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Nice retirement you got there…

… Be a shame if something *happened* to it.

That’s immediately what came to my mind when I saw this tweet by Donald Trump about Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI:

I was thinking to myself, that guy is not going to make it 90 days to his retirement. Donald Trump is the kind of boss who will wait until you’re 2 weeks from retirement and then fire you for taking a company pen home.

And what did we discover yesterday? Jeff Sessions pressured FBI director Chris Wray to fire Andrew McCabe. To his credit, Wray refused and offered to resign, which would have caused a sh^t storm for Trump. Now, Robert Mueller would like to interview Trump about the firing of Comey and Flynn and maybe why he’s got it in for Andrew McCabe. How interesting that Mueller had an interview with Jeff Sessions just a few days ago that reportedly went on for hours and hours.

This is the kind of corrupt, thuggish and vengeful guy Trump is. And millions in this country *love* him for these very reasons. He’s the boss from hell. He’s The Godfather of the White House.

He wants complete loyalty. If you’re a leftover of some other boss and he inherits you, you’d better get in line toot sweet because your job from that point on is to be obedient, make sure he looks good all of the time and shut the fuck up about it or he’ll make sure your livelihood is ruined.

Now comes the headline at WaPo that right around the time Trump fired Comey, he asked McCabe who he voted for in 2016. He knew that McCabe’s wife had run for an office in Virginia as a Democrat. So, here was Andrew McCabe, acting director of the FBI, getting his test early on. Does he work for the justice department and the American people or does he work for Donald Trump? Will he protect Trump from prying and inconvenient investigations?

You’ve got to wonder what Trump was so worried about if there was absolutely “no collusion” with Russia.

But an even better question is what gave Trump the idea that he could get away with his strong arm tactics now that he was president? Did he think that the Oath of Office requiring him to protect and defend the Constitution was the equivalent of some Apple iTunes license? “Yeah, yeah, yadayadayada, scroll, scroll scroll. Where’s the damn ‘I agree’ checkbox? Let’s get on with it already.”

Only weak men with no stamina take that shit seriously, amirite??


Some troll on Twitter last night challenged a bunch of us about the Russia investigation. What is it really about? It’s all so vague, like there’s no there there. So, I accepted that challenge in 280 characters. Here goes:

But, she whined, why would Putin help Trump?? What’s in it for him?

And that’s all folks! That’s really all that this boils down to. The difference is that Trump was not president when his campaign accepted the help of the Russians or this would be a lot more serious. Then again, accepting stolen goods from a foreign country in order to take down your opponent during a very high stakes presidential campaign probably should be illegal. I mean, they were emails from a hacked server. The imagination goes wild thinking about what other things the Russians might have offered Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something really big and ugly that they did for him that we don’t know about and maybe never will. Some things you don’t want to alarm the public over.

In any case, it’s always the coverup that takes them down. And Flynn was assuring the Russian ambassador about sanctions being lifted. You know, quid pro quo. Then Comey had to be fired. And probably McCabe. Rosenstein. Sessions eventually. Then Mueller will be fired. It could get really ugly.

But that’s it in a nutshell. Not really that hard to understand, typos and bad phrasing notwithstanding. It’s not terribly vague. Anyone who lived through Watergate should be able to follow it. The difference is there were only 3 TV stations back then and you couldn’t get away from wall to wall coverage of Watergate. Now you can visit an endless variety of channels to distract you and Fox News lovers can go back to having their brains sucked out for awhile.


Podcast du Jour: Trumpcast -A Rot at the Core of the Republic. Virginia Heffernan talks to The Atlantic’s David Frum (yes, I know he was not a liberal’s friend during the Bush years but redemption *may* be possible. It turns out that some Republicans do have lines they won’t cross. I know right? They’re like unicorns.)


Hey! I just noticed that our numbers are ticking up lately. We’re less than 100,000 away from 13 MILLION unique page hits. Fancy that. 10 years later, there are still people reading my early morning hypergraphia.

Thank you, lovely people. You make my day.

You too Niles.

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