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Morning Music

It was a relatively slow news day yesterday. We’ll probably find out that Comcast controls the horizontal and vertical when we get home. And Ronny Jackson, who wants to be head of the VA is being accused of running a hostile workplace, coming to work under the influence and giving out prescription meds Willy nilly. I don’t know what else we were expecting from Trump’s nominees.

Did I mention we haven’t had a Secretary of State for a month, Mike Pompeo never served in the gulf wars and that John “Stache” Bolton has gotten rid of most of the national security staff? This is no bueno.

But I have work to do so I’m relying on you guys to hold down the fort and document the atrocities.

Meanwhile, I’m in a Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel mood lately. Let’s go with Gabriel for a bouncy walk to work tune:

6 Responses

  1. Huh, that private email server, right NYT? Bastards! I bet Hillary’s private server was a lot more secure than the fucker in this current WH and his phone, not to mention the smarts/responsibility gene she carried around with her which is completely missing here.

    So much is broken now and so much is overlooked, normalized. Where is the media? That Bitch Amy whatever (change the channel) is making the rounds after helping to burn down the country.

  2. Wow, check this site out. I was just thinking about a list like this. We need a Maddow wall to show all the corruption, lying, deception, and on and on from trump and his minions. Never forget Media (NYT) cooked up things about Clinton Foundation during the campaign. Where are they now?


  3. Just came across twitter thingy between AJ Delgado and Jason Miller. He is a fucking jerk, literally. But why do women get into these situations? Why?

  4. 30+ years ago I wrote a paper on Media Planning using a Dynamic programming algorithm. That paper won a prize at the Operations Research Society of India, a princely sum of Rs.300 (about 6 dollars at current conversion rate). I wrote the paper, graduated, got married and went to Holland with my husband. My advisor who was a great guy went to my dad’s house and gave my dad half of that prize money.

    Read this tweet to learn about how media planning works in the present day. Laura Ingraham is screwed.

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