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      Back in August, when it became clear that schools were going to reopen in countries like the US and Britain that did not have Covid under control, and which never would control Covid until there is a vaccine, I wrote an article warning against going back to school while Covid was out of control. I’d […]
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Why being a subject of an investigation is a very big problem for Trump.

The Washington Post reports that Trump is a subject of Mueller’s investigation but not a target as of yet. There’s probably a good reason why he’s not a target and may not become one while he’s president.

There is a long standing presumption that it is not possible to indict a sitting president. That makes sense in that if you are not a popular president, it’s possible that your political enemies could get you on trumped up charges (no pun intended) and throw you in jail. That’s not the way we do things in this country. In this country, we use the impeachment process to remove a president from office. And the bar is set pretty high to try and convict him in the Senate.

Impeachment is unavoidably a political process. A president that is eventually removed by this process will need to have demonstrated not merely that he is self dealing or lacking character. His actions will need to be seen as a threat to the country. That’s why Nixon resigned before he was impeached and why Clinton was not convicted.

Trump is a different animal. He is a threat. His bizarre relationship with Vladimir Putin suggests that he will do nothing to safeguard upcoming elections. His trade policy is wrecking havoc on markets and people’s livelihoods. His foreign policy is so broken that our allies can’t depend on us. And his tax policy is going to bankrupt us. He’s not concerned. He’s been through bankruptcies several times. We’ll just stiff some creditors and keep on trucking. Except that the constitution forbids that. Like the Lannisters, Americans always pay their debts. The minute we say we’re not going to do that anymore, the full faith and credit of the country will be on the line and the world will shudder.

We haven’t even started to discuss what DACA deportations will look like or what will happen when a bunch of wanna be alpha men ammosexuals take to the southwest to defend the border from “caravans” of desperate asylum seekers. It’s going to be very ugly.

Now, with Scott Walker sounding the alarm about the Blue Wave in November, Trump and the Republicans May look the other way when it comes to Russian interference in our voting process.

This is very bad.

Robert Mueller still wants to interview Trump on some of his findings related to Comey’s firing. That’s to determine intent. And EVERYONE knows, even the Trump voter, that Trump lies about everything, even when he doesn’t have to lie. He’s going to break a law. But like I said before, he’s unindictable at this stage. So Mueller will write a report and hand it over to congress when its finished. It will probably include some pretty damning evidence. Trump breaks the law on a daily basis. Plus, the state of Maryland is already suing him for violating the emouluments clause.

All that is left to see is how the Republicans are going to treat this report. I think we know what that means. They’ll sit on it. They’ll do nothing to stop vote tampering. They’ll try to intimidate voters at the polls. All with the goal of preventing the wave. And if they succeed, there won’t be anything we can do about the dangerous toddler in the Oval Office.


Because if they can stop us in 2018, there won’t be a free and fair election in 2020. So even if the Roseanne’s of the world finally wake up from their anger induced stupor, there won’t be a thing they can do to change anything.

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  1. Nothing is impossible with Russian interference. But if a Dem candidate is run in every district, and the Dems are enthusiastic by boatload (as it appears in every special election so far), could they interfere with every district? Mucking with electoral college was easy but this? Just wondering, but we will have to do the impossible to change both chambers of Congress to save the country.

    • Well, first of all we’re onto their game this time. That is going to make a difference. Secondly they could target some districts with their propaganda but I would think it would nearly be impossible to target all of them and targeting some of them like they apparently are with Maxine’s is really a waste of time.

  2. In the American political system, the ease with which the electoral college can be corrupted to install a rogue president does not match the difficulty with which he can be thrown out once he is in office. Very bad players, domestic and foreign, have tapped into this asymmetry and have put the country in danger in 2016 election. It is actually brilliant in an evil way and trump revels in the fact that he is getting away with it everyday; he also attributes it to him being smart. Lot of people can be ‘smart’ in that way but they are not stupid like trump (‘where angels fear to tread’ and all that) because they are decent, honest, and rational people who don’t want to burn down the country. Only a sophisticated voting population will correct this imbalance.

    • The electoral college has to go. There is no two ways about that. There’s no way the Russians would have been able to game the system so to speak without the EC.

      • We were robbed. Russia + trump + Facebook

        • And yet the press in this country refuses to face the truth and blames Hillary when they were part of the problem.

          • Yes, media too (I said that in my other comment when I linked this on the wrong thread) pouring gasoline on this treason fire burning down the country. They are still not remorseful.

  3. Wow, this brought tears to me. In the age of reckless racism under this buffoon, everyone ought to see this interview and contemplate. It is not just the lack of material resources, but the psychological impact of having to endure the past and having to forgive to bootstrap yourself into reasonable existence. I am not sure what I would have done?

    • You know what! I know a thing or two being an immigrant establishing myself in a foreign country — when I came here with my husband some 3 decades ago, we came here with two suitcases. I had it easy, very easy even though I am not White; frankly, I don’t think of myself as black/brown/white/blue/red/ because I come from a society where I was at the top and that translated into confidence here and I didn’t care what other people thought of me. Unfortunately, Blacks don’t have that luxury. They have to live with the past full of indignities and the current onslaught that reopens past wounds. Can you imagine how it must have felt for MLK to hear that question (in the video about why other immigrants do better)? I bet it hurt a lot and it reopened an old gash that the question even needed to be asked.

      • And, I have the luxury of saying fuck you to the mfers here if I don’t like their terms and conditions and go back to where I came from and have a good (better?) life. Where could these people go?

    • Frankly, when you look at or listen to leadership like this, Obama’s presidency and his 8 years are so lackluster. So much could have been done, and so little was done.

    • FUCK YOU! Not now fucker, not after listening to that MLK’s video.

    • Oh, Nilykins, sometimes the difference between being the “subject” of an investigation and the “target” of one is purely semantic. 😈

      ‘When prosecutors told me that a client was a subject of an investigation, I often told my client to start putting his personal affairs in order, and think about how he’d post his bail in case things went south quickly.’ ___ Defense attorney, Mike Prevost.

    • Niles, haven’t you been paying ANY attention? He’s in deep trouble. Subjects can become targets in a blink of an eye but we don’t indict presidents. There’s a 2000 opinion on it. If that’s the precedent, then he can’t be a target until he leaves office. And how can we get him to leave office? Impeachment. Mueller is planning to start the impeachment process rolling when he delivers a “series of reports”. A SERIES. Like the Harry Potter books. He’s got so much material that he’s got to present it in cliffhanger format.
      When are you going to accept just how bad he is?
      We know the answer to that. Never.
      Tough sh*t. We outnumber you cult members.

      • When are you going to accept just how bad he is?
        We know the answer to that. Never.

        The grifter relies on the victim’s unwillingness to admit that s/he was conned, since to admit it would entail accepting the humiliation of being a known dupe.

        Alternatively, to them, Cheeto Benito is never bad, as long as he keeps sticking it to uppity wimmin, uppity ni(*CLANG*)s (the browns are just lighter ni(*CLANG*)s to the Stupid White Folks of Cheeto Benito’s base), uppity eggheads, uppity “Demoncrats”–and, increasingly, (((that uppity ethno-religious group))), the last one being the reason why so many neocons are mending fences with the “Demoncrats” with all possible speed. (((They))), or their ancestors, have seen this sort of thing before, many times.

      • There is so much wrong with this guy, it is willful blindness at this point on the part of these people.

      • Or he is a troll who gets a kick out of agitating us.

  4. Time for some seasonally appropriate cr@wd@d repellent:

    “Take me out to the ball game/Take me out with the crowd/Buy me some chocolate cornets and balsamic vinegar…”

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