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Just sayin’

Found this in my Twitter stream because I dig Paleo-Anthropology (get it?, ok, never mind.). Looks like we’re all from the Shithole countries:

Sooooo, you know, there’s that.

The Neanderthals were probably none too pleased to see us coming, overstaying our visas, having children in France, taking all the good mammoth hunting grounds, creating urban hellholes in all the caves in the Basque provinces. Have you SEEN all the graffiti?!? Shocking.

Cue the Trumpers to start asking why we all had to leave Africa in the first place.




BTW, if you are finding that your comments are getting swallowed by the moderation queue, try changing the word “racist” to “r@cist”. The filter word was inserted in 2008 to prevent Obamabots from accusing us of racism whenever we were insufficiently orgasmic over his candidacy.

37 Responses

  1. If only they had had a wall, eh? But then, they if they were “none too pleased”, that would have meant they were racist. Therefore they deserved to wiped out. It’s kind of a catch-22.

  2. Sorry Rd, nothing will enlighten these mfers.

    This is what the r*cist shithole wants, maybe even impregnate a few of those and then pay them hush money like he did the porn star in 2006 when he was married to Melania.

  3. And then there these other neanderthals.

  4. I would love to see Mathews fired for any reason. I can’t stand him, his pro Obama comments and anti Hillary comments disgusted me.

    • Oooo, yeah, remember the ‘tingle down the leg’ he got when Obama gave a speech?

      Time for him to go.

      • Yeah, go to some TV equivalent of WKRP.

        Speaking of which, Les Nessman would make a better journalist than Matthews. 😛

      • You read my mind, RD. Didn’t he also say that she reminded men of their first ex wife?

        • If I could remember infancy, Matthews would remind me of my first used diaper. 😈

          • Would you believe I actually won “Kindest Member” on the anime forum which I frequent? 😆

      • RD, he had the biggest tingle viewing GWB’s manly package in the flight suit.

      • Omg I had almost forgotten. Hello 08 flashbacks! Do you all remember him pinching Hillary’s cheek?! That fucker, Time is UP for him!

  5. These folks might agree with Blizzy about immigrants, but I rather doubt he would return the agreement… 😈

  6. Thread about Matthews. I will be happy if we got him fired.

    • This is the man that Obama bots looooved back in 08! They laughed at us when we called out his sexism. They told us we were all ugly, old bitches and that Chris Matthews was the maaaan

      • Wouldn’t it be lovely if Tweety Turd Matthews was the next alleged journalist to get hounded out of a job for sexual harassment? 😈

  7. And now for something completely off topic: 😛

  8. 😈

  9. Excellent thread! People need to know the history of these countries they are calling “shitholes”. And coming from India, I know the history of colonization and how all those Europeans countries plundered the wealth of these other countries to last for centuries.

    • Great thread pm, makes me ashamed of past acts but also makes me want to do better as an individual, as a citizen and as a nation. Thanks for posting.

      • but also makes me want to do better as an individual, as a citizen and as a nation

        That right there is the American spirit, right? For all its warts and its share of history, I will always side with America because it also made amends in building this almost ‘utopia’ of justice and fairness based on rule of law for its diverse population from all over the world (yeah, yeah, its military industrial complex mostly abused by the Rs is a problem and there are other quirks). But that idea of diverse world within a world utopia is what makes America great and it is fading fast with trump.

  10. I don’t know what kept Dumb Donny’s Lilliputian finger off the nuclear button, today but, thank God, something did. Maybe, nobody tells him anything serious.

    • Commander Babyfingers is tweeting about Wolfe book (@around 2 PM).

      • Can you imagine another President who wouldn’t have appeared on TV to calm the nation about an almost Fail Safe situation? My husband says that Trump was probably on his golf course pussy grabbing a cart girl. Remind me to ask him what a “cart girl” is.

  11. WH Press Sec Elmira Gantry is having problems:

  12. 😛

  13. I read on another blog that it’s THAT time of year again… 😈

  14. Old Nixon campaign buttons. 😈

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