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    • AOC, Ilhan Omar and Tlaib Endorse Sanders
      I find it interesting that  many centrists are angered and surprised. They though these, arguably the most progressive members of the House caucus, would endorse Warren. Certainly by recent standards Warren is progressive and left leaning, but she’s weak sauce compared to Sanders. But centrists thought because she was a woman, AOC, Tlaib and Omar […]
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Making Trump Voters Feel Bad

OooOooo! Occasionally, the rest of us Americans who Don’t have our own TV shows make our presence known by, you know, turning a bright red district pale blue or by getting elected to a state Supreme Court and rattling Scott Walker’s cage. Then the media looks up from its pointless attempts to understand how Trump voters think to take notice and wonder where all that enthusiasm and righteous indignation from the rest of us came from.

I find it laughable that Fox News, FOX NEWS, is getting all whiny about Laura Ingraham being “censored”. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the word “censor”. Ordinary Americans can not deprive you of free speech unless you sign some stupid NDA. The only entity that had the power to censor anyone is our government and that is done only in the rarest of circumstances. Laura’s dumb and offensive commentary doesn’t rise to the level where censorship is necessary. What Fox is getting all snowflakey about is a loss of revenue. When it comes to Fox, it’s all about the money.

But seriously, I am really concerned for the Trump voter who refuses to hear the news about their president or insists that things are not as bad as they seem.

Really? How bad do they have to get? He has no theory of government. That’s the most important thing about Trump. Whatever it is you think he promised to change will go no further than making anyone not a male white Anglo Saxon Protestant miserable. I guess if you’re a male white Anglo Saxon Protestant or a dependent of one, then this is cool with you. But that’s only going to get you so far.

You still have to use the roads and bridges, buy washing machines and cars made with steel, feed yourself and your family, educate your kids, drink clean water, breathe clean air, go to the doctor when you’re sick, have the option to not have children when you’re not ready, save for your retirements, keep your jobs.

It’s not all about making the country safe for white people who don’t want to adapt.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Some of you may really be as stupid as the rest of us think you are. I prefer to think that you’re not stupid but you’re very susceptible to authority figures pushing your emotional buttons so that you can’t think straight.

Many of you are overwhelmed by the complicated Russia thing. It’s not that hard to understand. What we have here is the Watergate scandal updated. This time it was Russia, not a bunch of Cuban plumbers who broke into the DNC. And they did it on behalf of a billionaire who has never been held accountable for anything in his life.

But ok, you still think it’s a conspiracy because we hate him. What we hate is his virtually unlimited capacity to destroy our quality of life. We’d be opposed to him even if he wasn’t the most corrupt and possibly treasonous president we’ve ever had.

He’s bad news because he is unraveling the parts of our government that actually work. While you guys are focusing on immigration, he’s stealing your lunch.

There’s only one piece of advice I can give you diehards who think the deep state is trying to take Trump down before he has a chance to change anything.

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

If it takes a Rube Goldbergesque conspiracy to make sense of why Mueller is investigating him, then it’s probably a non-existent conspiracy. For example, if you really think that Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians to lose the election to Donald Trump, then re-read this sentence. It’s as dumb as the Chewbacca Defense:

This is what Fox News and other right wing media sources sound like to the rest of us. They throw out a bunch of unrelated statements and try to make them sound like they’re making a point.

If you honestly can’t understand the investigation because you are terminally confused, then pay no attention to it. There are plenty of news sources that will spell it out for you and include charts and maps and timelines. But if you don’t have time, don’t assume we will argue with you over some arcane piece of trivia your side is bound to blow out of proportion to distract you. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Focus your attention on what tariffs are going to do to your wallet for this week.

We don’t have the patience and frankly, we don’t give a damn about your fee fees anymore. And don’t mistake my attitude for arrogance or my super duper brain power. It’s not a matter of intelligence. It’s a matter of analytical discipline. You don’t have to be a college graduate to see what’s going on in this country or White House. I’m just tired of going over this shit again and again with people who are determined to oppose everything we used to stand for. That means you, Niles.

The rest of us have a country to rescue. You guys can find a pacifier and watch Roseanne and leave us alone. We’re busy.


21 Responses

  1. Excellent! Put that Niles guy in place, 🙂 All joking aside, I think we have to forge ahead without some of them.

  2. Trumpers, ask these questions or leave it to the professionals.

  3. Superb.

  4. I don’t bother with Trump supporters. So many of them have self brainwashed themselves by listening to garbage news that no amount of facts or evidence will reach them. The bad thing is going to be when this all comes down they are not going to be able to handle it.

  5. I’m not going to sugar coat this. Some of you may really be as stupid as the rest of us think you are. I prefer to think that you’re not stupid but you’re very susceptible to authority figures pushing your emotional buttons so that you can’t think straight.

    To each hir own, RD.

    I quite enjoy thinking they’re stupid.

    I’m nasty and maladjusted that way (well, OK, in other ways as well). 😈

  6. An unclassifiable troll called “Three Wickets” has finally exhausted my patience. If anyone else feels like arguing with him/her/it, check out the “What if…” thread.

  7. This administration is a joke. trump is a bigger joke. His minions are a joke. I can’t believe that we have to take them seriously and treat them as if they deserve to be taken seriously. They do not. The corruption going on is breathless!

  8. So why does Pruitt need all that bullet proof stuff, SUV, Office, …Is Carl Icahn blackmailing that fucker?

  9. People are talking about this all day. LOL!!

    • Can you imagine what it looks like when he first wakes up? I suspect a lot like Gary Bussey the night after a bender.

      • Have you seen him run up the stairs on a windy day fearing it will all fall out! LOL or clutch his umbrella for dear life on a rainy day?! another LOL…

  10. Volvo ads have the best music but I don’t like that brand and would never buy it.

  11. (a) Some of you may really be as stupid as the rest of us think you are.
    (b)I prefer to think that you’re not stupid but you’re very susceptible to authority figures pushing your emotional buttons so that you can’t think straight.

    I think there is no doubt about (a); A good portion of the population really is un-educated today. Which leads to (b). The science of Marketing has hit a bonanza with the instant communication available today (internet, cable, etc.). The education system has changed and no longer thinks it is a priority to train people to think for themselves. This has been ongoing for years. My first experience with seeing this in action was in good old Hillsborough NJ when my son was in Middle School. This is sometime in the early 90’s. In their infinite wisdom the school system brought in Channel One. It didn’t cost them anything (the missed the hint here), all the classrooms got wired with TVs etc, and the only thing they had to do was allow a short brain washing system each morning for 5 or 10 minute. If you don’t train people how to reason, then it becomes very easy for the marketers to insert their propaganda into the populace. The price that was paid, which I sincerely hope was not realized by the people who made the decision (RD, I know this was before your time), was that they allowed children to be indoctrinated by corporate propaganda. My assumption is that Channel One did the same thing in school districts nation wide.

    This is something that really pisses me off… sorry for the rant.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of Channel One but you’re right, it was a decision Gullick et al made before I was on the board of ed. I was opposed to integrated math, which was mega stupid. I’m glad to see that didn’t get too far. Yes, Hillsborough was full of fun. Remember that River somethingorother poet chick turned unofficial AIDS activist who showed students how to put a condom on a banana — with her mouth?? That was a Diversity Day presentation where some of those students were unable to opt out. The HS principal in his infinite wisdom made Diversity Day activities mandatory and subject to an Unexcused absence if students didn’t attend.
      Now, I believe in diversity and thought everyone should have gone to whatever presentations they wanted to. But those students with Uber religious parents were LIVID that their kids were forced to participate in the AIDS activist’s presentation. She lead the students in a “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” chant and told all the guys that if they didn’t have their own vaginas to study, they should borrow one from someone else. That was years before my own sensitive high schooler got freaked out over sex Ed in her Freshman year and begged me to write her a permission slip to get out of it. (I didn’t). I think she would have had a meltdown in the poet’s presentation. Some kids were very embarrassed and horrified and told their parents. And the next time there was a board meeting, it was in the Auditorium so that we could accommodate the national news crews.
      Omg, the place was frickin’ nuts. Minds so wide open, brains had fallen out.

  12. I was socialist before most of the people here were out of high school. I am glad to see the left wing of the neoliberal consensus finally put your cards on the table. You never cared about working class people and it’s refreshing to see you stop pretending that you ever did.

    I think the neoliberal Democrats are just moderate Republicans who got run out of your own party by the crazies. Instead of trying to get moderate Republicans to join you in taking over the party that working people need, you should grow a spine and take back your own party. Leave the Democrats to Bernie and the rest of us who never had to pretend we cared about working people because our concern for them has never been phony.

    • Who is this “You” you keep referring to?? I’m an FDR New Deal Liberal Democrat. It’s hard to get more pro-working class and still remain a capitalist.
      BTW, we don’t use the word Neoliberal around here. Why? Because no one can define it.
      It’s not like neocon, which has a specific meaning, that is, formerly far left Democrats who became disillusioned with socialism and, fearing the rise of Russia and China in the 50’s, turned to hawkish conservatism. That would be people like Bill Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz.
      Neoliberalism, in contrast, doesn’t mean anything. It’s simply a label that the “knit your own sandals” cohort on the left tack on to anyone insufficiently anti-GMO, anti-nuclear energy, anti-corporation (whether they are working for all their stakeholders or not), anti-ambitious women, I’d even go so far as to say anti-science. Yeah, the KYOS lefties are anti science. There, I’ve said it. They’re just as slavishly cultish as the right. And they are tending towards speaking in the same word salad non-sequitors as the Fox News viewers. Next thing you’re going to tell me is Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyk living on Endor with a bunch of Ewoks and that Does. Not. Make. Sense.
      No, it doesn’t.
      I don’t know who sent you here but they’ve definitely picked the wrong blog to spew this crazy shit.

    • It makes me laugh that you fuckers think Bernie will deliver. I watched one of the votes on the floor of the congress as it was being streamed (I forget which one, maybe one of those first few CRs). There was Amy Kolubcher (spelling?) holding court with a lot of Dems and Rs. There were other little groups of Rs and Dems and then Bernie who was AWOL suddenly appeared and he looked lost. He ran around the floor like he could not converse with any of those groups, like a loner and he walked off and came back and found no one he could talk to and then finally at some point found Warren talking to a bunch of people and attached himself to that bunch without actually saying anything. I purposefully watched his movements to confirm my suspicion of who he is. He is a fucking loner and one trick pony. He is 70+ years old and has now found his religion/calling as it were. If you were not influencing people in your 50s or showing your leadership earlier, why should we believe he will lead anything at this late stage in his life, especially after having demonstrated he is a loner much of his life. He is not worth giving another thought, and especially after what he did in 2016 election (benefiting a foreign adversary with their mission). Fuck him!

    • Sorry, SoP–but the cookies were just too good. 😛

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