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This should be obvious

But unfortunately, there are a lot of people who will stubbornly resist the logic and will swallow whatever their tribal leaders say, no matter how nonsensical:

And this:

I think we can all agree on the bigness of numbers, right? Some numbers are bigger than others. Ok, more technically, the magnitude that a number represents is greater than the magnitude of the numbers that precede it. That is not an alternative fact. That’s just common sense.

So here are the numbers that Hayes is referring to:

House of Representatives:

Republican = 239

Democrat = 193

Vacant = 3

US Senate

Republican = 51

Democrats = 47

Other = 2

I think we can all agree that 239>193 and that 51>49. That seems pretty straightforward.

So, it doesn’t matter if Democrats are cooperative and agree with every thing Republicans want or whether they hold their breath and refuse to play along. There is NOTHING THEY CAN DO IF THEY DON’T HAVE A MAJORITY.

It’s like talking to a wall. These memes get stuck in people’s heads and they persist in spite of all evidence. But they’re just beautiful theories destroyed by ugly facts.


Hey! Remember this orange oldie?

Turns out Stormy Daniels had a different opinion about 7 years ago and it’s all about to hit the cashier’s aisle at your local supermarket.

She appears to be quite the authority on the subject of love making, if that’s what you call it. What will she tell us about Trump’s stamina?

7 Responses

  1. Mooootheeerrrrrrr!!!!!! — Pence

  2. And now for something completely off topic:

    I don’t remember if I ever posted this here or not, but it should appeal to our hostess’s interest in British history. 😛


  3. Off Topic: Just curious RD… how close are you to the 18th? Do you have any opinion on Lamb’s chances?

    • Extremely close. He’s like the next district over. I’m in Mike Doyle’s district and he’s fantastic, especially on net neutrality.
      A lot of that area is suburban/exurban. I think a couple of my relatives live in his district. Only one of my relatives could be considered a trumper. The others can’t stand him. What’s surprising is that one of the trump loathers leans libertarian. She thinks he’s awful. But like anything, it will all turn on how many people get out and vote. That’s what the women’s march on Sunday is going to be focusing on. I should have a better idea then and report back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lamb made an appearance in Pittsburgh.

    • No, that won’t happen.

      The best I can hope for now is legal retribution against the criminals who stole the election, and worse, committed treason to steal the election.

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