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Accidental confession or innoculation?

For more than a century, devout Mormons carefully sequestered themselves from the knowledge that their prophet, Joseph Smith, had multiple wives. It was actually worse than that. He coerced several of them by telling them their salvation depended on sex with him. And at least one wife was originally someone else’s wife. Sooooo, there’s that…

But Mormons who grew up in the church were blissfully unaware of all of that. Their lives were laid out for them from cradle to grave. As long as they stuck to the plan, they had a lifelong community and they could stay mostly in Utah with their hard bright blindness of ugly things.

That started to change with the Internet. It started before that to be honest. There are always a few outliers who didn’t quite fit in or students who went rummaging around in the archives for some graduate thesis and ran across documents that made them go “hmmm…”.

In the past decade, a number of these outliers got to be visible and a little noisy. They started blogs and podcasts and talked about what they found and church doctrine. That started to affect church numbers as more and more people started snapping out of their Book of Mormon induced stupor.

So the church took some drastic measures. It decided that it was better for Mormons to hear the truth from the church itself instead of being inundated with an unfiltered version on Mormon Stories. The church wrote a series of essays where they broke the truth to the congregation gently. They hoped that it would make them immune to social media versions. In other words, they innoculated the faithful with just enough information that would acknowledge that Joseph Smith was human and they did it in the context of church theology. This would curb the infection through herd immunity by keeping everyone together on the same page.

That’s what I was thinking when I heard Donald Trump losing his shit on Fox and Friends this morning. He confessed to hiring Michael Cohen as his lawyer to handle the Stormy Daniels problem. And he also confessed to staying over in Moscow for a night that would make the prostitution pee tape possible.

Sure he sounded unhinged. But his congregation heard him confess to his sins on national TV. He acknowledged that he paid off a porn star who he had a fling with and he insinuated that the golden showers thing probably happened.

So what, his faithful are thinking. That just means he’s human. Now the FBI should just get off his f*cking case already. Sleeping with a porn Star is not illegal.

Now, I could be wrong about this and Trump really was losing it and didn’t realize what he was saying. But if there’s one thing I’m fairly certain of it’s that as a flim-flam man, few surpass Donald Trump. He’s dumb as a box of rocks in every other respect but you can’t get rich that way. You can’t even have the illusion of wealth for as long as he has for long without some kind of gimmick. He knows his audience and knows just how much bullshit he has to feed them to make them turn their attention away from the big steaming pile of manure that’s staring them in the face.

It will work for awhile. Maybe even through the mid terms. Who knows, it might be just enough immunity to keep him in office after he decimates the justice department to keep it from investigating him on collusion and obstruction of justice and who knows what other high crimes and misdemeanors. But sooner or later, enough information is going to show up on the Internet for a few higher energy Trumpers to start putting 2 and 2 together. And then the church of Trump will start facing an exodus and even more drastic action will need to be taken to exile the apostates and stuff a sock in their mouths.

I’d prefer that he had a meltdown. But I suspect he was just administering a vaccine.

13 Responses

  1. One of us is living on an entirely different planet.

    • If only that were true. I rather think that your kind and my kind would both be happier if we did live on different planets.

  2. Excellent post. I liked how you tied two seemingly disparate things together. Very Maddowesque, if I may.

    May be this is the straw that will break the camel’s back.

  3. An openly gay man was confirmed today (over Democrat objections) to be our ambassador to Germany.

    • Aaaaand your point is?

      • Lol!! Exactly.
        It’s possible to be gay and also a ruthless Republican fuck. It’s just until the past couple of decades, we didn’t know which ruthless Republican fucks were gay. Now we do.
        The gay part generally doesn’t have any effect of job performance. Trump could make all of his ambassadors gay and it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow on the left. He gets no brownie points as long as those ambassadors have sworn an oath of loyalty to Trump and his criminal enterprise.

        • not just Republican but a white supremacist and all that gunk. remember that creature MILO… he was recently shouted out of a Manhattan bar.

          • I think society should collectively reject what trump and his minions stand for in as many instances as it can. Protests are good but every act of rejection will have its own effect.

  4. Since RD brought up religion, this seems like a good time to trot this one out again.

  5. Some journo Heidi Moore is asking @jack to remove accounts with #resist, #bluewave, #Iamwithher saying they are bots. She seems surprised to find the kind of support Chelsea Clinton has in the real world. What planet these stupid media people live in?

    • Think about it: all if 2016, the media kept telling us over and over and over again that nobody liked Hillary. So, we are officially “nobodies” and are therefore invisible. We don’t exist because they are convinced that Hillary is unlikeable. So if we don’t exist, who the hell is tweeting support for the Clintons on Twitter? It has to be bots.

      • I actually just changed my twitter bio to remove the #Resistance tag. I follow about 140 people, and have about 95 followers. That’s enough that I don’t feel I miss much, but don’t get a lot of echo chamber.

        Having said that I AM with Her. I do RESIST the freaking R’s, and Heidi Moore can kiss my ass.

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