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Avenatti and Farrow

Looking for the next Woodward and Bernstein? It’s hard to beat the wide eyed youthfulness of Ronan Farrow of the New Yorker and the aggressive, chiseled jawline of the “in your face” Michael Avenatti, lawyer to Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels.

They’re telegenic and very well connected with the alarmed whistleblowers in the government.

Don’t be misled about the number of times you might have seen Avenatti on TV. He’s an amazing strategist and lawyer, forcing the Trump team into many disclosures, lies and errors. He has a lot of information that he’s feeding us little by little, tantalizing is with the most amazing, preposterous sounding plot twists. How does he get his hands on all this stuff?? He even has emails from Cohen to Daniels’ first lawyer after the raid trying to set up new untraceable communications. (Give up, Michael.) Avenatti, and the gutsy lady behind him, might just save the Republic. It’s genius to be representing the one woman in America that Trump slept with who has nothing to lose as far as reputation goes.

But it’s Farrow that adds the journalistic edge. He’s one of the few investigative reporters out there who doesn’t seem to be starry eyed about being in the presence of celebrity because he’s the product of celebrity, the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. A college graduate at 16, accepted to law school before he was 20, he worked in the State Department in the Obama administration. Winner of a Pulitzer for reporting on the Harvey Weinstein harassment cases. In other words, Farrow is an earnest overachiever.

This week, Avenatti and Farrow are tag teaming. Avenatti recently disclosed a SAR, or Suspicious Activity Report, that was filed against Essential Consultants LLC, the entity that Michael Cohen created to handle payoffs to porn stars and other business activity. That’s how we discovered that Novartis and ATT paid Cohen for what looks like protection money. But there’s more, oh yes, much more.

Because that SAR got filed with the Treasury Department in a department called FinCEN. That stands for Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. FinCEN maintains a database of SARs from banks and other financial institutions. Anyone at a bank who interacts with customers is trained to recognize signs of fraud, money laundering and other crimes.

This is where Farrow comes in.

It turns out that the FinCEN record connected to the SAR that Avenatti revealed last week made reference to two other SARs. The amount of money involved is $3 Million. The problem is that the FinCEN records for those two other SARs are … missing.

The law enforcement official who discovered that the SARs are missing was so alarmed by this that he leaked the first SAR to Avenatti. Farrow followed up on the missing SARs. According to the sources he contacted who have experience in this area, missing SARs are very rare. Says the whistleblower:

“I have never seen something pulled off the system. . . . That system is a safeguard for the bank. It’s a stockpile of information. When something’s not there that should be, I immediately became concerned.” The official added, “That’s why I came forward.”

To put it bluntly, there are only two possible scenarios other than technical malfunction to explain how this happened: 1.) Robert Mueller or the US attorney’s office for the Southern District of NY sequestered them or 2.) someone at the Treasury Department deliberately erased them. Permanently.

Suddenly, I see the FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s office in a whole new light. The FBI raid was authorized to prevent destruction of evidence. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Mueller et al discovered the SARs were missing and pulled the trigger on the raid in order to get any evidence remaining related to the transfer of money through Cohen’s hands.

The whistleblower, our newest DeepThroat, says he was terrified of what it might mean that someone has access and the orders to erase financial documents at the Treasury Department. Just thinking about that gives me the shivers. Think about it. If the documents went missing on Trump’s orders, and let’s not forget that he only appoints loyalists, then what is to stop any of those loyalists in any agency from erasing evidence of bribery and misconduct? Or your bank accounts? Or social security information? The possibilities are endless.

Didn’t Deep Throat advise Woodward and Bernstein to “follow the money” back during the Watergate days? It’s spooky how this is turning out to resemble Watergate.

If you’re not watching anything but Fox News, you are missing a terrifying political thriller of global proportions with an colorful cast of characters, secretive Qatari sheiks, shady presidential lawyers, porn stars, pregnant playmates, abortions, lies, bribes, payoffs, basketball teams, rappers, Russians and global corporations. It’s almost too much. But unlike Fox News generated smoke and mirrors and logical inconsistencies, this is more like peeling an onion or plucking a strand in a spider web and watching the ripples. It’s vast, it’s deep, it’s scary.

The movie is going to be epic – provided the Republic survives.


Found in my Spotify weekly mix: “It’s like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull and cut a six inch valley in the middle of my soul…”.

Some lyrics never die, no matter how they’re done.

28 Responses

  1. Ronan Farrow is the son of Mia and Frank Sinatra. Take a look!

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    • Lol! Ronan said, “We are all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s kid” or something like that. He has a good sense of humor about it.
      But i suspect the DNA would show Woody Allen as his dad.
      (Though he probably would prefer Frank)

  2. Avenatti was on M. Joe just now. He is a keeper. I am glad Farrow is using his skills for this investigation, better suited for the times. Fincen fined trump for 10 mil in 2015 because his casinos didn’t have protection for preventing money laundering activities (it was a feature not a bug) — how many know about that? Fincen guys are stupendously awesome just like so many other public servants working in all other government agencies. My heart screams at the corruption and dismantling of the government and the brain drain during this administration. I hope we can recover.

  3. No whistleblower trusts the current media crop. They would sell his/her soul to the enemy…er.. trump. Thank God for Avenatti!

  4. Ronan Farrow already has a reporting partner and HER name is Jane Mayer.

  5. I predict a lot of gray bars in Avenatti’s future. Comey’s too.

    • Manafort’s former son in law just flipped. Lock him up! Lock him up!

      • Manafort was briefly with the Trump campaign. The stuff he was indicted for was from years earlier and had nothing to do with Trump. But keep hoping for that pony!

        I know you guys will find this hard to believe, but Trump is clean. He has trouble keeping his pants zipped, but he has never been involved with criminal stuff. If you want to beat Trump you’ll need a better plan.

        Meanwhile, it turns out the Obama people were illegally spying on Trump. That’s worse than Watergate territory,

        • Sorry but Manafort wasn’t “briefly with the Trump campaign” He was the big dog of the Trump campaign for a couple months and then was an advisor to the campaign the entire time until August of 2016 when his ties to Putin were revealed. It’s kind of ironic that Manafort’s ties to Putin were a problem but nobody else’s on the campaign ties were a problem.

    • ROTFLMAO. The only people looking at gray bars are Trumpers. As a matter of fact so far the only people who have looked at gray bars so far are Trumpers with the first one behind bars just recently.

      • The first one will be Jim Comey.

        • Alex van der Zwaan is the first one. He went to jail in April but since he decided to cooperate with Mueller and handed over the tapes of the Russians contacting the Trump campaign he only got a 30 day sentence.

        • Suppose I were a member of the Russian Mob.

          Suppose I were a member of the Russian Government.

          But I repeat myself. 😉

          (h/t Mark Twain)

  6. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Not bribing just any US official but the head honcho of the first world. Who elevated this con to that position? Fuck you all!

  8. If something is not done by the Republicans (yes, it has to come from them) about the state of America in trump era, I am very pessimistic about the future of this country. A whole generation of children through their trump supporting parents are being radicalized (yes, I said it — they are raising children unfit to live in a mixed society) and even a small percentage of those children turning violent will bring this country to its knees. These children are not all mentally ill but they are expressly being radicalized to turn against the other. There are days when my husband and I feel grateful that we don’t have children we are leaving behind here. Sometimes I shudder to think what we were thinking coming here and setting up shop like we did 30 years ago and the only comforting thing is that we don’t have children that we will leave behind in this god awful place. Republicans need to act, period!!


  10. Spammy is being an @$$hole again. 🙄

    • Spammy is always an asshole but there’s nothing in the moderation filter. Are you sure you hit post?

      • Huh–it worked this time.

        But I seem to recall that the page did refresh the last time I tried it.

        *cue Twilight Zone theme* :/

  11. I wouldn’t trust Ronan Farrow one bit. He was brainwashed by his mother to believe that Woody Allen molested his sister. Their brother Moses attests to the brainwashing, and that Mia was a terrible mother, threatening withdrawal of affection whenever one of her children did not do what she wanted. Two panels of child abuse experts (these are people trained to look for child abuse) did not believe Dylan Farrow. Woody Allen passed a lie detector test. Mia refused to take one. This story should have ended there, but then Dylan came back on the impetus of the “MeToo” movement, and simply reiterated the same allegation. And as has happened far too often in our civilization, allegations are given power by people who think that they are doing holy work; that is how thousands were burned in the Inquisitions for “heresy,” how accused witches were killed at Salem; how the Bloody Assizes led to the hanging of thousands of men, women and children as a result of the ridiculous “Popish Plot”; how so many careers and lives we ruined in the insane McCarthy era. Every single time, history looks back and laments and condemns these periods; but they always repeat, only in a different guise and with a different cause to spur it. Woody Allen never molested anyone; and Ronan Farrow, whether brainwashed, or simply unwilling to look at the facts, is constantly referring to this calumny as a source for his journalistic propensities.

    So Ronan Farrow did a story on Harvey Weinstein, who is clearly a jerk, though I am not sure if he actually raped anyone. And he gets a Pulitzer Prize, probably because his story fit the geist. And then he does the Schneiderman piece–well, he seems to tag along with Jane Mayer in his stories, I do not know that he actually writes much of them. Now, I do not know what Scheiderman did or didn’t do, and how much of what he did sexually with women who somehow continued to go out with him, was consensual. I do know that sentence by allegation is wrong, and has always been wrong. I also know that this story was poorly sourced, and virtually a setup, in that one of the women who “came forward” is employed at the New Yorker. Somehow she ran into someone who also works there, and he said he knew someone who went out with Schneiderman. Gonerman said she asked, “How did it go?,” and that the man actually said, “Oh, he slapped her and spit on her when they were having sex.” Do you seriously believe hr said that? Even if one does, the whole article substitutes connotative terms like “I felt as if I had been beaten,” when compiling the women’s complaints that Scheidnerman told them what to wear, or what menu items to choose at dinner. One of these two women went out with him for over a year, broke up, got back together, then broke up, then “reconciled,” then sort of drifted apart, but she saw him for “occasional romantic encounters.” This whole story is a hit job. Again, it is certainly possible that Schneiderman has unpleasant sexual predilections, but they are certainly not unknown in our society, or in the sex clubs of New York; and why did tens of millions of people, predominantly women, buy all three volumes of “Fifty Shades of Grey?” Of course, consent is the key aspect. And I do not know whether there was, or not. Most women, if a man slapped or spit on them during sex, even if it was part of “roleplay” would either tell him to stop, or simply never see him again, not keep going out with him. I am not defending Schneiderman, but I am saying that trial and sentence by magazine article is a very bad thing, as anyone who has ever heard of the ’50’s magazine “Red Channels” would know.

    So Ronan just happened to get this story, and Schneiderman of course cannot fight this, cannot stand there and try to do his job, and have the press keep yelling at him, “Did you rape women?” “Did you beat them up?” So he does the only thing he can do, which is to resign. And so another Trump enemy, just like Franken, is summarily forced out because of allegations. Then Farrow gets another “scoop,” which is a supposed leak of confidential documents, which then actually may have been set up by the Trump people to once again benefit their agenda. Now, I am very suspicious of someone getting all these “scoops” one after another. My guess is that Farrow is all about getting ahead, he wants stories and he doesn’t care much about how valid they are. And he may actually be a worse real-life version of Dickens’ Estella, who was programmed to wreak Miss Havisham’s revenge on men. I don’t trust his journalism, though others may. I think he’s being used by the Trump side, at least at this point, and is a journalistic loose cannon who wants the glory more than he cares about the facts.

    • Hmmm… I’m going to go with Ronan and Mia on this one.
      Woody Allen acted on his impulses when he seduced Soon Ye. From what I recall about her, before she was adopted, she lived on the streets. I hate to say this, but I think Allen might have preyed on her. For what reason? I don’t know why some men get turned on by certain things. But everyone has a category on Pornhub. She was just old enough to be legal, and just as unintentionally knowledgeable to make her vulnerable.
      So… yeah, I think they were right to be concerned. Sooner or later, probably when he’s dead, we’ll find all about Allen. In the meantime, Ronan Farrow was aware far sooner than most kids. His memory is probably a lot more reliable than you think.

      • I think he was about four at the time. Moses was older, and knows the family dynamic much better. Moses became a child psychologist after going through therapy, and he and Woody have a good relationship. Who actually knows, but it is overwhelmingly obvious to me that when Woody and Mia broke up, she was determined to both get custody of the children, and ruin his life. All of a sudden, right in the middle of this custody battle, this charge emerges. And note that the allegation is that this happened one time, when as Moses says, there were about eight people in the house, while Mia was out shopping. It is ludicrous, particularly when two panels of child abuse experts both found no physical signs of the alleged molestation on Dylan, plus did not find her credible at all. And it is a fact that this kind of child molestation allegation is not that uncommon in bitter custody battles.

        Now, as to the Soon-Yi matter, we note that they have been together ever since, happily a pair, and have adopted and brought up two children, I think. So I think that the “predatory” allegation is not fair; they found some commonality and have maintained it for decades. I am not saying that Allen is a perfect person, but consider that apart from this Mia allegation, what has he ever done that was objectionable in a long career in the spotlight? And I realize that you (and I know others do, too) find the thing with Soon-Yi to be a mark against him. But she was not underage, they are still together; what is it then that he did that was so wrong? And of course that has nothing to do with these horrible Mia allegations. I have heard, though cannot directly verify, that Mia said to him, “You took my daughter,and now I am going to take yours.” I personally think that Mia Farrow is a very strange person, has always been. I think that Ronan is Sinatra’s child, which does not matter, except to show that Mia was sleeping with Sinatra when she was with Woody. Mia broke up Andre Previn’s marriage when she was a late teenager, She ran around with Sinatra when she was 21 or so, and he was at least 50. She adopted something like 15 children at an increasingly frantic rate. I believe that there was some known sexual scandal in her birth family, one could research that. Anyway, I don’t care what she did or does with her life, but I am utterly certain that she concocted this horrible slander against Woody Allen because of the hatred she felt for him after his relationship with Soon-Yi came out. His life is now being ruined by this same slander simply being repeated. I think it is a tragic injustice; all he wants to do is to make fine movies each year, play the clarinet at the club, spend time with his family. And yet so many choose to believe a slander based on not one fact beyond the allegations themselves, coming from a mentally unbalanced woman who brainwashed a little girl and then her younger brother. If one wants to listen to those two, fine, but why does no one listen to the older brother, Moses, who says that it all was concocted by Mia? Again, if no charges were filed (and the police would have loved to have had this “scalp,” but had no physical or psychological panel evidence at all), why do people rush to believe the story?. To me, that betokens something very wrong with humans, but of course history has shown time and again that we burn or hang first, worry about it generations later. And I am very suspicious as to Ronan’s journalistic abilities and integrity, but he’ll get more opportunities to confirm or belie that. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent on this.

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