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RD had a little Lamb

Today is the Pennsylvania primary. It’s the first election since the state ordered the districts redrawn to fix the gerrymandering problem.

I was just listening to Nate Silver at the fivethirtyeight podcast who said that 9 out of PA’s 18 congressional districts are competitive, including mine.

Yes, friends, I was redistricted. I was in a district represented by the totally awesome Mike Doyle (D) who is working his butt off to get Net Neutrality back. Now, I’m stuck in Keith Rothfus’ (R) district. The Mighty 17th is just a twinkle in the Democrats’ eyes right now since technically, it won’t exist until January 2019.

And yet, it has not one but TWO incumbents. Wrap your head around that. Keith Rothfus is the rep for the old district 12, which was shaped like a hammerhead shark, and Conor Lamb represents the 18th which is west and south of Pittsburgh. (I’m starting to get confuzzled about all this).

Anyway, I did some limited campaigning for Lamb back in March and he pulled of a squeaker of a victory. But now, his odds of winning the 17th are vastly improved since this district got some pretty big, pretty diverse, heavily Democratic suburbs sucked into it. One of them was mine. {{bwahahahahhhhh!!!}}

Its only a primary and Lamb is running unopposed, which sort of takes the fun out of it. But Lamb is such an ideal candidate to vote for in this district that I’m looking forward to it. Rothfus is a anti-choice, pro-Republican, pro-NRA Republican and the district as a whole moved from something like +11 for Trump to +2.5 for Trump after redistricting. In other words, we have a real shot of turning this district blue.

Shout out to John Fetterman, mayor of beautiful downtown Braddock, PA, champion of urban renewal and medical marijuana. He’s running for Lieutenant Governor.

And let’s not forget Governor Tom Wolf who turns out to have just the right amount of assertiveness and cunning to outmaneuver the Republican legislature.

Maybe I should have titled this post “A Wolf, a Lamb and a Fetterman”.

Let’s do this thing.

If this is your primary day, get out there and vote, even if your candidate is running unopposed.


17 Responses

  1. Now he gets loans not from just Russian criminals but from everyone around the world who is corrupt. What a fantastic stroke of luck for an incompetent mfer! He is at the right place for HIM and his family but not for Americans.

    • Where are the NYT mfers asking him to shut his business down like they did with Clinton Foundation which was not even a personal enrichment scheme like his businesses are.

      • Trump is the Swamp. I know you know that, pm3171. Forgive me, could you choose a catchier name? 🙂 Tell me to take a long walk off a short pier.

        • I know he is but there is so less push back on everything that is shitty and ugly about him and this tweet below is from a Republican!

        • I didn’t get the reference to ‘catchier name’ but curious…

      • wait, where did that 1 come from in pm3171? It is pm317, period. I think I mistyped my name.

  2. I just voted for Conor Lamb for the district that doesn’t yet exist. And Wolf, Fetterman, Bob Casey (🤮) and Erin Vecchio. One of the campaign volunteers told me I looked like a model as he handed me a flyer for another guy.
    “Nice try”, I said.
    The lawn is as high as an elephant’s eye. Will no one rid me of this meddlesome grass???

    • Swalwell sounded so defeated last night on Joy (subbing for Maddow). He said unless we change seats nothing was going to happen (to the fucker in the WH.)

      • He’s right. It’s beyond obvious that the GOP is never going to hold Trump accountable. He can steal the country blind and the GOP will be perfectly fine with it.

      • Swalwell was on this morning with David Jolly, both talked about clear messaging. Swalwell said Dems need to be “authentic” (hmm where have i heard that before?), said they need to talk about infrastructure, job creation and green tech. Gee, if only Hillary had addressed that (screams into pillow). Jolly said that there was no need for either party to discuss dump’s negatives because everyone already knew what they where. He has a point, unfortunately a significant percentage of his supporters don’t give a shit about the lies and corruption, at least not yet.

        • well, people are tired of the fucker in the WH. Without naming him, however, these Dems could talk about what this country is based on, they could go back to first principles and say what is acceptable and what is not, they could talk about protecting and safeguarding our democracy through voting rights, participation and indicate what happens when people don’t participate or pick the wrong candidate. Talk about the corruption everywhere he touches.There is enough to say about cleaning up and bringing the country back to its sacred roots.

          • You’re right. They could talk about how it is wrong to enrich yourself at the expense of tax payers. You can talk about everything Trump has done wrong with never mentioning his name.

          • Ga6thDem, talking about issues seems so wrong right now to me. They could but their foremost message should be country before party and anything else, we need to save our country. Talking about issues (only) is like talking about fixing a plumbing issue in the kitchen when the whole house is burning. People are clamoring for someone to make the case for saving the country (from trump and his ilk) — look at the twitter adulation Avenatti is getting by just standing up to trump and for a show of promise at exposing him.

          • Well, that’s pretty basic. The campaign would be about holding Trump accountable.

          • Hillary tried to warn us within limits and if she had done it with any more force or more explicitly, the media would have branded her an alarmist. She was also good with issues but her overarching message as it should have been was to warn us about trump and without the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. She was right but there are people whining that she didn’t talk about issues without understanding what else more important was at stake in that election.

            And then there is that mfer Bernie Sanders who screwed the country wanting to run again in 2020! Throw the fuck him out!

  3. Our primary is May 22nd but we have early voting this week.

  4. trump is protected not only by the corrupt GOP, and his dumb base here but also Russia, China, the Koreas, Saudis, Israel, SE Asian countries, anywhere in the world corruption sells. It is up to the American people and the Judiciary in this country and some of the other friendly countries in the world who care about rule of law and other decent things in life. Already, NK is neutering trump to give up our base in S. Korea. Watch me, trump will close that base caving to NK.

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