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    Catscatscats on Correcting the President’s…
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Is someone you know confused about the Russia scandal?

They might be watching too much Fox News. It’s not really that complicated. It’s more like Watergate on steroids and not at all like the complicated Iran-Contra scandal.

There’s a fix for the confusion. Check out Mueller 101 at the Today Explained podcast.

They’ll break it all down in easily digestible bites in about 19 minutes. Yep, you can get a clear, concise explanation in 19 minutes. It’s not complex at all.

For example, why is Paul Manafort so damn important and why is he holding out? Basically, he had a lot of hinky ties to Russian and Ukrainian autocrats and oligarchs. He was campaign manager for Trump at a crucial time when the DNC emails were revealed to Trump’s campaign and for some weird reason, the Republican platform was changed before the RNC convention in 2016 to be very favorable to Russia. Oh, and he was broke but worked for Trump for free. What Mueller seems to be looking at is a quid pro quo between Putin and the Trump campaign.

So, check it out. You won’t be sorry. If anything, the fog may lift.

I think that Mueller has just about all the information he needs now that Manafort’s partner, Rick Gates, has flipped. Manafort May go to his grave not saying anything but it’s probably not necessary by now.

And just think about how many people close to Trump have plead guilty to felonies. I think we’re up to 5 now.

So many witches.

2 Responses

  1. I would say Gates is really a better “get” than Manafort simply because he knows all about Manafort and he was on the Trump campaign the entire time and then part of the transition. Manafort was only there for a few months leading the campaign but it seems all the GOP dirty tricksters are going to go down this time like Roger Stone.

  2. It was unusual to set up your next campaign on your inauguration day but even more unusual to give the job of campaign manager to the shady guy who is under investigation this early. I am talking about yesterday’s announcement of Brad Parscale. Can’t any smart media person figure out what is going on? Why him and why now? They will meddle in 2018 elections with his help? Or he is being paid hush money in the form of this job? Or …

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