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The sound of the resistance wins a Grammy

Portugal the Man won a Grammy last night for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance over the ubiquitous Despacito.

No surprise there really. The song is the sound of something bubbling up. The video is full of resistance imagery like a burning “Info Wars” newspaper, a raised fist and Black Lives Matters.

Many awards shows are platforms for whatever messages the artists think are important at the time. The Golden Globes a couple weeks ago was all about #metoo. It’s very of the moment. But Feel It Still was a hit last summer and seemed destined to be swamped by Despacito being played almost non-stop.

Not so fast. Feel It Still is for anyone who is still feeling the anger of having our country taken over by a minority of ignorant bigots who don’t seem to know when the billionaire class is robbing them blind. The rest of us are going to be feeling it all the way to November.

Art is more than pretty pictures and bubbly music. Artists are very powerful. The backlash is coming but this resistance has got legs. It’s no exaggeration to say it has the safety and prosperity of the world in its clenched fist. It’s a little more important right now than a Spanish flavored jelly roll.


Puzzling tweet this morning:

Really? I’m surprised that anyone in Congress is struggling with the ethical implications of Donald Trump firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The misdirection, faux indignation and smearing of reputations is significant from the right but it’s remarkably easy to blow all the smoke away when you compare what Trump is alleged to have done with what Nixon actually did that eventually forced him to resign before he was impeached. While the methods may have changed, the plot of the story is weirdly identical.

Both Trump’s and Nixon’s campaigns illegally broke into the DNC and stole information. The break ins were reported at the time but they were played down. Then when they got caught, both presidents tried to cover it up and obstruct Justice. Both presidents tried to fire the investigators. Nixon succeeded. Trump appears to be waiting forhis party’s propaganda machine on Fox News to sway public opinion by throwing sand in its audience’s eyes. THEN he’ll fire him, claiming that it will be impossible to get a fair hearing.

The thing is, Trump has been so used to paying his way out of trouble all his life and never being held accountable for anything that he thinks this might actually work.

But the similarity to the Watergate scandal is just too hard to miss, unless you actually *prefer* being a fool. My aunt was telling me how confused she was just the other night and in less than 2 minutes, I cleared up any confusion by comparing the details of The Russia affair to watergate and Trump to Nixon. It was that easy. She’s been foolproofed. It will be harder to distract her now.

I’ve noticed less Fox News on these days as well. It’s not in every waiting room any more. And there are very few other news outlets that are following its lead. I think the lack of a soul, ethics, morality and decency are starting to be more blatantly obvious on Fox and the people who once found punching liberals entertaining are less amused by how the channel makes them feel like they need a shower lately. There’s no feeling more powerful in politics than disgust and decent people will avoid it if possible.

I’m more likely to find my formerly Fox watching relatives tuning in to Rachel Maddow these days. Her way of telling a story is mesmerizing and it might just be giving Hannity and Carlson some legit competition. Oh, sure, Fox could always find a way to triumph but like I said, the confusion is easy to clear. Too easy.

If I were the Republicans, I’d be worried more about that than putting on the kabuki theater of trying to protect the president’s “honor”.


Trump says he is not a feminist.

Apparently, this is news. 🙄

He is for EVERYONE! Isn’t that special? KellyAnne Conway, who was a post doc under Satan himself (or Newt Gingrich), had this to say about why she is not a feminist:

“It’s difficult for me to call myself a feminist in the classic sense because it seems to be very anti-male and it certainly is very pro-abortion, and I’m neither anti-male or pro-abortion. So, there’s an individual feminism, if you will, that you make your own choices . . . . I look at myself as a product of my choices, not a victim of my circumstances.”

There’s another good reason why Kellyanne is not a feminist. I’m pretty sure she failed the entrance exam.

Anti-male and pro-abortion are not in our bylaws. Does anyone know anyone who is PRO-Abortion? What does that even mean?? I mean, seriously, it’s funny to imagine how a PRO-abortionist does activism. Is it mandatory to get pregnant first? What if you’re a woman and you can’t have an abortion because you can’t get pregnant. Can you still be a feminist? I guess a PRO-abortionist is by definition anti-men since any person in their post feminist utopia who can’t get pregnant would be a second class citizen. Would there really be a purpose for them if they couldn’t fulfill their responsibilities of citizenship?

I’m just pulling your leg, Fox News ladies. We know you have trouble with humor and satire so we’ll point this out as we go along to make it easy for you.


In the same article we find this more accurate definition of feminism:

Author and professor Cheris Kramarae once famously said: “Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.”

There is no personal feminism that promotes your own humanity but not the humanity of other women. Conway’s personal feminism does not exist. No, no, don’t even. It doesn’t count if you’re just the one in charge in your family.

Work on that before the next entrance exam coming up in November. There will be an essay question. And don’t use the label until you get your card in the mail. We’ve got standards.


28 Responses

  1. Judging by the tweets, it is Rod Rosenstein in the line of sight for trump now? Maybe not firing Mueller directly but cripple the investigation by firing Rosenstein. If he fires Mueller, the one strong and rich contingent we have not seen protesting on the streets, namely lawyers, will take to the street big time.

    • If he tries to fire ANYONE at this point, he risks protests. And he shouldn’t forget that just last week, the Women’s March was bigger than last year. Just give us a reason and we can mobilize in seconds.

      Of course, this might be a good thing. He told Theresa May that he’s not going to visit England until she guarantees no protests and a friendlier press. So, keep that in the back of your mind. It might be useful.

      Personally, I love how the Republicans are digging their holes right now. We are going to vote so damned hard this November.

      • I liked how you converted your relative with a simple analogy to Watergate. But there are many others stubborn.On Althouse, they would scream that BC perjured himself and it was not just about a (consensual) blowjob. Now, this guy lies everyday and he will lie to Mueller and get caught. His lies will not be just about hush money to a porn star but way bigger and more nefarious and dangerous.

        • Ok, there is a certain subset of people who are lost to us. If they’re still whatabouting bill Clinton and his blow job, this message is not for them. They’re part of the problem.
          I predict the watergate analogy will work for people who find all the leaks, subplots and obfuscation confusing because:
          1.) some of them were old enough to remember it in real time when they were in their 20s and 30s.
          2.) they were able to follow along on TV because cable was almost nonexistent and all three networks interrupted soap operas in the afternoon to cover it. That’s especially important for older women who were much smarter before Fox came along.
          3.) Watergate had a colorful and articulate cast of characters and so does the Russian affair. Who doesn’t remember John Dean performing the ultimate act of good citizenship by letting his conscience be his guide. His pretty wife sat behind him supporting him in her elegant blonde chignon. How many women heard about Martha Mitchell trying to spill the beans? How many watched Dick Cavett late at night? That was riveting television. It should have won multiple emmys. Say watergate to anyone who watched it and we ALL remember what it was about.
          4.) it is not anything like Iran contra gate. That truly was confusing and I think it was made even more confusing over time to the point where no one cared. It was more like a policy dispute with some rogue agents but it didn’t have the same je ne sais quoi.
          5.) the plots are so similar it’s spooky. In both cases, the offending campaigns directly infiltrated the same organization, the DNC, in order to procure dirt that could be used against their opponents. Nixon hired his own plumbers, trump accepted the help of Russian hackers who had direct ties to the Kremlin. So, the act was the same and the motive was the same.
          6.) the coverup and obstruction of justice is evolving in almost the same way.
          This is not a complicated story. It’s Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre as told by Daphne du Maurier’s anonymous narrator in Rebecca. If you’ve read the first book, you know how the contemporary version finishes.
          Once they see the link, it has to be reinforced or the agents of the devil will start blowing smoke again. That’s why it’s so important for journalists to not try to be too elaborate here with insidery stuff or being lazy and following up on red herrings put forth by Fox and Friends.
          Keep It Simple Stupid.

          • John Dean didn’t grow a conscience until after he was caught and made a deal.

          • What difference does that make?

          • “trump accepted the help of Russian hackers” rd, what are you basing this on? Don’t tell me it was the fake news from that CNN Indian guy who didn’t know how to read a date on an email, and had to retract a day later?

          • And another voice from the WIngnut Self-Contained Fart Rebreathing Jar is heard from. (h/t Driftglass)

  2. I guess he’s gona hate this

    A Facebook event set up to organise a large-scale protest already boasts of 20,000 attendees and a further 61,000 who are interested in attending.

  3. Rebecca West said that a feminist is any woman who draws a distinction between herself and a doormat.

  4. Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired today. Yesterday Director Wray viewed the Nunes’ FISA Memo. Today he fired one of the people named in it.

    That fake Russian Dossier was used to get a FISA warrant without disclosing that it was oppo-research from the Hillary campaign.

    FYI Last night’s Grammy Awards tanked in the ratings. Go figure.

  5. At the risk of going off on a bit of a tangent:

    One reason the Idjit Left wants the Russia scandal to Just Go Away is that if the Russian interference is proven to have been real and effective, then that monkey-wrenches the two pet narratives of the Idjit Leftists:

    (1) The Democratic Party lost the White House because Teh Evil Party Establishment nominated Madame Beelzebub the Hilldebeest instead of St. Bernard.

    (2) The Democratic Party must embrace Idjit Leftism to take back the WH and Congress, despite the consistent lack of Election Day support for Idjit Leftist positions from the general public, as distinct from poll support that never materializes on Election Day.

    • Though, to be fair, after what Wynne said on a previous thread about voting-machine fraud, perhaps there was more actual support for hard-left positions than the official election results would indicate.

  6. OK, it is not just trump, there are a bunch of Republican congress critters who are afraid what comes out on them. If Watergate was all Nixon and his WH, this thing we are seeing permeates the Republican party. Nunes is acting on many people’s beahalf in his party, not just trump. Mueller should dump all the sealed indictments he has out there. BTW, Wray said Nunes Memo is inaccurate.

  7. Something very bad has happened in the Republican party and trump/Russia is a very big part of it.

  8. Did people watch Maddow? Rod Rosenstein did not extend the FISA based on dossier. He extended the warrant on Male-1 (Carter Page) because he was caught working with 3 other Russian spies. How the heck did he end up working for trump? hmmmm… think!

  9. And my favorite reporter/writer Franklin Foer has another article on Manafort this time. How did THIS guy get on the trump campaign? There are no coincidences.


  10. Off topic: I assume this is fake. I don’t care. 😛

  11. For that really special someone… 😆

  12. …Report from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzes news coverage during the 2016 general election, and concludes that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump received coverage that was overwhelmingly negative in tone…
    Figure 13. Tone of Clinton’s Coverage, by News Outlet
    https://shorensteincenter.org/news-coverage-2016-general-election/?platform=hootsuite TABLE

    No surprise for me, I would never watch Fox and don’t consider them a News organization anyway, but they came in 1st in the study 81N-19P. I viewed WAPO as the most negative concerning Clinton and sure enough they came in 2nd right behind FOX 77 N- 23P. All of the entities involved in this study should be condemned and probably mostly ignored in future similar to Facebook and Russia Bots……For sure they cannot be trusted when reporting on the Resistance or future elections, more than ever we need strong alternatives… No WAPO subscription for me.

  13. can you please explain the similarities between the watergate incident and Russia-America affair? Thanks

    • Yep.
      Watergate started with a break in at the watergate hotel. The target of the break in was the democratic national committee (DNC). Do you need me to explain what that is? The purpose of the break in had to do with bugging the DNC for information about the Democrats strategy for the presidential campaign that year.
      Russia gate started, well, we’re not really sure when Trump got on Putin’s radar but Russia has a habit of interfering with elections around the world and the Trump campaign was cooperative. Russia told the campaign that it had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. The Trump campaign wanted to use it. The “dirt” was really the emails that were hacked from John Podesta and the DNC. The target is the same. The purpose is the same.

      There is speculation that Vladimir Putin helped trump with the understanding that there would be a quid pro quo. Also, there are investigative documents that indicate that Trump had the power to be blackmailed by Putin. We have to wait for the evidence of this but let’s remember that Trump never released his tax returns so we really have no idea of the extent of his financial ties to Russia. This is ancillary to the infraction tho it does indicate what may be motivating trump. Basically, the similarity to watergate starts with illegal actions to steal information from the DNC with the purpose of helping one candidate at the other candidate’s expense.

      The second part has to do with the coverup. Nixon pulled out all the stops to pay his burglars and other actors in order to shut them up. Then when the investigation got serious, he said in one of his speeches that he thought the public had had enough of watergate. Then he asked his attorney general to fire the special prosecutor investigating him. When Elliot Richardson refused to do it, he was fired/resigned and so did a number of his subordinates also resigned until he got to Robert Bork who finally fired the special prosecutor. It was known as The Saturday Night Massacre.

      A similar thing is happening here. It’s unknown at this point whether Trump paid anyone to keep quiet but he is known to compel his employees to sign NDAs (non disclosure agreements). Presumably, his lawyers see that they are enforced. Then he started interviewing US Attorneys for pledges of loyalty to him. And where he has met an obstacle, he has fired them. Sally Yates was one of the first. Then James Comey who as head of the FBI was in charge of the investigation into whether Trump had colluded with the Russians. Btw, you should read some of Comey’s tweets. They’re very interesting.
      He has tried to fire Bob Mueller himself. He asked his lawyer don McGahn to tell Christopher Wray, head of the FBI, to fire him. But Wray indicated that he would resign if he was asked to do that. So McGahn told Trump that if he wanted to fire Mueller, he’d have to do it himself. That seems to have temporarily halted another Saturday Night Massacre. But Trump is forcing other bulwarks to his take over it the justice system one by one. Andrew McCabe was forced out. Now the target is Ron Rosenstein, deputy attorney general who is the acting head of the justice department with respect to this investigation. Jeff Sessions had yo recuse himself because he was involved with the Trump Campaign and may be compromised and have a conflict of interest to protect the president.
      So, yeah, watergate and Russia gate are uncannily similar.
      Go listen to Slow Burn to learn more.

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