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Trumpism- the destruction of the regulatory state.

That means clean water, clean air, car efficiency standards, relaxing the FDA, food safety inspections, infrastructure standards, public school regulations, specifications for special education, disability standards, disclosure, fiduciary financial advisors, consumer protection against fraud, unfair labor practices, etc etc etc

That’s what all the campaign money bought. It bought congressmen, a president and a Supreme Court designed to dismantle the framework that keeps the wolves from eating us.

If you thought it was something else, well, you were wrong. It’s only for the predators, not the sheep who voted it in.

11 Responses

  1. The sheep (evangelicals, racists, homophobes, xenophobes) got what they wanted to hear. ICE was icing on the cake.

  2. Watching Albright on Morning Joe and Mika and Joe listening to her passionate plea and her warning. Didn’t these same people enable trump get into the office? They found their religion a little too late, after the horse bolted from the barn…

  3. Ryan is out. Why not do your job while you are on your way out!

  4. Yes, I agree, that gets to the heart of it; we are up against a corrupt, powerful, organized global consortium of monied interest who are united in their efforts to destroy the power of our State for their gain. And I believe we are much further down that briar patch then people want to acknowledge…. dumpy don’s, Cohen clown act diatribe during the Syria meeting, in the WH, with our national security and military leadership surrounding him, was IMV intended as a threat; putting the DOJ and FBI on notice, that if they attempt to remove him from power he will use our military against them And what was more alarming, no matter their supposed mortification, those leaders, including VP Pence, were complicit in that threat by remaining still and silent

  5. (Incompetent) Mob boss + Russia + Cambridge Analytica + Facebook + greedy complicit GOP = ?

  6. “That’s what all the campaign money bought.” And what did Hillary’s campaign money (almost double that of Trump’s, by the way) buy?

    • Are you saying you like the idea of drinking lead in your iced tea?
      Or being indentured to Big Oil for the rest of your life because all you can buy is a gas guzzler?
      How about dying from an impurity in your blood pressure med?
      That’s ok with you?

    • Well that’s BS, try counting in the Russian Governments millions spent on the Trump campaign. Just how much do you think one of those little Facebook, twitter et al bots are worth a piece. Or how about the whistleblower claim of illegal foreign campaign workers and systems Subsidized by Cambridge. And it’s obvious what that campaign bought, sleaze, corruption, hate, fraud and a 1 Trillion dollar give way to the fraudsters.

      The difference as usual is Hillary reported her contributions and Trump lied.

    • @RD & Peep9:

      “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and it annoys the pig.” 😈

      • Ha good point, I voted today just put my paper ballot in the mail, non-gerrymandered district reform is Issue 1, already feeling better. We have a special election coming up on Aug 7, our district is gerrymandered now, hopefully we can still turn it not red!

  7. And now for something completely off topic:

    Holy Semantics! How word meanings change over the years! 😛

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