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#kissmyass A little more…

There is a lot of pearl clutching and toppling onto the fainting couch this morning about how “searing” and “vulgar” Michelle Wolf was at the White House Correspondents Dinner last night.

Here’s the best thing Michelle said last night:

“You guys are obsessed with Trump,”

“I think what no one in this room wants to admit is that Trump has helped all of you. He couldn’t sell steaks, or vodka, or water, or college, or ties, or Eric—but he has helped you. He’s helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV. You helped create this monster and now you’re profiting off of him. And if you’re gonna profit off of Trump, you should at least give him some money—because he doesn’t have any.

You know what? I don’t want to fucking hear about how vulgar she was in the rest of her speech. She nailed it. Go read the two posts I wrote on Amy Chozick if you don’t believe her.

We are in the worst crisis in our nation’s history since the Civil War. In fact, we are in a second civil war right now. The rebellion has spread beyond the south and now its marbled in all of our communities. Some more than others. I am beyond relieved to live where I do in Pittsburgh surrounded by hard working honorable people who I respect and like. I feel very sorry for Democrats stuck in Jackson, Mississippi or backwoods Georgia. But make no mistake, it’s out there and the tension between the two sides is palpable. Some days, they win a battle, some days we do. And it takes all our concentration on a daily basis to not rage against the way good people are being treated just because they have a different skin color, or aren’t CIS or are women or are sick or mentally ill or not white Anglo Saxon Protestant males.

God help you if you are not worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars in America these days. If you aren’t, and most of us aren’t, then you are a complete loser to the Trump contingent and the well connected wealthy people who bought their congressional representatives. Trump gives his voters the cheap thrill of bullying people they think are below them in the social hierarchy while directing their attention away from the neo-feudal lords who are taking everything that isn’t nailed down. What could be more nasty and brutish than that? Are we saying it’s more important to protect the fee-fees of Sarah Sanders who willfully enables the wholesale slaughter of our democracy than to protect the people who are on the losing end of it?

All of those people who are getting all prissy about Michelle Wolf gave us this moron having “campaign rallies” continuously since he took office.

This is a man who called Nazis “very fine people”.

That is one of the most vulgar and offensive things I have ever heard coming from the ugly little fish mouth of Donald Trump. There is nothing even remotely fine about Nazis. It would be like promoting satanism as our state religion.

Before they bluster and sputter and grab their smelling salts about what Michelle Wolf said, they should hold this man and his loathesome, lying borg of a press secretary accountable for the harm they are perpetrating on the vast majority of Americans (and let’s not even get started on the obscene way he has treated our American citizens in Puerto Rico).

Until then, they can all kiss my ass.

Addendum: Our press is very stupid. They think they can continue to use Trump as a revenue enhancing gimmick without repercussions. Oh, sure, he’s getting down on the media but they’re protected by the first amendment. What’s he going to do? Change the constitution??

That’s very possible. They should be studying what happened in Turkey, Hungary and Poland in the last several years. In fact, without an independent corporate media, the freedom of speech would still exist. We just wouldn’t hear much of it. The news would be relegated to blogs, provided net neutrality obliteration let you get to them. Or newspapers on paper, provided tariffs on newsprint still made that economically viable. There is always HAM radios I suppose but they require government issued licenses. Good luck with that.

If the press isn’t careful, it will be corralled into a metaphorical and actual free speech zone where they will have all the free speech they can eat and where they will disturb absolutely no one.

Second Addendum: the hypocrisy of the pearl clutches is over the top. Peter Daou puts it in perspective:

He’s talking about you, Amy.

46 Responses

  1. woohoo! You frontpaged it and this is the most important thing she said to their face and it is upsetting them, poor little d*cks!

    I feel very sorry for Democrats stuck in Jackson, Mississippi or backwoods Georgia.

    This is so true. You know, RD, I don’t know how my husband and I knew when we came here 30+ years ago but we used to say we won’t go south of Mason-Dixon line and stuck to the NE and maybe CA. We arranged our work life as such. I could have got a tenured position at another university if I were more flexible and I was not. I would sacrifice and start from scratch to start anew in another workplace rather than go to Alabama or Oklahoma or some such god forsaken place (for me). trump’s election has proved this division beyond a shadow of doubt even to the most dense immigrant.

    • I live in Washington State, and it has been reliably blue forever. BUT, so many of the (white) friends and relatives I have voted for Trump. I’m almost pathetically happy when one of my RL friends also hates Trump. This country truly is marbled with racism.

      On another note, RD, you are KILLING it with these past few posts!

      • RD, could you remove my name, it autofilled….

      • That is sad to hear because Washington state is a candidate for when we retire, maybe not anymore. Maybe we should just go back to India and that way, we are among our own and not have to experience any indignities. Maryland feels pretty good right now. We have a Republican governor (married to an immigrant) and he is doing a number of things that are counter to trump’s.

        • I lived in Washington state for 6 years… as long as you stay west of the Cascade mountains, it is quite blue. The reason WA is a blue state is due to the population west of the Cascades. I lived on Bainbridge Island, which is about a 40 minute ferry ride from Seattle, extremely rural, but close enough to the city when you want to go.

        • A friend of mine moved from Alabama to Maryland and she feels like she just got out of prison.

          • Glad to hear that. But Northern Virginia is even more diverse and cosmopolitan than ‘liberal’ MD but the MD state itself is mostly Democratic.

  2. I read this post aloud to my hubs just now because it is that exquisite. In fact media should be writing like this and in this vain now and not relegate that responsibility to a private citizen journalist like RD. The media does not appear to get how ANGRY we are.

    • What’s really idiotic is that the WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS INVITED HER! I’m pretty sure they knew what they were getting. This “butterfly McQueen I don’t know nothin bout birthin babies” shtick is just unbelievable. They poke the White House and then run away blaming it all on Wolf. What a bunch of fucking cowards.

      • Yeah, they are all afraid that Sanders will take it out on them. But isn’t there enough that we already know about how dysfunctional this WH is, that I think they could scrap the WH correspondents and put them to work on other issues? It is OK if there is no Sanders and there is no press briefing to air everyday, right?

  3. The media and trump, a match made in HELL! for the country.

  4. Cheeto Benito promised, just barely short of explicitly, to restore DuBois’s “psychological wages of whiteness”–and the “psychological wages” of maleness as well–to the mediocre white males of Real Amurka (aka “cr@wd@ds” 😈 ), who have been chafing at their being (incompletely) deprived of those “wages” for some 50-odd years (some of which were VERY odd years).

    I am a non-elite white male, but I feel disgusted with my own kind.

    I feel rather like a savage converted to Christianity, who now looks with loathing on the filthy pagan rites of my tribe, in which they worship their actual gods, the blood-soaked idols of White Supremacy, Male Supremacy, and Mammon–all the while blasphemously claiming to serve Jesus Christ.

  5. I am not angry about what Michelle Wolf said last night. I hope she gets lots of publicity.

    Trump is gonna reelected by a landslide.

    • Last night was an extended Two Minutes Hate session.

      • Well, you know what? If it was an extended hate session then it gave voice to the loathing 60% of the country has for Trump.

        • This is their strategy now, ignoring every ugly thing trump has done (to make people call him out) and then brand their reaction as hate. They think it might generate sympathy toward trump or at least cast the opposition in a bad light. let them try.

    • Yeah, he will run his campaign from a jail cell.

    • The woman lawyer who Don Jr. let the cat out of the bag that she is a spy for GRU and she also said she tapes every meeting and there is tape out there. So why is Putin let her talk now? hmmm… and then there is this:

    • Only if Tsar Vlad decides he can get away with making the cheating obvious. 😛

  6. What Letterman says is true. But we need media on our side to reflect reality of what is happening, loud and clear and make it pervasive. Instead, can we crowdsource this thing to happen? I don’t know. Look at the troll we have in our midst. If reading the stuff we write so sincerely here has not had any effect on this creature, we need megaphones to drill it down to those other numbskulls.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Anyone who stands in the way of “retiring” Trump should likewise be gone. He’s going to ruin us. We shouldn’t be subjected to it.

      • If America comes out of this quagmire with minimal damage and no thanks to the media, it would be a miracle.

  7. 😛

  8. Random British Invasion sunshine pop post: :mrgreen:

    • I just realized something.

      For some reason, I’ve heard this song for years, but never quite realized the implications of the lyric: “You’re so, so like a woman to me…”

      Like a woman?

      Does this mean Carrie Anne’s not a woman?

      Then either she’s underage (which, if you assume the song is written from the viewpoint of an adolescent boy, loses its creepiness)…

      Or…“She’s a man, baby!” 😮

      If the second is true, then the Hollies beat the Kinks’ song “Lola” by about three years! 😀

  9. Cr@wd@d repellent:

  10. MAGA Maggie Haberman does not do journalism, she does PR for trump… vomit inducing details about MAGA Maggie’s connections to trump and his family. How the hell do you expect this woman to provide credible journalism? And was she the first to start this narrative about Sanders appearance? Was it her tweet that gave other media fuckers to pick up what she said? I am too lazy at this hour to check that.

    View at Medium.com

  11. Michelle Wolf is a woman who dares to be crude and funnier than most men. That will not stand! I said, “Good day, sir!” Is there anybody here-besides me- who’s old enough to remember Don Imus “joking” about Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary while they were both sitting on the dais? Trump is such a coward.

  12. Hope this righteous indignation and anger translate to vote out every one of the mfers in Nov.

    The pearl-clutching over Michelle Wolf’s set at the WHCD this year, once again, exposed the gap between what the political press thinks they represent to America and what they really represent to America. Wolf’s set gave voice to the anger of people from outside of the beltway—people who pay attention to politics, but who aren’t in a symbiotic relationship with Trumpian chaos. All of the things she said last night, those people outside of the ballroom knew. The people in the ballroom think they are fooling people outside, the people like Wolf. They aren’t. They know exactly how those in the ballroom fucked up, and they’re pissed off.


  13. “filthy” This is the guy and HIS women that the WH correspondents and media at large defended. Let that sink in…

  14. > This is a man who called Nazis “very fine people”.

    Honestly, this is probably why Trump is steadily gaining in popularity. You guys scream nonstop about what a liar he us, but you yourselves lie constantly about him. Apolitical types notice eventually that you’re full of shit.

    • I don’t give a fig about why Trump is gaining in popularity. Very fine people by definition do not align themselves with Nazis, racists, bigots, or white nationalists of any flavor. Period. There are few absolutes in this world but that is one of them. Just like it’s not possible to be a little bit pregnant, it’s not possible to be a little bit white nationalist.
      No. Don’t even. If you guys flock to Trump because he makes you feel ok about being a bigot or racist or fascist or Nazi, don’t expect us to be all understanding about you alliances. It speaks volumes about your character and you can sputter all you want about it.
      BTW, we heard it with our own ears so don’t give me that crap about who is lying.

    • His Chief of Staff calls him an idiot! He must know something. We call you an idiot here!.

    • “…Trump is steadily gaining in popularity”

    • Never gets old…

      • Okay, in the case of non-deplorable Trump Chumps, it was a failed test of intelligence, rather than of character.

    • The fans of Cheeto Benito are actually a minority of the U. S. citizenry.

      The biggest problem of all is not the CB voters, it’s the voluntary non-voters.

      (I use “voluntary” to distinguish them from the people who did want to vote, but were prevented from doing so by honest misfortune or GOP dirty tricks.)

  15. What did I say in one of the previous posts. That the buffoon will withdraw troops from the Korean peninsula. Part of giving up US interests in the region making it easy for China and Russia. Bye bye America! {disclaimer: I was just guessing on the pattern where this is going}

  16. Special Delivery for Niles, Blizzy, the lurking spurious circus performer, and other wingnuts:

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