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Maxine does not yield to defenseless, bullied white male mansplainer.


Damn she’s tenacious. She should give lessons.

and then there’s this tweet about Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer:

She’s right. I want that hat so bad.

Woot! Less than 600 unique page hits to 13 MILLION!

Contrary to popular opinion, I didn’t create a robotic finger that keeps reloading the page. Someone actually reads this stuff. And if you are one of those someones, thank you very much for making it fun to come here and write something (nearly) every day.

Now is the time to pay up.


Just kidding.


Ok, hear me out, Trumpers, I’ve seen the poll numbers, there are a lot of you who are sticking with Trump to the bitter end over the Mueller investigation. And I get that (actually I don’t but work with me here). You’re tired of hearing about collusion, collusion, collusion. It’s one of those SAT words that no one ever used in a sentence until last year. Like emoluments. Come on, admit it, you thought it was a skin care product, right? I know I did. It sounded like something a lanolin rich soap would give your skin. Ha! Were we wrong.

Anyway, the Mueller thing is getting annoying because the dude is so damn secretive and we haven’t seen anything yet and it just looks like the Democrats are colluding with the FBI to bring Trump down. Trump can’t catch a break. (Well mostly because he does such stupid things but I digress).

Now his lawyer is being harassed and so what if people are paying Cohen large sums of money for access. That just makes those corporations suckers.

But what if that access just made your cable bill go up while simultaneously restricting your access to all the movies you want to stream unless Netflix pays up to get into your house faster than the cable package lineup?

Have you seen THIS??:

Yeah, collusion with the Russians is one thing. Taking a bribe from a cable company to kill net neutrality and promote your merger to reduce your cable choices is hlike dealing with the devil.

And we haven’t even started on Novartis who wants to make sure that no one drags it to the negotiating table over drug prices to large government healthcare providers like the VA or Medicare or Medicaid.

How are you going to feel when it turns out that all that money was paid to Donald Trump and his buddies in the Republican Party to soak you for more money in cable/internet service and life saving drugs? That’s a bad that you’re going to share with the libtards.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what those polls look like in a few weeks as Michael Avenatti keeps parting the kimono.


Being the resident expert on drug companies, I’ll revisit this later with my own take.