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One of these things is not like the other.

1.) Egypt and Israel peace accord with Jimmy Carter at Camp David

2.) Ireland and Britain agree to peace with Bill Clinton assist.

3.) East and West Germany reunite with the help of Mikail Gorbachev and Bush Sr.

4.) North Korea and South Korea agree to end their war after 66 years.


My best guess about this is that Kim agreed to end the war before Donald could get his dirty little hands on the peace process to mess it up. Moon is living in a country where the US has had a presence for over 60 years. It was pretty clear that Trump actually wanted a war on the Korean Peninsula. I don’t think that was just bluster to get the two Koreas to talk. I think he was getting troops ready for it.

I dunno, I’d be really offended if someone wanted to start a war in my region without my permission.

Trump is not in the picture. This happened pretty swiftly. I think it came as a surprise to the White House. It’s intended to send a message, one that will likely go over the heads of most Trump supporters. The craziest most dangerous man in the world is the guy who can’t help using stupid nicknames for other countries’ leaders.

I’m not about to trust Kim. He’s got a lot to answer for and his country’s citizens are living a nightmare. But when it comes right down to it, North Korea was never more than empty threats. Kim likely enjoys poking Trump in the eye. In this case, Trump was outplayed by both Koreas. He’ll try to take credit but the pictures speak for themselves.

36 Responses

  1. “It was pretty clear that Trump actually wanted a war on the Korean Peninsula. I don’t think that was just bluster to get the two Koreas to talk. I think he was getting troops ready for it.”

    So you agree that Trump was responsible.

    • lol! Well that’s one take on it. I stand by my original comments. Trump wanted to swing his military dick around on the Korean Peninsula because his sincerest wish is to force the Koreans to bend to his will. They circumvented that. I’m sure that it was not what he intended since it doesn’t make him look like a hero.

    • LOL. Because everybody trusts a crazy and dishonest person like Trump to actually broker a deal.

  2. The Koreans wanted to prevent an accidental wag the dog moment on their peninsula at their expense from the dotard. If they were grateful that he made it happen, they would have given him a picture with them while it happened. This is more like let us keep him off our soil for now. Koreans are too smart for this stupid guy and as a tribe they are known to smile while stabbing you in the back and that is what they did here. Trump looks like a fool. Again. Having a summit without conditions like easing Kim jong Un’s authoritarian grip on his people and other similar reform will be a mistake. Trump has already made the mistake of calling that guy very honorable.

  3. S. Koreans may ask the US to remove troops and when they do it will be a win for China and Russia. Both these players are neutering US bit by bit.

  4. RD, those pictures tell the whole story, don’t they?

    • Yep. If he was that instrumental to this moment, they would have had him in the picture. I suspect he demanded to be included but they turned him down. Does anyone have any idea what Pompeo was up to when he visited North Korea a few weeks ago?

      • Negotiating for the Trump Tower Pyonyang, of course.

      • This is from March in the Wash. Examiner but appears to reflect rightly what is going on here. S. Korea has separated itself from weak US and working with China to see a truce with N, Korea. It is just as well because from what I hear, there are families, brothers, sisters split between the two countries and that is just sad.


        Kim Jong Un hasn’t just had a change of heart. He hasn’t simply decided that he prefers to share stories over Kimchi to threatening Seoul with nuclear annihilation. What Kim is actually doing is buying time for his intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM program, by separating South Korea from the U.S. “maximum pressure” strategy. Kim believes that if South Korea continues to actively resist tougher U.S. diplomatic, economic, or military action against him, the probability of unilateral U.S. action will be greatly reduced. In turn, Kim wants South Korea to believe that its best chance for peace will come through its appeasement of him….

        Under Chinese influence, the South Koreans are separating themselves from Trump’s strategy. In doing so, Seoul is showing that it believes a North Korea armed with ICBMs with nuclear warheads is an acceptable price for peace. This is the antithesis of the U.S. strategic conception of North Korea’s threat. ….

        Fortunately, Trump has just given himself a boost with his announcement of new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. That’s because witnessing Trump’s deep unpredictability and his willingness to upset their interests, China and South Korea have been reminded that the U.S. president is capable of just about anything. As they decide their next steps towards Pyongyang, they will thus be aware that Trump’s threat of military action against Pyongyang cannot be taken lightly. They’ll also be more predisposed to increasing their pressure on Kim in the fear that if they do not, Trump may launch military strikes.

  5. when you don’t know what you don’t know…Ignorance is bliss!

    • Rest of the human population of Earth sez:

      Okay, America, this joke isn’t funny anymore. When will you bring out your REAL president?

  6. And now for something completely off topic: 🙂

  7. I was too young for the original Beaker Street, but I listened to its second incarnation for many years.


  8. Another one bites the dust for me. This time it is Anna Marie Cox. Why do they do this to themselves? check the thread.

    • OMG, add another bitch to the list and most of all she degrades what is happening with a snark at the expense of Chelsea Clinton and gets called out and then pretends she does not know everything that happened. Why tweet then? Read the replies. It will make you feel better that there is a just world other than these journo bitches. There is a special hell for these fuckers.

      • An astonishing number of nincompoops–not all of them “conservative”, many of them even “liberals”–believe just enough of the 30 Years Of Smears to make them bash the Clintons and anyone associated with them (before they kept Hillary out of the WH, they kept Al Gore out).

        If the 30 Years Of Smears had kept Bill himself out, I would call it the most successful propaganda campaign in our country’s history. Even as it is, it’s a contender for the title. 😡

  9. Andrea Mitchell, Maureen Dowd, Ruth Marcus, Maggie Haberman, Gail Collins, Amy whatever, Michelle Goldberg, Katy Tur, Heidi Moore, Ana Marie Cox, …..

    I am scared that these women will hurt the next woman’s chance at the presidency. I am more dismayed that the younger generation is infected with the same Clinton virus and going after Chelsea. Who will break this vicious cycle?

    • AFAIK, Chelsea has not even talked about entering politics, so I guess this is just automatic Clinton-bashing.

      • to clarify, I was not talking about Chelsea going into politics but these women hurting any woman who wants to run for the presidency next. They seem anti-woman in general and anti-Clinton in particular.

  10. He is one scared little buffoon at life’s vagaries, isn’t he? How did he become the president of this country, and leader of the free world (as it were), where compassion, wisdom, fairness and justice are needed to govern?

    • For a second, I thought it said “He is one scared little buffoon at life’s vaginas…

      But he’s probably that, too. 😛

  11. I saw Sarah Kindzior on Reid and she was right about trump’s character and how he would exploit the voters. But to say he was successful in tapping into their economic anxiety is wrong. There was NOTHING constructive in what he was saying but it got normalized and cleaned up in the multiple layers of paraphrasing happening from the media and other information outlets. And his voters were not swayed by economic anxiety because they were not poor; they were afraid of Blacks, Hispanics, and brown people taking over their street and social status.

    He would not have been successful if the media had played its part;
    he would not have been successful if the media had alerted that foreign adversaries were mucking up the election process;
    he would not have been successful if the media had not made so much shit out of Hillary emails flinging on the voters everyday;
    he would not have been successful if Facebook and other social media was not corrupted by no less than foreign adversaries;
    he would not have been successful if all other players had played their part responsibly.
    Hillary ran a campaign that was responsible and played by the rules under extraordinarily confusing and difficult circumstances. She would have helped those same people with economic anxiety better than the buffoon and preserved the country from the damage we see done to it today.

  12. Five Dollar Feminist at Wonkette:

    Remember when Republicans stood for small government, competence, and minding your own damn business? Now it’s #LiberalTears.

    You’re right, I DO DISRESPECT YOU. But not because I’m on The Blue Team and you’re on The Red Team. I look down on you because your ideas are TERRIBLE. I don’t want #ConservativeTears. I want you to stop being selfish assholes who think that your right to carry an assault rifle, freeload off the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, and teach your kids that the Sky God opposes premarital sex is more important than our collective safety, health and education.

    You could have stayed the party of John McCain. You chose to be the party of Sarah Palin. You chose race baiting and gay bashing. You didn’t want to pay for schools, so you demonized teachers. You didn’t want to pay for healthcare, so you pretended being able to go to the doctor was an assault on liberty. You didn’t want to piss off the fossil fuel companies, so you invented an evil cabal of scientists perpetuating a global warming hoax. And you didn’t want to be subjected to a real debate, so you got Fox and Sinclair to flood the plane with invective and lies.

    And you were so good at it! You actually convinced people that they could have $25 VCRs and a viable American manufacturing sector. That we could buy strawberries for two dollars a pound that were picked by American citizens. That raising the minimum wage would actually make people poorer.

    Only you overshot and wound up with Trump. And he is burning your house to the ground.

    The whole blogpost:


  13. 😛

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