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What if…

What if the only thing Putin has on Trump is that he’s going to make him wealthy beyond his imagination and give him unlimited power over the world. He will have, he already has, the power of life and death. He can do whatever he wants. There is nothing that is beyond his reach- as long as he follows Vlad’s advice perfectly.

Putin will tell him how to handle the press, how to bribe the army, how to take care of elections so they always come up heads he wins. He will be the oligarch di tutti oligarchi. They will rule the world together. Putin will take Russia, Eastern Europe, and maybe parts of Western Europe. No one is going to keep him and his buddies from seeing the Eiffel Tower. And he has a score to settle with Germany. Sure, why not? He’s always wanted the Winged Victory as a piece of garden art.

And Trump can take all of North America from the Yukon Territory to the Panama Canal. Xi can take China, Korea and Japan. Everyone else will be crapping their pants. None of them have an army who can match the three superpowers. NATO will be toast. South America has never been very useful in a world war anyway. Africa? Please.

That’s the whole story. There’s nothing that embarrasses Trump anymore. So what if a bunch of Ukrainian girls peed on a bed. Or anything else that he might have done. What’s done in Moscow stays in Moscow. Is it treason to plot with Putin to take over America if Trump ends up running it as a kind of new Axis pact?

Yeah, probably.

38 Responses

  1. It’s rare that I can be accused of excessive optimism, but I find it hard to imagine that the senior members of the national security apparatus, who grew up and spent their formative years with Russia as Public Enemy #1, will sit on their hands and allow Traitor Trump and the traitorous McDucks to turn our country into a Russian satellite.

    • Power is intoxicating. Let’s assume they are operating under the influence.

  2. Trump is a troll for Mike Bloomberg, Boris Johnson, and Bibi Netanyahu. Putin is just a target for our ossifying HUMINT community. The charade will end soon.

  3. I don’t think Putin wants Trump to become a truly effective strongman dictator, as described in RD’s scenario. Putin does not want a powerful USA throwing its weight around in the world overtly.

    Putin wants a weak USA, which is the reason, or at least a reason, he engineered the “election” of a doofus to the White House.

    Even if Putin has no sex scandal material on Trump, he’s got access to proof of Trump’s money laundering for Russian oligarchs (including himself, but he doesn’t have to worry about standing trial in a U. S. court). If Trump actually shows signs of becoming effective, Putin could release that.

  4. Ossifying. Half century old fairy tales.

  5. Trump is a PNAC neocon troll.

  6. Okay, I’m starting to think 3W perches on the left end of the “horseshoe”. I wasn’t sure if s/he (I don’t know 3W’s gender) was speaking from the right or left end of the horseshoe.


    Am I correct? 😕

  7. The horseshoe is round. I am not on the establishment elite “end” of the horseshoe … the end that tends to be the neolib/neocon uniparty center. The bullshitting end.

    • Lemme guess–Both Sides & Berniewoodawunnit? 😛

    • The political class is a charade. The political blogosphere with its “sides” is part of the political class. You are part of the political class. The political class is tiny, but it makes a lot of noise. Do the math.

      • “You are part of the political class.”

        I wish my bank account agreed with you. 😛

      • Elitism is a “I am better than those riff raff” state of mind. Noam Chomsky has been an elitist his whole life.

        • So even Chomsky isn’t Left enough for you? 🙄

        • OK, maybe I’m starting to get your drift now.

          You think the despised “elite” status is a matter of intellectual achievement, rather than of money and/or political power.

          Congratulations, that’s just what the McDucks and their hired propagandists want you to think; those horrible snobby intellectuals are your enemies, not the McDucks and their minions.

          The right-wing version of anti-intellectualism is a pillar of fascism; the left-wing version was a pillar of the Khmer Rouge’s ideology.

          Are you sure you want to keep company with such people?

          • So you are saying you are a neolib centrist who likes straw pretending to be a prole. Like I said, political class.

          • Again, I wish my bank account agreed with you that I am not a prole. 😆

          • Again, Chomsky is a prole troll. Incredible snob, and he’s not rich. His handlers finally chased him out of deep state headquarters there at MIT. He’s now wandering the desert in Arizona.

          • Oh, I give up. What spectral class of star does your home planet orbit?

          • Don’t know why American socialists are such elitist. Weird ass paradox.

          • And I thought Joffrey was broadcasting from the Twilight Zone… 🙄

          • I may regret asking this, but where in the holy name of the Ascended Madoka are you getting this stuff?

          • Chomsky? He’s in Tucson now.

          • We’re talking past each other now, aren’t we?

          • Like Chomsky, you are a fake socialist. Which is fine, it’s a free country. I’m the same person I’ve always been … disaffected Dem, not a political activist, trying to stay well informed. That is my right, I believe.

          • OK, let’s assume Chomsky’s a CIA plant or whatever.

            Who is righteously Left enough for you? (“Lefteous”?)

            Or have your politics become completely idiosyncratic and unclassifiable?

          • You answered your own question upthread with the horseshoe. Someone not part of the political class’s fake left-right dialectic.

          • Okay, next question–why have you come here?

          • No need to be defensive Wild Bill. No particular reason. Just checking in with “lefties” in the political blogosphere.

  8. Oh, I’d say with Mommie Dearest Russia sending trolls and bots by the hordes, there exist ample reasons to be defensive.

    (I’m not necessarily saying that you’re one, mind you.)

    • Your judgment would be sucky if you were.

      I don’t know that Putin is the “left” either. He is someone who validates PNAC neocons’ raison d’etre.

      True left is economic left. FDR left. Sadly our nation is drowning in wealth establishment neoliberals trolling and dividing with token ‘social justice’ useful idiots.

      • I don’t think Vladimir Satanovich is leftist, either. I think he’s a Madoka-damned fascist, or else he’s a moron for playing footsie with fascists.

        Stalin did that same thing, until he woke up June 22, 1941, with Hitler’s “friendship” buried between his shoulder blades.

        I think economic justice and social justice are inseparable. You sound like you might be willing to junk the second one, under the delusion that doing so would make it easier for you to get the first one.

        If you are white and male, as I am, that would mean your privilege is showing.

      • Please. There are 310 million Americans. Token ‘social justice’ is bullshit. It’s how Soros and his wealth establishment win. Tokenism is a strategy for not changing. Oldest trick in the book.

    • Billionaire political class trolls like George Soros couldn’t care less about Americans. He despises Americans.

      • Thanks for reminding me! I need to call that cheapskate and ask where in Areinnye my check is! 😛

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