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Cadet Bone Spurs has an image problem.

So it turns out that Donald Trump did try to fire Robert Mueller last year. Can anyone say “obstruction of justice”? How about “lock him up”?

Well, we might say the lock him up thing but do we look like a bunch of enraged single electricians at a Trump rally because we struck out on Plenty of Fish on a Friday night? No, we do not.

Anyway, Trump asked his lawyer Don McGahn to do it. That would have meant that McGahn had to call Ron Rosenstein, deputy attorney general and tell him to fire Robert Mueller. But we all know how that would go. He actually would have had to fire Rosenstein himself if the guy hadn’t already resigned.

Wait, haven’t we read this book before? Back in the 70s? Wasn’t it called Saturday Night Massacre with everyone dancing at a disco with subpoenas in their hands? Sounds so familiar…

Don McGahn saw how this would play out and told Donald he wasn’t going to fire anyone. In fact, he’d sooner resign than do that. Good guy, McGahn. Ok, so he works for the worst man on earth…

But it’s what McGahn did next that might make him the true hero of this story. He told Trump to do his own firing and then reportedly called President Very Stable Genius a chicken. Then walked off down the hall presumably confident that Trump wouldn’t have the Bone Spurs to fire Rosenstein and Mueller himself.

And he was right. Trump did nothing but fume. He didn’t fire the guy who just called him a chicken. You know, a weak bird that doesn’t have the stamina to fly.

Now, I can’t understand how the White House has managed to keep this scene under wraps for 6 months. In fact, I don’t believe it. I’m betting that the Congressional Republicans have known all about it for months. Maybe that’s why they were so anxious to write that tax reform bill and pass it before the intoxicating solvents had dissipated from the ditto papers. They knew their incredible luck was about to run out.

It’s going to be pretty hard for them to publicly do nothing about Trump after this. Oh, I’m sure they’ll try. But you know, when your lawyer can get away with justifiably calling you a chicken, you’re done.


File this away for the future, Donald told Theresa May, prime minister of Great Britain, that he would not be making a visit until she could guarantee no protests.

Protests make him uncomfortable. They make him go away.

Good to know.

37 Responses

  1. Protests make him uncomfortable.

    He is a coward. Period. (or chicken). In more ways than one.

  2. Trump is playing you and you don’t even realize it. Have fun chasing squirrels.

    • Ah, keep the golden toilet for yourself.

      When the time came to return the Van Gogh, the con man would have returned a fake Van Gogh. The curator is smart.

      • So the curator decided to insult Trump and then leaked the story to the press. Trump haters hoot and laugh as though they won a great victory, unaware that Trump already has a gold-plated toilet in Trump Tower.

        And all this matters why?

        • Oh, you don’t get the meta of it. Because he is your golden shithole. He is not good for this country. He will turn this country into a shithole.

        • I don’t know. Why do you think trump voters call us snowflakes and hoot and laugh when he rescinds equal protection for reproductive medicine in Obamacare?
          Or sympathizes with the Nazis?
          Or pulls the rug from the Dreamers’ feet?
          You know, stuff that 70 -80 % of the country approve of.
          Why do you think Trumpers delight in poking their fellow citizens in the eye like that, especially when Trump voters are definitely in the minority and the rest of us have long memories?
          Got any answers?
          Probably not any that make sense.

        • Uh, I do believe it was already fairly common knowledge that Cheeto Face has a gold-plated crapper in his bargain-basement Orthanc.

  3. Watching the news shows, when reporters/pundits paraphrase a right wing nutcases’s position (be it trump, or his supporters or republicans in general), or what they meant to say, or what they may be after and speculating about a reason why they do what they do, these reporters are putting out that narrative there, broadcasting it for the ‘bad’ guys in a way much better than the bad guys themselves do. Don’t do it!

    • How do you report on the bad guys without explaining why they are bad guys? How do you tell people about the KKK without telling them what white supremacists believe?

      Have a little faith in people. Don’t paraphrase the nutcases, just let them rave for a while and they will demonstrate that they are nutcases.

  4. The vision that created America and the marvel of it all is that America did it bringing people from all over the WORLD to create a community that believed in a unified vision. I come from India and it has more than 22 languages, fully developed with each their own literature(!) and major religions and sects within them and diversity is mindboggling. But it has held together as one India for centuries. And America, a new country was on its path to creating such a diversity on a global scale. That centuries of work is being lost now. trump is the antithesis to what America stands for. Beware of what you are about to lose!

    • So let us analyze what percent of trump’s 35% is anti-social? Are their social studies data highlighting what percentage of a population may be antisocial?

    • Of course atomizing us is the goal. When we’re all separate individuals, we can’t get together, compare notes, negotiate for better terms or issue demands. No, we’ll all be required to go through binding arbitration and they’ll do data mining on our financial assets to determine just how much wealth to extractcwuth every transaction. That was the plan all along. Didn’t you get the memo??

  5. And now for something completely off topic: 😛

    • Instead, Mr. Strider was docked several weeks of pay and ordered to undergo counseling, and the young woman was moved to a new job.

      Back in 2008, that was considered adequate.

      He was not simply let off the hook.

  6. 😛

  7. This article about the Dutch discovering Putin’s shenanigans from 2014 and Obama WH, didn’t do anything about it? It is alarming.


    • 500,000 v. 50,000

    • I have softened greatly on Obama since 2008, but yes, Obama lacks the instincts for political combat, whether his enemies be Republican or Russian (but I repeat myself, these days).

      If the economy had been thriving in 2008, and the Second Iraqi War (the first one happened in 1991) had indeed been the “cakewalk” that the neocons had expected it to be, then Obama would have been demolished in the general election, and the GOP would not even have needed to cheat–though they might have cheated anyway, just to keep in practice. 😉

      Likewise, only a hard economic downturn in 2012 would have prevented his re-election.

      The Democratic nomination race of 2008 was actually the most difficult contest of his political career–and he quickly mended fences with Hillary, to the point of making her Secretary of State. That was a good move, and an affable refusal to bear grudges is normally a good quality–but again, it shows he’s not much of a fighter.

      Like nearly everyone else–including Trump himself, it seems–Obama thought Trump had no real chance of winning, so he saw no need to risk his reputation as the Affable African-American by accusing the GOP of quasi-treasonous cheating.

      He should have been right about that. I blame the Voluntary Non-Voters for that first, Putin and the Russians a close second. If more of my fellow non-elite white Americans had enough sense to pour pi$$ out of their boots, Putin would have schemed in vain, and Obama’s calculations would have been vindicated.

      • IBW, all good and agree with most. But regardless of 2016 election in mind, what did he do in 2014-2015 when IC started to see Putin’s shenanigans? Hillary in her first or second year when she hired Richard Stengel had already told him that they should watch for this type of disinformation activities from Russia (he has said this in TV panel shows). She saw it and was ready well before it peaked for 2016 election but we have to wonder what Obama did. He was hobnobbing with Zuckerberg and that Schmuck from Google trying to impress other silicon valley mfers.

        • Like most of the rest of us–including me–Obama underestimated the power of social media; he thought even if Putin did interfere, it would be no worse than a few speed bumps for the Hillary juggernaut.

          Therefore, he saw no need to risk antagonizing the Silicon Valley Mofos by regulating their Web services more closely.

          • Or so I would guess; of course, I have not communicated with Obama about these things, and I do not know what he actually was thinking.

          • And again–he should have been right.

            The accomplished fact of the Cheetolini presidency can blind us to just what a long shot it was, rather like the success of the Pearl Harbor raid can blind us to just what a long shot it was. (The Japanese expected to lose probably two of their six big carriers in that raid.)

            The “victory” of Cheetolini was not even a black swan event–it was a perfect storm of multiple black swan events.

            Obama went with the odds–but the long shot came in.

          • Sorry IBW. Not letting Obama off the hook. My point was Hillary could see the danger of Russian shenanigans in 2008-2009 but he lacked the experience or the instinct to think ahead. This Putin thing started well before 2016 election and we should have been ready. Media was eating out his hands. He could have mobilized them to put Russia on notice. So many things that could have been done that he didn’t do.

          • We’ll just need to agree to disagree on this.

          • Nothing Putin did would have mattered if white Americans were smarter.

            That is my tribe, but when I look at them, I feel like a savage who has been converted to Christianity, looking with contempt upon the filthy paganism of my peers. To extend that metaphor, this is why I hold the, ahem, “Freshwater Crustaceans” in such deep contempt–they are apostates, having relapsed into White Tribalism.

  8. What concerns me most is how the media and the people keep saying “Hillary lost”, when all of the evidence shows that the Russians not only engaged in social media to assist trump but that voting machines in 21 states were hacked into and curiously, no one has made any effort to find out if the votes were manipulated. There has always been an overwhelming silence when reporting “election fraud” by the media and Congress, but never any problem about blaming the voter by screaming “voter fraud”.

    It has been proven that voter fraud, when and if it happens, is on such a small scale as to be non-existent. But there is evidence collected in 2006 and proven in a documentary film “Hacking Democracy” showing that voting machines can indeed be hacked into without detection. Congress was warned about this real undermining of the voice of the people and since then, Congress has done NOTHING to fix these machines but instead have either been silent or made efforts to undermine what was shown in that documentary. Based on what I know about election fraud and how it has been perpetrated upon the American people for decades, I have no doubt that Russian has computer security experts who have taken advantage of this very real security hole within these voting machines and may well have tilted the votes in those specific electoral states – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – which gave the 70,000 votes from the 3 states to trump, which gave him the electoral college. Ergo, Hillary did not lose, the election was stolen.

    In fact, I attended a conference in Berlin held by computer security experts and managed to get on videotape German experts stating without equivocation that ANY voting system can be hacked into and manipulated without detection. In fact, based on the investigative work done in “Hacking Documentary”, the German people, with the help of their computer security experts filed a lawsuit with their supreme court demanding that voting machines be banned from their elections. Granted, we are a much bigger country, but that should not be the reason our democracy is allowed to be undermined and the will of the people usurped by a foreign country or any political party because it’s too hard to fix.

    If we did not have a corrupt Congress, which put these machines in place without any debate with the American people decades ago (a real conflict of interest), I am convinced they would find that the Russians did manipulate the votes to ensure a trump victory. But that would open a whole new can of worms now wouldn’t it? Can’t have the American people questioning the validity of our elections process now can we?

    I will never believe that Hillary lost when there is too much evidence about these voting machines which show how easily an election can be stolen.

    • Yes, that problem needs to be addressed, but if it were, the GOP would vanish faster than a snowball in an active blast furnace, so…

    • The elections of 2000 and 2004 may have been stolen, too. The last Republican presidential candidate who won clearly and convincingly was Bush Senior in 1988.

  9. Bill,

    In 2006, there was a group of dedicated election reform activists who tried to break through the defenses set up by congress in dealing with the reality of election fraud. There were very few people in Congress who took us seriously, much less listened to what we had discovered regarding the ease in which these machines could be manipulated. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was one of the only and most passionate advocate but her outspoken critique about Bush and 9/11 coupled with her support of our work in election reform sealed her fate. She is no longer in Congress is she? Wonder why?

    I have no doubt that Congress is scared sh___less about any public and honest discussion about election anomolies brought on by these machines because it would call into question the viability of their own election and they don’t want that for sure. Power is a powerful influence on those who are supposed to represent the will of the people but end up only representing their own self interests in the end.

    Unfortunately, the American people have been convinced that the machines are safe and secure and believe hand counting votes at the precinct on election night would be rife with voter fraud! Nothing could be further from the truth. Not too hard to believe when the American people can be convinced that trump is a man of hte people, they will believe just about anything fed to them by the media and those in power.

    Our country will not be taken back by those in power but the people. I am heartened by the recent resistance of women who have protested against trump after his inaugeration and again this January. My bets on the women having a big hand in taking back our country. I hope this resistance succeeds where others have failed because I don’t think we will have a second chance. The power elite have shown that they intend to run everything and turn American into a corporatocarcy and you know where that leaves us.

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