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    • They’re afraid of retribution
      More specifically, their bosses are afraid: To Journalists, he rudely calls ALL of you “FakeNews” and you just let him. Stand up to him. He interrupts you, you need to interrupt him when he lies. The Constitution protects the free press but THIS president undermines the Constitution a lot. pic.twitter.com/71Z0x9569v — Beki Knott (@lotsofuss) August … Continu […]
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Scott Hutchinson

I just read over at Eschaton that Scott Hutchinson of the band Frightened Rabbit has been missing and a body assumed to be his has been found.

From NBC:

LONDON — Police searching for Scott Hutchison, the lead singer of Scottish rock band Frightened Rabbit, confirmed Friday that they had located a body.

The 36-year-old was reported missing by fellow band members early Wednesday.

This was like a gut punch this morning. Frightened Rabbit was like a little hidden gem and Scott’s vocals and guitar playing were inspiring.

Very sad.

Here’s one of my favorite Frightened Rabbit songs recorded in a studio in Seattle:

14 Responses

  1. Well, it seems another company that Trump and Cohen were laundering money has been exposed.

    • Is this about that?

      • Yeah, that’s it. Now the press is going digging to find out what is going on. That Avenatti is great at getting the media to do the job they should have done like 3 years ago.

      • People are digging up Korean connections to this company. What if it is funneling money to NK? China/Russia, NK, and trump are doing something nefarious that will further undercut US’s international standing.

  2. Pence, a butler at maralago, huh a trump footlicker is what he is.

  3. Their defense: doing this illegal thing shows that they didn’t do the other illegal thing. Where did they find these guys in this smartest on the planet country? Russia/China has brought the USA to its knees from within. The enemy is sitting in the WH. How dumb are the voters who voted for this mfer and that they don’t realize even now?

  4. I have been saying this for a while now.

  5. I agree. They are in a run the clock mode, just ride it out to the next election and dare Mueller to produce evidence. trump is that toxic.

  6. Why do I think the Rs are abusing the #metoo movement to get rid of Democrats who are doing their job especially well? It is commonsense they would do that, right? They are wired that way.. Franken had a trumper accuser and it looks like Schneiderman has an accuser who has trump connections.

  7. Watch this!

  8. White trumpers are so so stupid! For any direct hiring from the US government, you HAVE to be a US citizen. While a grad student I got this awesome opportunity at NIH, the interview was good, the person who interviewed wanted me to start the job right away but then they found out they could not hire me because I was not a US citizen then. Contractors to government projects can hire non-citizens and deploy them on these projects depending on the jobs but direct hires paid directly from the US government have to be US citizens.

  9. Some right wing nutcase waterboarded himself to say it is nothing. But this guy (Chris Simpson) had the right response and check his GW quote and that was 1775 and how far have they fallen in the last 230+years.

  10. I don’t feel like posting anything funny or cute on this grim thread.

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