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A Dangerous Blame Game

Does anyone else get the feeling that the federales are closing in on Trump? I’m curious about what Cohen has been doing for Trump that Trump can’t reveal to his lawyers. And why did Cohen need 16 cell phones? Even if half of them are bricks, that’s a lot of cell phones.

I’m going to take a guess that Cohen was doing his job as a fixer and was using the phones to set up payments of hush money to people like Paul Manafort. That would be witness tampering, right? Or maybe all the people whose lives were negatively affected by Trump are coming out of the woodwork, looking for more payoffs. They see that Stormy and Karen don’t need to stick with the NDA. Why not?

But I’m worried now. Because it appears that Ron Rosenstein and Robert Mueller do not think that Trump is above the law. In fact, it looks like they think we live in a country where we favor the rule of law over the rule of men or a man. That’s how it’s been for 250 years and our country is admired the world over for its justice system, even if its reputation has been tarnished.

It actually shouldn’t have gotten this deeply involved. If we were talking about any other president in American history, his behavior and crimes would have been checked by Congress. But this Congress is owned by some very wealthy people and they like having two branches of government giving them exactly what they want.

Parts of the justice department rebelled in 2016. I suspect that had more to do with the macho hatred of Hillary Clinton than the love of Donald Trump. And what is the goal of the justice department? Enforcing the law. Hillary as president would have been ultimately frustrating. The Clintons might take advantage of their fame and sell it for access but that’s not illegal. That’s just good business if that’s your goods. With Hillary, they could have dragged her in front of dozens of grand juries, congressional hearings and spotlights to testify and they wouldn’t have found anything. It would have made their lives feel meaningless in the end.

But Trump gave them hope. He’s so corrupt and tied to Russian mafia and the Kremlin and hot women and money laundering that its almost like a never ending banquet of all their favorite foods. There’s a little something for everyone: espionage, white collar crimes, blackmail, extortion, seedy sex, Russian prostitution, bank fraud, etc, etc. Is there treason? I’m not sure. But there’s definitely misprision which leads to high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Justice Department lives for this stuff. This is what Trump and Co. underestimated. They had a Sally Fields “they LIKE me!” moment but they misread what Rudy was able to do with some sexist jerks in the NY field office.

If I were to make a biology analogy, I’d say that the FBI and the Attorneys General and their offices are like the immune system. It might take a while for it to become fully engaged but once it detects that foreign invader, it releases the macrophages and killer T cells. The branches and locations cooperate with each other.

That’s what’s happening, Trumpers. The body has detected self vs non-self. It’s now cleaning up. It was designed to do that. There’s nothing a Hillary supporter could have done to start it or stop it. That’s how our system works. No man is above the law. We will see how vigorous and durable the system is shortly.

But there is a giant looming problem coming up. Trump and his media affiliates have told their audiences that the Democrats in the justice department and Congress are trying to overturn the results of the election. This is laughable. The Democrats are politically out of power right now. There is literally no branch of government they have even the slightest amount of control over. The media ignores the 65 million of us that voted for Hillary. If there is any entity that could overturn the results of the election, it’s the government itself.

Nevertheless, Democrats and women and every other currently out of power group will get blamed for what happens next because we are cheering it on. The difference between executing the investigation, arrests and impeachment, and having any power to initiate them will be lost on the common Trumper. Trump himself has made sure of it.

They would do anything for him. That’s a big problem. Because they have guns. And we have a guy with a personality disorder threatened and casting around for someone to blame.

Maybe we should consider packing some heat.

22 Responses

  1. Remember how trump went around telling his minions Hillary was running to avoid getting indicted, obviously a lie but a revealing projection. He thought he could control everything once he won. He still whines that Session recused himself and openly says he would have put someone else in there who would have ‘protected’ him. This is the stupid Watergate. I don’t think his support among voters/people is robust and we will be fine once all the dirt and gory details get out.

  2. Things like this need to get to the trumpers.

    • Good.

      • “Democracy is the theory that people know what they want–and deserve to get it, good and hard.” — H. L. Mencken

        I would be more specific than Mencken: where he said “people”, I would say “Stupid White Folks”.

        AKA “cr@wd@ds”. 😈

  3. Did anyone else notice Sarah Sanders wearing less eye shadow yesterday? I was hoping MAGA Maggie would write about it for her BFF sympathizing for having her cowed down. Bullies! /s

  4. Maybe trumpers need to hear something like this from another trumper:

  5. Ha, good question! What does Stormy know that others who were sexually assaulted don’t? Paging Avenatti.

  6. “They’ll lie to you ABOUT you.” — it called ‘gaslighting’.

  7. “Maybe we should consider packing some heat.”

    Maybe we should.
    Remember what Huey Newton said: “Any unarmed people are slaves.”

    • I did not know that but if it looks like he’s going to resign, I’m going to look into getting one.

  8. So they are armed.

    Yawn. 😈

  9. Off topic:

    Yayy for warmer weather, but it does have its drawbacks… 😮

  10. Off topic: May the Fourth be with you! 😛

  11. Watch!

  12. As one of the commenters says, “Preschool is gonna be a fucking hoot.” 😆

  13. *sigh* That should be “Same BAT-CHANNEL…” 🙄

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