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      This old partisan hypocrite: “The Senate, as an institution, is in crisis,” Sen. Hatch, 84, the man who is 3rd in line to the presidency, warns in farewell address. https://t.co/CjPAimcv5i— MSNBC (@MSNBC) December 12, 2018
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Fasten your seatbelts

It’s going to be a bumpy day.

Everything seems to be on warp speed since Tuesday. The latest revelations about how Trump very clearly tried to obstruct justice are on the NYTimes front page today.

Michael Wolf’s book is #1 on Amazon and thanks to Trump’s frantic “cease and desist” letter, the release date was moved up to today. Those copies are going to fly off the shelves.

Meanwhile, back in the House, Devin Nunes has been given access to look at what the FBI uncovered on Trump & Co. based on Fusion GPS research. Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray had a meeting with Paul Ryan about Nunes’ habit of seeing evidence and then running to the White House to give Trump the heads up.

Oh, yes, he did. There is no honor amongst Republicans. They will gut the New Deal come hell or high water. It’s what they live for. Nunes sees his job as running interference for the White House, not actually doing an investigation.

So, what can we expect today? Fuck if I know. This thing is moving even too fast for me. But one thing is for sure, there will be protests, even in this bitterly cold weather, if Trump decides to fire anyone.

Of that I am absolutely sure. People may well lose their toes over this but it’s better than letting that eating cheeseburgers in bed, soft, illiterate, attention deficit disordered, pussy grabbing, Russian marionette stay in office.

Enough already.


After the revelations in Wolff’s book about Trump’s dangerous stupidity and incompetence, many talking heads are shrieking “why won’t somebody do something?!”. Representative Zoe Lofgren wrote a bill that now has 56 co-sponsors that requires the president to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

But will anyone actually make him do that? Even if it means saving lives? There are psychiatric professionals who have testified before Congress that Trump’s mental state is rapidly unraveling as he decompensates. (I learned that term from our own Lady V. 🤗. I still have no idea what it means. Maybe she can guest post and enlighten us.)

But I can relate to the sense of frustration at how this unstable and volatile man is allowed to throw his ample weight around and threaten to break whole countries with a single button as I wrote about last October in Tenerife Trump.<


14 Responses

  1. better than letting that eating cheeseburgers in bed, soft, illiterate, attention deficit disordered, pussy grabbing, Russian marionette stay in office.

    I like this!

    What is coming out of this book and what we already knew, didn’t Hillary say all this out loud for all of us? But she was excoriated for not having a “message”. The message was THIS! He is 100% unfit for this job in more unimaginable ways than one. She didn’t need any other message. Period. There was no choice, no option but to vote for her if you realized what this guy was about. Millions more realized it in one form or another and shame on those dumb fuckers (includes media) who didn’t and who are now dragging all the smart people’s asses through this nightmare. I am angry. We should all be angry!

  2. Off topic: 😈

  3. More off topic:

    “Darnit, I don’t CARE what those mean old astronomers say! I’M A PLANET, TOO!”

  4. 😛

  5. ROFL… if they heard the Donald wants it, his dumb supporters wants it more.

  6. *speechless*

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