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      .@davidfrum wrote: “If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.” His words are proving prophetic. The GOP is becoming an authoritarian party. My latest: https://t.co/r1lj31eKtH— Max Boot (@MaxBoot) December 12, 2018
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      From Saez, Chetty, et al So, unless you think that genetic potential is that unequally distributed (and can explain eras where this chart did not apply, as in the post-WWII decades), you can pretty much forget “meritocracy.” Meritocracy is just a way of saying “we test for the things the middle and upper class has […]
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last 24 hours, you’ve heard that Donald Trump referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as “shitholes” while simultaneously wondering why we don’t encourage more immigration from Norway.

Let’s start with the last point first. Norwegians are the happiest people on earth. They live in a country with a high standard of living and they have universal healthcare, pretty decent gender equity and a strong social safety net. They don’t even officially belong to the EU so it’s hard for Rupert Murdoch types to figure out how to divide them with resentments and grievances. It also happens to be one of the whitest populations on earth but let’s not forget that the tragic mass shooting in Norway was carried out by a white nationalist who resented the fact that Norway was inviting non-white refugees to settle there. Let that sink in. The worst news we’ve heard from Norway was caused by some idiot who couldn’t figure out why Norway was allowing immigration from Shithole countries. We know that correlation does not indicate causation but it is curious that that worst thing to happen to this country in a long time, that is, the election of Donald Trump, was brought to fruition by activating similar resentments lurking in the dark corners of almost half of our population.

There’s a reason why political correctness is so important. It keeps people from saying and acting on those dark thoughts. They might not be illegal but they are incredibly ugly. As IBW says, it’s a test of character and they failed.

Anyway, Norwegians aren’t likely to come to the US for anything but vacation. Maybe. That is if other beautiful places on earth are too crowded in August.

Now to the Shithole comment.

I watched and listened to a lot of journalists on YouTube using the word “shithole” on air with a mix of incredulity, embarrassment, anger and hurt.

Some, like Jake Tapper on Late Night with Seth Meyers said that when Trump was elected last year, he expected the incompetence but he never expected the chaos and corruption and tastelessness.

I’m both surprised and not surprised by this. I saw this coming as probably many of you. That’s because we read history and we know how good nations go bad.

But the vast majority of Americans don’t and have no experience for what it is like to live under a corrupt or dictatorial presidency with a legislative branch that seems intent to aide and abet him.

This is what happens to OTHER countries. Not this country.

I have no idea why they thought this. There ultimately is nothing exceptional about America. The uniqueness we took pride in was enshrined in less than 30 amendments and countless norms and civility. The norms and civility are gone now. The Republicans have run over all of that and the Democrats have decided, after being trampled and outmaneuvered by a party that takes no prisoners that now, after keeping their powder dry for years, they have to fight back. Well, what else are they going to do?? All the unwritten rules and norms and courtesies are gone. Now it’s a matter of self defense. Diane Feinstein finally pulled out a weapon and used it. Let’s get to it then.

Before we become another shithole country.

This one’s for you, Niles:


More fallout on Twitter suggests what the real shithole country of the developed world is:


33 Responses

  1. Haiti IS a shithole.

  2. Where to begin? Some of those countries are shitholes because of the corrupt political environment, not because of their everyday people who like everybody else on this earth simply want a decent life. The irony here is that this corrupt motherfucker in the WH IS turning this country into a shithole country and the people who support him ARE shitholes.

    The shitholes who surround him are massaging the racial vulgarity as merit-based immigration. Don’t fall for it. US immigration by and large IS merit-based. But the human migration dynamics is not something this incompetent fool in the WH understands. Lily white Norway is not interested in coming here to this shithole especially now, but a few good people from other countries will. And the shitholes like trump need those good people for running this country’s economic engine, hell he employs Haitians in his fucking shithole in FL.

  3. Maybe if they offer him his trump shithole in their country, he will be nice to them. CORRUPT as fuck is the way to a shithole.

  4. THIS is at the heart of it, somehow these humans are LESSER (than Norwegians — the shithole even gave you the analogy to prove what he is saying, why the guesswork and massaging?)

  5. Turning this country into a shithole country:

  6. Thread on what went down with the shithole in the WH yesterday, from Durbin.

  7. Don’t blame us well qualified immigrant citizens. Most in this country who voted for the racist mfer are uneducated (shitholes).

    • Yes, pm — we know. Democrats hate white Americans, and want to replace them with mass migration from 3rd world shitholes.

      • Uh, so we hate ourselves? White dem here still clinging to the hope that there will be equality for all some day and a place for those seeking refuge who want a chance at a better life for themselves and their children. Why are you here (on this blog I mean)?

  8. Has anyone noticed that when dump signs a document on TV, his signature is getting larger and blacker? I swear he is now using a Magic Marker to sign. I can imagine a day when it is not a signature at all, just violent, chaotic scribbling smeared with drool.

  9. Bill Maher’s comment is deeply ironic. The reality is that African-Americans are more literate than blacks in Africa; white Americans are more literate than whites in Europes; etc (this data is from PISA test scores). America’s low overall literacy is 100% due to having more blacks than most European countries.

    So a counterpoint to rd’s point on PC: it makes you dumber, and unable to understand the world. If you can’t talk about something, then it’s harder to think about, and bad ideas can’t get refuted through debate. Hence comments like Bill Maher’s. The simple reality is that allowing immigrants from shithole countries will lower our national literacy even further.

    • Let’s get rid of Fox News before we cast aspersions on other countries’ peoples.

      BTW, Oz, Trump is going down and all that ugly id of yours is going to have to scurry from the dark smelly corner from which it emerged.

      • Whoa! This Blizzard person is NOT me!

        Roz in NJ/NYC

        • Ohhh, so sorry, Roz. I’ll edit.

          • Thanks for making the correction, RD! I figured the screen name similarities caused the mistake.

            Catscatscats, Glad you recognized it wasn’t me!

          • By the way, “The Wizard of Roz” is the name of my blog. Since it’s on WordPress, that automatically becomes my screen name when I post a comment on other WP blogs.

            Roz in NJ/NYC

        • Didn’t sound like you Roz, i have read your comments before!

    • The simple reality is that allowing immigrants from shithole countries will lower our national literacy even further.

      I have taught children of these “shithole” country immigrants and will assure anyone that they are better than you, literacy or intellect or otherwise. Those good people from “shithole” countries have enough self-respect that they won’t want to come to this country. And congratulations, you have shown them what a shithole you are.

      • And congratulations, you have shown them what a shithole you are.

        You misspelled “shithead”. 😈

  10. I keep using the r*cist word and go into moderation.

  11. Finally, someone made the point I was making.

  12. Front Page at: https://www.wsj.com/

    A lawyer for President Donald Trump arranged a $130,000 payment to a former adult-film star a month before the 2016 election as part of an agreement that precluded her from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump, according to people familiar with the matter.

    The SHTHOLE himself…

  13. Hey, Rethuglicans and “independent” wingnuts:

    If you hate shithole countries so much, why are you trying so Madoka-damned hard to turn THIS country into one?

  14. I wish “Fox News” meant this guy had a network.

  15. Hey RD, can you release two of my comments from moderation (used the offending term)?

    To emigrate to a new country and establish yourself and make a successful life for yourself takes money (you or your family needs to have been successful in your own “shithole” country before you come here), skill, and a pioneering spirit. Most of the first generation immigrants who come here are of that mold. Glad to see articles like this.

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