his crack-smoking had been caught on hidden camera.

How many times have we heard from the president and his defenders that the Mueller investigation is “a witch hunt,” that “there’s nothing there” and it’s time to shut it down? As the inquiry enters its second year, Trump’s forces now appear to be falling back to a new trench. Whatever Team Trump did wrong, the FBI tricked them into doing it.

The never Trumpers tried to hold back the rebels with their voices of reason. It’s not working. But this battle doesn’t remind me of Shiloh so much as a Viking raid lead by a ships full of drug fueled berserkers screaming and biting their shields.

This is how Trump thinks he’s going to win, by feeding his supporters a PCP cocktail of insinuation and finger pointing and “I was set up! They’re trying to overturn the election!”

But it only makes him look even more guilty. The more he protests, the guiltier he looks to the rest of us and the more vigorously he whips up his base into a frenzy.

Now the whole Republican leadership is doing it, which makes me wonder if that party is implicated as well. Where does all that money lead us to?

They’re coming. It’s going to get noisy and violent. They’re looking for a weak spot in our shield wall. The only thing that’s standing between them and us is the justice department and the battle is imminent.

39 Responses

  1. The never Trumpers tried to hold back the rebels with their voices of reason.

    The never trumpers if they have any integrity and urgency will do what many of us did after May 31, 2008 — protest and register as independents. Walk out of the party and start voting for Democrats. W’s ethics lawyer Painter is running as a Democrat. Start doing that and start voting the Rs out and that is what needs to happen with each and everyone of them. Start talking about it on TV. The media and the politicians are not understanding the danger trumpism is bringing to America. Every school is at risk because of a trump supporting family and their deranged sense of entitlement whipped up into anger for and by the children they are raising. They, parents and children alike, are being radicalized online and at home. We in our home here used to say the European immigrants come to America with all their racist attitude (we have lived and seen some of Europe in our life time to say that) and somehow their children get transformed and become better citizens. No more. This is all very regressive and dangerous. But Media is acting like it is all fun and circus.

    Excellent post BTW, My hubs is a civil war buff and leads hikes on the battle fields around where we live.

    • I heard yesterday that the Never Trumpers loathe Trump for a variety of reasons. But they nevertheless want to see him succeed as president. It drives them crazy when he doesn’t pivot and get serious.
      They should go with their instincts. There’s something wrong with that boy and he’s dangerous to everything they believe in. It’s no use trying to defend him at this point.

    • and oh, the never trumpers like Rick Wilson, some guys called @radiofreetom, @20committee and others, stop saying Hillary was bad too. Admit publicly that she was not bad and that you all made a ginormous mistake.

      • You would think that would be an obvious strategy right now. If the guys in charge aren’t doing anything to reign trump in, why not take the muzzle off the other side? It should have occurred to them months ago. But I think they are constrained from doing it by their complicity in her defeat. In retrospect, it was petty and stupid. But they can’t walk it back without getting a justified beating from us. And they are too proud to bend over.

        • They need to feel a sense of urgency. Everyone in the media needs to feel it too. Children are at risk for being raised as misfits. One angry kid in every neighborhood with an assault weapon is enough to cause havoc in that community. That is the trump effect.

          Funny, well not so funny story… my dental hygienist is a Republican and voted for trump. I saw her right after the election and I told her, the Rs and the country has made a big mistake. She ran away from that topic 100 mph — ‘I don’t know, I don’t know anything about politics…’ LOL. But she is white and she and her children who are adults will probably survive this onslaught.

    • FWIW, I heard some real fear in some of the commentators on MSNBC yesterday. Oh, yeah, they made a lot of money off of covering crazy ass Mr. Crime Boss McSleazyDude but things are getting scary for them now. Maybe it was the fact that Trump was trying to pressure the post office into charging Amazon more for delivery. It suddenly hit them that he will abuse his power of office in any way he sees fit and no one will stop him.

  2. Hey Avenatti on Joy!

  3. We need a mea culpa from the media and other politicians, especially never trumpers to start talking like this:

  4. More collusion and this time with the Israelis, Saudis, and UAE. Crook and a fraud is gonna con, always.

  5. The little rocketman got his wish from a caving cadet bonespurs.

    • Why are some people talking seriously about a Nobel peace prize for this buffoon? Really? If Obama’s was laughable, this guy’s will be beyond ludicrous. Maybe he will blackmail the committee to give one to him and that is the only way it can happen.

      • Preznit Covfefe isn’t smart enough to blackmail anyone.

        If any blackmail happens, it will come from his master, Tsar Putin.

  6. Alea iacta est.

    How long will Democrats keep trying to deny the undeniable? When will they stop defending the indefensible?

    For once, “worse than Watergate” is not only not hyperbole, it’s an understatement.

    • What is the Fake Circus Performer’s Sock Puppet nattering about now?

      • On second thought, I suspect “Mini-Me” is a better description than “Sock Puppet”. 😛

    • Only for the unformed who don’t understand that an informant who contacted members of the campaign is not the same as a spy “implanted” (btw fake boobs are implanted not spies) in a campaign.

      Since you are into rumors the rumor also is that the White House is bracing for major indictments coming down the pike for campaign members Sam Clovis, Roger Stone and others along with more indictments for Paul Manafort.

  7. After the song RD posted, I just had to post this parody. 😛

  8. The (not so) secret of Cheeto Benito’s success is that he promised the Mediocre White Men (and, to a lesser extent, the Mediocre White Women) of the USA, with only the tiniest of fig leaves, that he would give them back their “psychological wages of whiteness” (and, for the dudes, of maleness as well).

    And, with dreary consistency, sufficient percentages of my people (I am non-elite white) chose either to vote for Cheeto Benito, because they prefer those “psychological wages” to the material wages of social democracy–or else did not vote at all, because they believed just enough of the wingnut propaganda, and/or the So-Called Liberal Media’s “Both Sides” buncombe, to make them think voting is useless.

  9. Meanwhile, I just discovered the existence of THIS. 😛


      • Speaking of weird shit, I got followed on Disqus by “someone”, with a generic Disqus ID for a name, which identifies itself as

        “Hot young girls love sex ocean catch you here.”,

        followed by a link, which I did not click–both from fear of malware on the other end, and simply because at 55, I’m no longer much interested in such things. 😛

        • Though, by an odd coincidence, “Sex Ocean” was the name of my Barry White tribute band back in the ’90s. 😉

  10. As Dave Barry would say, I Am Not Making This Up.

    A sinkhole has opened on the North Lawn of the White House, and is slowly growing–and a second sinkhole has opened up near it.


    Lucifer coming to collect on his deal? 😉

    • Holy Ascended Madoka, how did I make a humorous reference to Old Scratch, and forget to use this smiley? 😈

  11. Go to Phillip Reine’s twitter and read his megathread and I think he is not done composing.

    You know what I say: FUCK YOU Media! Especially NYT.

    • Start your way from the top. IT WAS not just wrong but A MISTAKE FROM THE GET GO. Media still has not learned its part in making this mistake happen. Facebook mfer has not but he is getting an earful in Europe (not here, the Republican mfers don’t know technology),

    • OMG he is still composing more. Good for him. All these media mfers make fun of Hillary supporters like Daou and maybe Reines and of course, people like you and me don’t exist.

    • Every Democrat running for office should be talking about the real ‘mistake’ that was made in 2016 and how to safeguard and protect the country from future such mishaps.

  12. Everybody I mean everybody should refrain from discussing the buffoon’s tweets, especially on TV and maybe not ignore it but don’t talk about it.

  13. People have to stop treating him like a normal president and a legitimate one at that.

  14. Who votes for stinking fuckers like Gohmert and Nunes? Really? Who? Is this the country that sent a man to the moon?

    • Check my comment above (May 21, 7:14) for your answer.

    • The USA had plenty of Orc-people like that in the 1960s, too.

      The Orcs just were not allowed to run the country.

      Unfortunately, a handful of McDucks decided to fund the building of a political apparatus to mobilize the Orcs, and keep them mobilized, to take over the GOP, in order to repeal every bit of social progress made in the 20th Century, so the McDucks could realize their dream of never, ever, having to pay taxes again.

      Also, although McDucks already owned much of the media, they launched a concerted effort to own ALL of it, to turn into an apparatus whose primary purpose was to mobilize the Orcs, and keep them mobilized and frothing with rage at all the rest of us.

      Then, just recently, a clever foreign dictator figured out how to hijack that apparatus to place his orange puppet in the White House, and to take control of even the McDucks as well.

      The Founders never anticipated this.

      • True… this country was not designed for this type of voters, politicians, and their candidate. Notice however, the voters are native to your point that they have been here for generations. Something has got to change.

    • Interesting! Though all the ‘bro’ stuff is new to me and I didn’t quite understand that. But the media has a penchant for the muckraker; they are not looking for a capable person who will do well by the country. They have inserted in every election since Bill Clinton’s (BC got lucky because there was a spoiler in Ross Perot and Bush the elder was boring; so they hopped on BC’s bandwagon) and mucked it up for the Democrats (because they were boring) except for Obama. I disagree with what the blog says about how the media treated Obama. They treated him like the golden child during 2008 primary and through the two terms. Maybe they didn’t fancy McCain much. They could have killed trump’s candidacy if they wanted to but they didn’t. Even the women like Katy Tur got excited about that mfer and other women on Hillary’s beat were bored and didn’t want to cover her. These people play too much of a spoiler for the good guys, candidates and their supporters alike, and I think we need to get out of their clutches. They have no remorse and they should be shunned.

      • Hos before bros.

        Hell, mosquitoes, cobras, and MADOKA-DAMNED EBOLA VIRUS before bros.

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