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How Comey’s letter made Hillary’s loss *more* likely.

Making this short. Remember this little ditty from Rudy Giuliani back in 2016?

Ah, yes, Rudy. The prematurely decomposing twin of Simon Barsinister.

Anyway, Comey’s contention is that he wrote that notorious letter because he was concerned that some rogue elements in the FBI or DOJ were going to leak it anyway and … that’s where his reasoning falls apart for me. I admit that even this much leaves me scratching my head. Comey says he assumes that Hillary was going to win anyway, so really, he did her a FAVOR by leaking that info about the possible Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, before we knew what was on the laptop or whether there was any reason for an investigation at all while concealing that Trump’s campaign was getting all kinds of attention at the FBI. 🙄

Let’s not even talk about how the Clinton campaign was blindsided by this announcement while they were still on a plane while campaigning. Yep, no advanced notice, heads up or anything. You’d think that a guy who found out he was fired by watching the crawl on Fox News would have some empathy about how that must have felt but Comey does not feel compelled to self-reflect.

Here’s my problem with Comey’s faulty reasoning and why I think that in this particular instance, he was doing the favor on behalf of the Republican Party.

Let’s say that the NY field office, with Rudy chortling darky and rubbing his hands together while standing hunched over on the side watching it all, had leaked that information. There might have been a LOT more push back on Rudy et all. It could be pointed out that Rudy was seeking revenge for Clinton winning the senate seat he wanted. It could be demonstrated that the field office was not behaving professionally or ethically or within DOJ department guidelines by leaking the details of an investigation for which there was no clear evidence that Clinton was even remotely connected. A case could be made that this was a very dirty last minute political trick. There would have been a lot more justifiable outrage. Giuliani could have been made to explain himself. Obama might have justifiably asked for an explanation.

But no.

Comey stepped in and before they could leak it, he wrote that stupid letter and put the official FBI governmental stamp of approval on it.

So now, it looks like a big federal case instead of a handful of renegade FBI agents getting ahead of themselves and doing Rudy’s bidding. Instead of heading it off, Comey made it a big gigantic thing in the minds of very indecisive voters, causing them to stay home or vote for Trump. The ones I canvassed told me they were waiting for the other shoe to drop just before the election.

This letter was the sign they were waiting for. And it sure looked official rather than a coordinated political ratf#%k.

Comey has yet to provide an adequate explanation as to why he did that. None of the reasons he has given so far make any damn sense.

Someone should ask him why he decided to elevate the email thing instead of letting the NY Field office take the fall. Why didn’t he call their bluff? That’s the $10000000 question.


15 Responses

  1. RD, there was also that NYT article declaring there was nothing to trump and Russia during the same week (?) and nobody has been held accountable for that.

    This self serving book from Comey has given trump more ammunition to undermine FBI. Comey could have just kept quite until Mueller’s investigation was over but no, he had to make his money grab with no accountability or resolution of course, for his own decisions that led to this clusterfuck.

    • I don’t begrudge him the chance to profit from his book. From what I understand, both he and McCabe have already testified for Mueller.
      What I object to is he keeps muddying the waters. It’s becoming clear that the FBI put its thumb on the scale *against* Clinton but not necessarily for Trump. I believe them when they say they expected Clinton to win because they severely underestimated how gullible some American voters were.
      The question I want answered definitively is WHY they wanted to make it difficult for Hillary to win. I want to see some people on video really squirming as they come to terms with what they really felt at the time and what was motivating them. Because if we don’t know why they did it, we can’t prevent it from happening again.

      • Why did the Press want to make it difficult for Hillary to win? They will never admit to the part they played in putting Trump into the White House.

        • Yeah, this is where it gets complicated — who will unearth all the skullduggery with NY FBI field office, Comey, NYT, and whatever else? All of them mfers are happy to sweep it under the rug. Andrea Mitchell is already in Texas advance eulogizing Barbara Bush. These mfers in the media like their first ladies to be baking cookies.

        • I think ratings were first and foremost. A tight horse race draws eyes and ears to the media, while an oncoming landslide provokes yawns, and sends attention elsewhere.

          If the “mainstream” media had been genuinely “fair and balanced” about the flaws of both major candidates, Hillary would have won handily.

          Also, many of the media (lack of) personalities, including many of the alleged “liberals”, signed on to the Hate The Clintons Party long ago.

          When we take this country back from Putin, and the traitorous McDucks (the Mercers, the Kochs, the Amway gang, etc.), and McDuck-owned pols, who collaborated with Putin, one of the first things we must do is use anti-trust suits to break up Big Media.

      • I saw a clip of Comey saying he was an idiot but hope that Hillary thinks of him as an honest idiot.

        • The entire GOP needs to actually lie down in front of Hillary or apologize or something. Hillary even though she’s not president has done the country a huge favor by more or less exposing all the problems we have in this country. Something is rotten in the FBI and it’s not what Trump is saying it is. At least nobody doubts the sincerity or integrity of Mueller who has conducted his investigation without leaking. All these Cohen leaks are coming out of the NY FBI office. That fact is so ironic.

          • “The entire GOP needs to actually lie down in front of Hillary or apologize or something a steamroller.”

            FIFY. 😈

          • Ascended Madoka forgive me, but I do not claim to be a saint, and these Areinnye-spawned traitors have exhausted my patience.

  2. You know if the Dems win the house/senate in 2018, they should impeach the heck out of trump/pence and appoint Hillary the speaker and make her the president. Enough is enough!

    • Have I told you lately that I love you?

      No, not THAT way… 😛

      • haha IBW… I like that! we have to stick together (against you know who)…joking aside, wouldn’t that show the most sophistication/maturity/fairness that this country should stand for? Let us right the wrong.

  3. Comey could have done this.

  4. Unbelievable…whom did Hannity get pregnant now? People who listen and support these mfers are dumb!

  5. Simon Barsinister libelz! 😛

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