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    jmac on Impeachment Hearings Day …
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    • It’s Not OK To Think Everything Is OK Or Getting Better and Better
      I’ve discussed the better than ever world argument before. I find it questionable, for a number of reasons and if that interests you read the linked article and the articles it links to. What I’ve been watching is WHO likes and buys the argument. They fall into two groups: the first are techies; the second […]
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This pretty much sums it up

And then there was Whitewater where the McDougals were already indicted before the investigation began. No indictments for the Clintons.

And then there was Paula Jones which was a wild goose chase that managed to catch a very small “lack of candor” that didn’t rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

So, you know, there’s that…

12 Responses

  1. Is Dowd part of larger media? Because after having talked about email! 24/7 during the campaign and leading up to it, why won’t the media at large talk about the point made by Dowd now? Is it because they are complicit in blowing Clinton scandals out of proportion for the last 30 years? Is it because they were responsible for installing trump? Paging Michelle Wolf!! Whatever the case may be, anti-Clinton or pro-trump or just pro-ratings and profits, the country is deteriorating and they are complicit. I am kind of losing hope.

    • Now we have a new story about trump trying to dig dirt with the help of Israel (!) on Obama principals who made the Iran deal happen. Wasn’t there another story about digging dirt on Sessions to oust him? I bet he has dirt on every congress critters of both parties but more so on the Rs and even if he has no dirt just the fact that he is a scumbag who willingly threatens people (like he did against Tester) is enough.

    • I heard Amy Chozick on The Ezra Klein show last week. You really should listen to it. She practically oozes and drips mean girl. Put Katy Tur in that camp too and any other snooty female journalist who is circling the wagon around Amy. They are so fucking clueless, just watching the world from their own little bubble, that is nauseating.
      Go listen. I dare you. Go on. I’ll wait.

      • No, thanks! RD. Not giving her a click/download. 🙂 I turn the channel when I see Katy Tur or Andrea M. or Ruth M or any of the lesser known NYT females like Goldberg. Rachel did not have that Amy Chick for her book tour, though she did have Tur when her book came out. Apparently, the women assigned to trump were excited and women assigned to Hillary grumbled how boring it was to cover her. These women have a special place in hell.

        And I had been thinking about what this tweet says more and more in the recent days. There were some articles by Corn/Foer and a couple of others that showed red flags but died a quick death without reinforcement. If his rallies and ‘lock her up’ chants were not enough red flags for the people who voted for him or third party, they should be blamed but then again there was Katy Tur and her ilk normalizing stuff from his rallies!

        • Yup, pretty much. The tax return thing should have been a big red flag.


  3. My heart breaks for these people. If we had a competent executive in the WH, she might just have done something to right this situation for these poor people, no? The guy they elected does not care but even if he cared he is so incompetent, he would not know what to do, where to start. And to top it all, he and his cronies are so corrupt, that there is nothing to milk from this tragedy for this ‘what is in it for me’ crowd.

  4. This is true of most anti-trump republicans, the Bill Crystals, the Rick Wilsons, the Max Boots… and on and on. They are a different kind of mfers, but still mfers. They (some of whom are crowing these days with a ‘I told you so’) could have endorsed Hillary knowing what a danger trump would be to their party and the country but they didn’t.

    • I think you mean Bill Kristol. Billy Crystal is a comedian and actor.


      h/t Melissa of Shakesville.

      (By “voluntary non-voters”, I mean to exclude all the people who were prevented from voting by GOP dirty tricks or bad luck. THEY, of course, are not to blame.)

      This is for all the reluctant Trump voters, third-party voters, AND ESPECIALLY ALL THE VOLUNTARY NON-VOTERS:

      • Oh, and also especially for the ALLEGEDLY “liberal” media operatives.

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