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John O. Brennan speaks for me

Former CIA Director, John O Brennan, replies to Trump’s disturbing and unpresidential tweet about Andy McCabe’s firing:

Here’s Trump’s tweet this morning:

This is so outside the norms of common decency it’s shocking. This creature is taunting a man who put in 21 years of exemplary service to the government. He’s triumphing that he is depriving Andrew McCabe of the pension he earned. The truth will come out about the IG report and recommendation and when it does, watch out.

To those of us who knew that Donald Trump lacked all sense of self-restraint and ethical behavior, this is precisely why we did not vote for him. He’s not normal, he has no sense of fairness and he’s not responsible. He’s a menace to hard working, dedicated civil servants and he’s a danger to us and the world. I only wish I were exaggerating.

We were told again and again that he is unfit for office. He has proven it again and again. Now, we need to hold our legislative branch accountable for not reining him in.

This fall, I get redistricted from Mike Doyle’s district to Keith Rothfus’ district. He’s a Republican. He’ll be running against Conor Lamb. Now I was planning to vote for Lamb anyway but you can bet I’m going to do everything in my power to persuade my friends in the district to make Keith Rothfus know that we EXPECT him to stand up for US over his party and certainly not Donald Trump.

He owes his constituents that much before we vote him the f*ck out of office in PA 17.

We could use a wizard right about now.


14 Responses

  1. I would really like to hear what the hard working men and women of the FBI really think. Not sure if it can happen, but I am guessing that it is not a majority of them who agree with Trump’s disgusting tweet.

    • He has pissed off the spies, and now the G-Men–and the military brass worry that he is too stupid to lead our country, even if he is NOT a traitor, which he may well be.

      Cheeto Benito’s future looks dim.


      Why has Trump not found a way to fire Mueller and shut down his investigation yet?

      One possible scenario:

      Trump, remember, does not merely manipulate the conspiracy nuts; he is one of them.

      That means he probably believes that The Deep State is a coherent entity, and that it got rid of both Nixon and JFK.

      Perhaps he fears that if he prevents the DS from getting rid of him the way it got rid of Nixon, then the DS will merely shrug, and get rid of him the way it got rid of JFK. We already know he lives on fast food because he has a paranoid fear of being poisoned.

  2. From Folderol on Wonkette (I have modified it slightly):

    Trump is a bumbling dick
    And he’s such a firing prick
    By indulging his desire
    He stacks his own funeral pyre

    Don’s going down in a burning ring of fire
    He goes down down down, and the flames go higher
    And he’ll burn burn burn,
    In Mueller’s fire
    In Mueller’s fire

    Revenge will be so sweet
    On the man of constant tweet
    He acts as if he is a child
    Yet no child is so reviled

    He’s going down in a burning ring of fire
    Down down down, and the flames go higher
    And he’ll burn burn burn,
    In Mueller’s fire
    In Mueller’s fire

    Apologies to the late Johnny Cash, and to whoever wrote “Ring of FIre”.

  3. Wahhhhh!!! RD has censored me unfairly.

  4. Real alpha males get their own 12 million unique page hits.

  5. And now, a word from your president:

    “Everything out of my mouth is a lie including “the” and “a”.


  6. Niles, you should know by now that I don’t tolerate misleading and false right wing memes on this site.

    If you want to stay here, you have to operate in the real world, not Fox/Rush/Alex world.

    Post another one. Go ahead. Make my day, punk.

    • I’m almost sorry I didn’t see the original posts.

      ALMOST. 😛

  7. Begone, cr@wd@d. The Power of Desu compels you! 😛

  8. You just KNOW Cheeto Benito wishes he could have “enemies” murdered the way Kim or Putin or Duterte can. 👿

  9. NSFW! 😛

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