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Waiting for the Storm to Break

Did anyone here catch Rachel Maddow last night? No, she is not the left’s version of Alex Jones. She’s just really good at spinning a yarn. The reason I listen to her is because her narration is so good. And the news in the last couple of months has been fascinating.

But last night was different even by Trump standards. It was like a Trump Six Flags Busch Gardens Universal THEME PARK. There is SO much going on it’s difficult to keep track of it all.

Masha Gessen keeps saying that the whole Trump saga is going to end up being too nebulous to pin down. You know, I’m not getting that feeling, Masha. I’m getting the feeling that more and more stuff is getting revealed and it’s more outrageous than the last thing and Republicans are starting to put the spotlight on themselves for not doing anything.

Don’t you guys give us that “What me worried?” look.

The thing we need to focus our attention on right this minute is the election in November because it’s become clear to me that Republicans have internalized the image of themselves as perpetual winners. They will stop at nothing to get everything. This was brought home to me when my own US Senator (who I did not vote for), Pat Toomey, reinforced the idea that impeaching the state Supreme Court justices over the new district maps was acceptable in order to reinforce the Republican stranglehold on the state and country. Democrats or any other voters are second class citizens whose enfranchisement and equal protection under the law is merely a formality. It doesn’t really mean anything.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the current maps as drawn by Republicans in 2011 deliberately suppress Democratic votes because the numbers do not lie. There are more Democrats in PA. Like 800,000 more. But the maps as drawn in 2011 give us only around 5 of the 18 congressional districts in PA. And it’s not just a matter of geography. It was an intentional and blatant breaking of Democratic districts by Republicans that resulted in more than half the state having less than 1/3 representation. That’s just immoral. But not to Pat Toomey:

“I think state House members and state senators are going to be speaking amongst themselves and their constituents, and the fundamental question is does this blatant, unconstitutional, partisan power grab that undermines our electoral process, does that rise to the level of impeachment?” Toomey continued.

There you go. It’s ok to impeach justices who are trying to uphold the state’s constitution in order for the Republicans to win. Because it is a given that they will win. It goes against nature and god and country for Republicans to lose their grip on the throat of government.

You are not allowed to have a choice.

Then there was Claire McCaskill legit freaking out yesterday on the NSA Director that NOTHING is being done about Russian election meddling in 2018 even after we know for sure they got into Florida and Wisconsin in 2016:

Keep that in mind because while PA decided a couple of weeks ago to require paper trails on our e-voting machines, Georgia, which is chock full of Republican state legislators and a Republican Governor are specifically opposed to paper trails of any kind. The lieutenant Governor is not. And remember it is Georgia that took retaliatory measures to strip Delta of some tax breaks because it will no longer offer discounts to members of the NRA.

So, Republicans are going to fight tooth and nail and enable meddling and probably cheat in order to solidify their grip.

In the meantime, Democrats gained two new seats yesterday and flipped two districts from red to blue in a big way:

Most voters want a choice. They hate it when they don’t have one. Maybe the reason so many special election seats are flipping now ahead of the 2018 election is because voters are finally woke to the possibility that they may never get a choice ever again.

8 Responses

  1. Toomey is “my” senator too and I can’t stand him. I have written to him in protest many times and it is useless. Always the repub party line in response. No indication that he gives a flying fuck about his constituents. Last time I wrote to him it was to send the five or six questions Joy Reid had tweeted having to do with Congress critters net worth before they took office vs now, who they really served. He never responded.

    I stopped listening to Masha Gessen when she said no one’s mind (vote) was changed as a result of the Russian psy ops effort against Hillary and our Republic. Seriously? Propaganda, fear and paranoia have no effect on the masses, Ms Expert on Authoritarianism? I much prefer Kendzior’s perspective on dictatorships.

    I think Mueller is going to nail a lot of people to the wall with hard core evidence. There will be no fuzz. I still fear that it will not make a damn bit of difference, however. The cancer in our government and media runs so, so deep. I will never endure a second term for the Malevolent Mango and his band of pirates and traitors. So much would have to change to have a fair and free presidential election.

    • +1 on Toomey… a real tool

    • Masha Gessen is too much of a dooms day for me. Kendzior too but she lost me when she tweeted that Claude Taylor was a grifter and using his twitter account to further his photo business. I didn’t like that because he didn’t seem that way to me and it was beneath her to pick (or enable others with) a twitter fight.

  2. Wassamatta, Rethug fasciust traitors–getting a bit nervous? 😈

  3. I know what you’re thinking–did she fire six shots, or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, baka, I don’t remember how many bullet-chans I just fired. So, you need to ask yourself–

    “Do I feel lucky?”

    Well do ya, punk-chan?

    (I don’t know who this character is, BTW, or if she’s a teacher, but she looks like one.) 😛

  4. Every fucking mediocre or downright incompetent corrupt person has found a home in this WH. That is what happens when 30% of hillbillies and corrupt mfers choose the leader of this country. Has anybody seen or heard Hope Hicks talk? Have you seen that effeminate mfer Kushner speak? Or that stupid Ivanka with her fucking whispers and rehearsed lines. If they didn’t have inherited money, these people would not find a job in a supermarket.

  5. Better bring those brollies if you visit the Arkanshire, girls! We’re getting soaked lately. :/

  6. Don’t gasp at her face. Gasp at her ugly inside.

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