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    • Who Goes To Prison For America’s Crimes? The Whistleblowers.
      There’s a joke about the CIA and torture, in that the only person who went to prison for torturing people was the guy who revealed the torture. Daniel Hale, the guy who revealed that drone bombing killed 90% innocents, is now off to his stint in jail. He seems tough, maybe he won’t be driven to multiple suicide attempts like Manning was by the deliberate mis […]
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My daughter is a NASTY WOMAN

Number One child’s birthday is coming up in a week. What does she want for her birthday? Well, check it out:

You can visit her fundraising page for Planned Parenthood of Saint Louis here. Actually, it’s an invitation so maybe you can’t click on her link. But you can still donate to Planned Parenthood in your area. All the nasty women are doing it these days (yes, that is *my* T-shirt that I got from Sam Bee’s fundraiser for PP of Los Angeles)

By the way, she’s moving to St. Louis for a new job and after 2 years will be immigrating to a small city state in Southeast Asia. I see a lot of long flights in my future.


I’m off this week (I know, I’m always a little off). Got a lot to do today. Like clean out the fridge. And maybe relax later.

BTW, Lady V is in bed with the flu. I’m sending healthful thoughts her way. And that goes for Sweet Sue as well who got socked in the gut by some weird microbes lately. Get well soon.

Anyone else sick that I missed? I am blissfully healthy with only a slight seasonal cough. Knock wood.

Everybody breathe deeply.

35 Responses

  1. Congratulations to your daughter. They are the future of this country and they have to protect what is good and right. Choose wisely from now on even if you made a mistake in 2016 (I am thinking of my colleague’s daughter).

    An update on that Bethany Beach book store — apparently it is known for its right wing slant but looks like they have gone fully deplorable now.

    • What is the name of that bookstore? I ask because I’ve been to Bethany Beach twice. I really like it and wouldn’t mind going again. But I don’t want to buy from Trumpers. We need to do a google map.

      • It is called Bethany Beach Books.

        We stayed at the Marriott right on the beach — recommend that place. This was our first time staying overnight at Bethany Beach. We usually make a long day trip of it going to Rehoboth, stopping at the outlet malls on the way.

  2. Bitter food for thought from Joseph Cannon:

    I used to have faith that unregulated free speech was a self-healing organism. I used to believe that free speech was like Wolverine’s skin: The bad guys could bruise it, batter it, stab it and shoot it — but after a period of pain, everything would return to normal.

    I’ve lost that faith. The bullets have hit vital organs and the holes don’t seem to be closing up.

    Conspiracy madness is destroying this country. Neo-Nazis are using (or abusing) free speech to eradicate democracy. In the end, they hope to institute a totalitarian state in which free speech will be no more.

    Infuriatingly, the only way to combat their abuse of free speech is to restrict free speech. But that option is unthinkable. Any state which has the power to hide or prevent the lies told by Q or “Gregory Douglas” or the Pizzagators will also have the power to restrict what I have to say and what you have to say.

    Perhaps the best film about Nazism is Kevin Brownlow’s 1965 masterpiece It Happened Here. Toward the end of that movie, one character offers this horrifying paradox: “The appalling thing about fascism is that you’ve got to use fascist methods to get rid of it.”

    When I first saw the film at a revival theater in early 1980s, that line made me angry — and I was not the only one who felt disturbed. A few in the audience applauded; some hissed.

    How do I feel now? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

    I don’t know, either. 😦

    The whole post:


    • I hate to say this but Jill stein and Bernie voters got us to this place. There is real danger here that the telecoms will owe the Republicans big time in 2018 for abolishing net neutrality. We better come up with plan B ASAP.

  3. Meanwhile, Putin’s useful idiot His Holiness Saint Ian of Welsh is making apologies for Tsar Vladimir and Mommie Dearest Russia (don’t click his article in the left column if you have blood pressure issues). 😡

  4. Thanks for good wishes, RD. I still have ten days of Flagyl left-ugh.
    Kids don’t be like me: don’t eat sushi.
    Once again, Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America; who’s going to tell Vanity Fair?
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  5. Of course Hillary Clinton has the silent majority. We are the mature and wise ones. More importantly who is going to tell the buffoon?

  6. Thank you, RD! Not only is Hillary the most admired woman in the WORLD, but Sanders is much, much less admired than Trump…

  7. With Mueller being miles ahead of the media or anyone else, does this mean Flynn has already ratted out on trump? Flynn’s family is tweeting trump to pardon him saying he took a fall for all of them.

    • oh, cry me a river! The country is burning and we have to heed what you or Greenwald or that fucking reporter have to say?! The fact that Greenwald is tweeting about this reporter makes me wonder if she was a Russian stooge. We know Greenwald is. Are you?

    • @Niles:

      ‘Bye, Felicia. 😛

  8. Oh, poor, poor Mr. Jack Darcy! He should ask himself, ‘whose first amendment free speech is it anyway?’ Russian bots, trolls, fuckers messing with our country and democracy?

  9. Well, this is the video from Vanity Fair… FUCK YOU, Motherfuckers!! Are they even aware what the fuck is going on in this country? Are they? Well fed motherfuckers. They think what is happening in the country will not touch them. I hope every single one of them ends up jobless, penniless, and homeless.

    • Hillary being named the most admired woman in America makes Vanity Fair look awfully stupid. Oh and sexist, too.

      • They are all guilty, these Hillary haters. They have to be vocal in their denunciation/hate to assuage their guilt. Some type of rationalization, I guess but they are a minority. On the other hand, Hillary supporters (the majority as this poll suggests) are doing the hard work of resisting, protesting, and bringing back balance in the country because they saw long before anyone else what a danger this buffoon and his administration would be to this country. In any other situation, we can dismiss these ‘young’ ignoramuses as just that but unfortunately they have a right to vote and they cause harm and damage as they have done in the 2016 election.

      • I love to quote Great Gatsby when people fuck up and still don’t get they fucked up or they do but they don’t care.

        “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

          • Whoever has a handle like that and calls themselves deplorable is pretty dumb! His mess is what we all have to clean up now.

          • @pm317: The buffoon whom Niles quoted is the leader of a gaggle of deluded souls who used to hang out here. D the K used to be more or less her second-in-command, Spock to her Kirk.

            He and his faction, in their justifiable anger at the Democratic political establishment’s (and Wall Street’s) weighting of the 2008 nomination in favor of Obama, allowed themselves to start reading the wingnut propaganda sites, because they also opposed Obama–and they got brainwashed, which led to a schism, and D the K and his faction left this site, and are lost to us now.

            He (D the K) is still angry that RD would not follow him over the cliff.

            I almost followed them over the cliff, but praise the Ascended Madoka, I saw the cliff’s edge, and remained here. Maybe it’s because I softened somewhat towards Obama–I wanted to like the guy, but it took me some years to get over 2008–and/or I harbor a deep and continuing grudge against conservatism in all of its manifestations–political, economic, religious, social–to the point where I could no more vote Rethuglican than I could flap my arms and fly to the Moon.

          • @Niles: B!tch, I done TOLD yo’ skank @$$ BYE, Felicia! 😛

    • The Vanity Hive are just pist that their beloved Bernie didn’t win the primary and give them a debt free life of goodies.

      May Karma take care of them.

      Happy Holidays, and may 2018 bring the Muller hammer down on the Orange crew, their leader and restore some sanity to our country.

      • Hi Shadow, I was thinking of you in the last couple of days. Happy New Year! and if we keep it up, Nov. 2018 will be glorious.

      • Does anybody have a list of all journalists who participated in that horrible Hillary 2018 video? Twitter @’s, emails etc.

        • It is the Vanity Fair, Hive group. You can find some names on this webpage but don’t know who all appeared in the video, except Maya Kosoff because she made news by going private on her twitter account after the backlash.


  10. Earlynerd posted this over on Uppity’s blog:

  11. From Wonkettte:

    Would You Realize This Report From Trump Country Was Satire If We Didn’t Tell You?


  12. Thanks IBW for the info above. A lot of 2008 Hillary supporters (were they really? looking at the tweet above and other things since) lost their heads and went to the dark side. However, the choice in 2016 was clear like day and night if not from day one but as the fucked up trump rallies progressed through the campaign season. If they were not alarmed by the buffoon and his rallies and the people there, they were not paying attention. Or maybe they were one of them.

  13. God! do we have to spell these out to the motherfuckers at NYT or in other media? check the thread, up and down. It is good.

  14. Why should we take this motherfucker NYT reporter seriously? Journalism dies forcibly or in NYT’s case, of its own accord, before a dictator emerges.

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