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Lack of dementia != lack of evil

The Montreal Cognition test, have you seen it? It’s 30 questions that a third grader should be able to ace. No, seriously, check it out yourself. It asks the subject to do simple things like draw a clock face for 10 minutes past 11 or what do an orange and banana have in common (concrete answer: they’re both fruit. More abstract answer(s): they’re both fruits that are peeled, they both grow in warm sub-tropical to tropical climates, they’re both sweet, they aren’t blue). Any eight year old should be able to do this test enthusiastically. In fact, you’ll probably get more answers from a delightful 8 year old than you needed. They can’t get enough of this stuff.

I can see where this is a useful test for a family member who mistakes his wife for a hat. But note that forgetfulness, confusion and early signs of dementia are not the same thing as disinterest, stupidity or lack of talent. It’s scary that Reagan would have failed this test but as bad as Reagan was, he was still smarter and more capable of doing his job than Donald.

Here is what the test is not: it’s not an intelligence test, it’s not a personality test like the MMPI, it’s not a psychological assessment and it is not a test for evil. Evil is knowing that doing something is wrong and harmful and doing it anyway. For more on this topic, read The Lucifer Effect by the designer of the Stanford Prison Experiment, psychologist Philip Zimbardo. Read that sucker. You’ll understand Donald Trump completely. It explains why he uses Dreamers as bargaining chips, can ignore the health of poor sick children on CHIP, deliberately screwed the blue states on taxes including California which has the 5th largest economy in the world, and can make Puerto Rican’s even more miserable by signing a tax “reform” bill that imposes an excise tax on American citizens that have already suffered a devastating hurricane and who are still in the dark three months later.

Let’s not let Republicans off the hook. They’re either complicit or scared to death that Donald’s childish, mean spirited, retributive score settling and petulance will turn its eye on them and their states next. This is a man who has been allowed to skate his whole life, who has been given break after break, has been praised and appeased like Veruka Salt, and believes that if you’re rich enough, you’re never held accountable for any bad behavior you can pay lawyers to take care of for you.

It’s no wonder that he does bad things, stupid things, careless things. What’s awful about the Montreal cognitive assessment test is now we know that he is perfectly capable and aware of exactly how much harm he’s doing.


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Stiff competition:


Corey Booker schools Kierstjen Nielsen. Best quote from Martin Luther King Jr:

Listen up, Trumpers, we all went to school during the Civil Rights era when we were told to never judge a book by its cover and that prejudice was bad. I can’t even say the N word. Haven’t since I was four years old and asked my mom what it meant. Racism is shameful. It diminishes the person who believes that one group of people is better and deserves more of everything good in life. And you all know this. You have an opportunity every day to wake up and see other people as people whose circumstances in life may be wholly different from yours. So do it.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Don’t do evil.

15 Responses

  1. Donnie Two Scoops’s cogntive test: 😈

  2. Lol! Too funny. I love the “Date”.

  3. RD – your word filter for “r@cist” is still in place from when Obots were calling you that, so you know how dishonest it is. And yet here you are using the same tired slur on your own political opponents. I can only conclude that you have no reasonable arguments, otherwise you would not knowingly stoop so low for so little payoff.

    • On the contrary, the Obots were just as wrong to sling that word around and I said at the time that it would backfire on them. They weaponized it to mean “anything reason why you don’t support Obama”. I really resented it because it meant you couldn’t disagree with him on ANYTHING without getting tagged. And anyone who knows me or wrote on this blog at the time knows that the first commandment I have to all editors on here was “thou shall not say or repeat any r@cist memes”. My issues with Obama were that he was inexperienced, didn’t have his own coalition, his talents were oversold, he didn’t stand for anything and he was really nothing more than the typical corporate ladder climber who’s campaign was largely funded by Republicans and the finance industry who wanted someone they could control.
      I think I was right. Don’t you agree?
      What does that have to do with r@ce? Um, nothing.
      The idea that I harbor some latent r@cist sentiment would be laughable to anyone who knows me personally.
      Obama kind of lowered the bar for r@cism to such an extent that some of us don’t recognize the real thing anymore. But Donald Trump is numero uno when it comes to r@cism.
      Let’s not kid ourselves. You know it’s true.

      • He’s just looking for attention, RD. 😈

        • Yeah, I know but it bears repeating that the Obots just pissed off a lot of people in 2008 with their r&cist shtick and the Democrats lost a whole lotta people over it. They should have dialed it back and allowed a lot more dissent.
          But then their guy might not have won.
          You and I know there was a lot of strategery and skullduggery in 2008. We withstood that and stayed liberal Democrats. If anyone has a reason to call it when they see it, it would be us.

          • Yeah, if it had just stayed civil and he had won it anyway, I would have enjoyed voting for him in 2008. Instead, I voted Green in both 2008 and 2012–although if I had known in 2012 what Pill Swine was, I would have voted for Obama in 2012 instead.

    • Hey, Blizzy, what sort of cheese do you want with your whine? 😈

  4. Meanwhile–When I first heard of this, I thought it might be a hoax, or an urban legend, or something like that.

    Apparently, it’s true. 😮

    People who should be old enough to know better are eating detergent.

    WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN–hell, no wonder Putin could find enough idiots in the right states to vote for his puppet.

  5. wow, you go Cory Booker! Job well done!

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