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    • Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – April 20, 2019
      This post is by Tony Wikrent I have been looking at the work of Cornell University law professor Robert Hockett, who is serving as an economics adviser to Representative Alexandria Occasio-Cortez. I have been delighted to find that Hockett has been working the same angle I have: applying the classical republicanism that informed the creation of […]
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Well THAT’s not good- National Security Edition

Ok, ok, did you hear about the alert that went out yesterday to nuclear power plants, water authorities, electric companies, pipeline owners etc? It turns out that Russians hacked our systems last year and now they’ve gotten all the way in. They control the vertical and horizontal.

Is THAT why Donald is treating Vlad and the Russkis with kid gloves? He’s afraid Putin will turn the lights off?

Ok, let’s assume that this is the primary reason why Trump hasn’t enforced the sanctions that congress passed overwhelmingly last year. We thought it might be because the Trump organization was a part of some vast global corporate criminal enterprise but work with me here. If the Russians really do have that capacity to make us into Mainland Puerto Rico, would the first thing you would do is fire your national security advisor?

What am I missing here?

And why does Trump sleep behind a reinforced locked door at the White House and change his own sheets every morning? And why does he prefer fast food because he says no one knows who it’s for?

Normally, I’m not a fear monger. Goodness knows, I’m already wracked with anxiety on a daily basis in my own personal microcosm. No need to acquire Fox News generated fear. But I have to admit that this week has me a bit rattled and maybe the survivalists have a point. (Note to self: get more propane)

In 2016 when this cartoon first appeared, I thought it was referring to Trump. Oh, he’s still got to go. He’s a danger to our safety and he and his cabinet members are treating the Treasury like they hit the Powerball. But I think it might just as easily have applied to Vlad.


18 Responses

    • From Garland’s keyboard to the screen of the Ascended Madoka.

      She’s waiting for you, Vlad (and that Semion dude, of whom I don’t recall that I’ve ever heard before).

  1. Your information is incorrect.

  2. Cr@wd@d repellent time.

    YuruYuri flashback: Li’l Kyouko gives Li’l Akari a gift. :mrgreen:

    • Well, don’t tell us, Niles. Tell your Putin-fellating Dear Leader.

    • As for Putin’s retaliation?

      Bring it, motherfucker. BRING. IT.

      You were a fool to start Cold War 2.0; you lost the last one.

      The “Americans” who support you and your orange stooge are still bitter over a lost war, too. 😈

  3. he and his cabinet members are treating the Treasury like they hit the Powerball. no, I believe that was Geitner & J-Zee

  4. Charles Pierce layeth down ye smack.

    The Myth of the Centrist Holy Grail

    It really is time to stop buying every voter in certain states a cookie. You people saddled the nation with a corrupt, incompetent oligarch who turns everything and everyone he touches into hazardous waste. You did it because he stroked your cultural and social yearnings until you trilled like a chorus of locusts. You are done no good service by politicians who keep telling you that you’re the salt of the earth, or by reporters on expedition who demand that the rest of us be careful of your tender fee-fees. If you want the country to stop being moronic, stop voting for morons.

    I believe Charlie was talking to the cr@wd@ds in that paragraph. 😈

    • Indeed, these people are not the sodium chloride of the earth.

      More like the sodium CYANIDE. 👿

  5. There is pretty much nothing to be gained by fighting the 2016 election all over again. I think Trump’s a lout, but I don’t think the way to beat him in 2020 is by insulting nearly half the voters in the country, nor by accepting speaking fees from and holding $50,000/plate fundraisers with, the finance guys who sent their jobs overseas and foreclosed on their houses. Hiring campaign advisers who can read a bloody map and do simple arithmetic wouldn’t hurt, either.

    • Yeah, I’m tired of people dumping on Hillary. She’s still 6.02×10^23 times better than what we got saddled with. It’s about time people start acknowledging that.

    • Prop, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that.

      I came from this wretched culture you are proposing we be nice to. I somehow evolved out of it, and I look upon my unreconstructed peers much as a savage, converted to Christianity, might look upon his pagan peers.

      My peers–many of whom claim, hilariously, to be Christian–still wallow proudly in their filthy paganism, offering blood sacrifices to Mammon, and also to Moloch, under his alternate names of White Supremacy and Male Supremacy.

      Instead of kowtowing to these Stupid White Folks of Real Amurka, I say we turn out those people who didn’t bother to vote last time, and now realize that was the biggest mistake of their lives.

      I’m going to have to side with Driftglass over you.

      …at no point in our history has a malignant, brainwashed and rage-drunk minority ever been “persuaded” to grow opposable thumbs and climb down out of the Stupid Tree. Every time progress has been made, it has been in spite of them. By eventually pushing them out of the way, sometimes using federal troops.

      The whole column:


  6. “Error In Transmission” 😡

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