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      One of my favourite sights is to see people complaining that marginalized people don’t understand that their support for Bad Politician-X results in fucking themselves. “Sure,” runs the line, “their lives suck now. But they’ll suck even worse if this guy gets into power.” This is often (but not always) true. It is also irrelevant. […]
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No Democrats voted for the Tax bill because…

… taxes are going to go up.

The whole idea of a tax cut was stupid. Republicans are always screaming about stuff we can’t afford. They create the scarcity narrative. We can’t afford to buttress the social safety net because we can’t afford it. That’s the reason they haven’t funded CHIP. It’s too expensive to protect the health of 9 million American children.


Then why are we getting a tax cut? (Most of us *aren’t* getting a tax cut but that’s besides the point.)

The next time your Fox News loving friend supports the tax bill because of trickle down economics, ask them who is going to pay for the interstate. They’ll roll their eyes and go back to trickle down. But ask them again, who’s going to pay for the roads and bridges? And Amtrak?? Who? Keep asking, if we take $1.5 TRILLION dollars out of the federal budget, WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THE FRICKING ROADS??

They’ll eventually throw up their hands in exasperation.

The answer is, YOU will. Everyone who is not a corporation or very wealthy is going to have to dig deep into their pockets to fix the roads and pay the teachers because we will have no choice. And even if we do manage to cough up more in taxes from our disposable income, we still won’t be able to cover the gap. $1,500,000,000,000.00 is a lot of money.

So then Republicans will want to cut entitlements. They’re actually not entitlements. They are deferred income that we have already earned. Why will they do this? It’s because the federal budget has been borrowing money from the Social Security trust fund. You know, that trust fund that you’ve been paying all your working life and the surplus fund too. And the people who bought the Republicans are acting like any other new owners. They never agreed to this social security crap. Their money belongs to them.

So, to recap: the Republicans are robbing the budget to pay their donors for all of the nice and luscious campaign funds and they have no intention of honoring the IOU’s that are supposed to go back into the social security trust fund.

Pretty soon, the average Trump voter, even the ones who are well off, are going to have to start kicking in more in state and local taxes, that there is now a deduction cap on, in order to fund stuff we used to take for granted.

Then some of them will be “woke” and realize they’ve been treated like suckers and losers by the likes of Donald Trump but it will be too late.

Don’t blame the Democrats. They were intentionally left out of the negotiations for this massive give away. And they want nothing to do with the hardship this bill is going to impose on regular Americans.

This is the Republicans’ baby.


15 Responses

  1. “This is the Republicans’ baby.”

    And I thought Rosemary’s baby was scary… 😮

    As for the Trump Chumps, I doubt enough of them will wake up soon enough. They’re a Madoka-damned CULT. 😡

  2. Thank you riverdaughter for this concise, clear description of just what’s going on in this nation. As for the Trump voters: I divide them into two categories–those who want to emulate the not-really-billionaire real estate guy Trump and rake in the profits if they can; and the other camp is full of another sort of ‘walking dead’: The evangelical walking dead, as I call them…the EWD. They will simply never get it. We have to count them as a lost cause. I retired a couple yrs ago, early, at age 58, because I was able to—worked full-time from the age of 19, non-stop, until 58, and was able to take advantage of an early ‘buy out’ that offered me a lump sum (in addition to a pension) to retire 3 yrs early. Every single paycheck I saw had deductions for the Social Security I now receive, and the Medicare I will receive in 2 years. I am sick and tired of hearing these earned benefits referred to as ‘entitlements’…America: wake up!!

    • Hi JanL! I forgot to send you the Welcome Package but I can’t remember what I put in it now. Time for an upgrade.
      Make yourself at home.

  3. RD, what is happening in NJ?

    • I am pretty sure RD will agree… The smart voters left NJ years ago.

      • @jmacwa, As a lifelong FDR Democrat whose has lived in NJ for nearly 50 years, I find your statement seriously offensive.

        Roz in NJ/NYC

    • It’s all about property taxes. NJ is a messed up state that charges property owners an arm and a leg. You can only live in the suburbs if you have a very good job. Good jobs come with high income, property and other taxes that will now be capped at $10000. And just to be clear here, in my last year in New Jersey when I had a nice job, I made over $100K. I lived in a modest 3 bedroom townhouse. I drove a used car. My property taxes were about $7000/year. I also paid state income taxes. I didn’t live a well to do lifestyle although that much money would go much farther in Pittsburgh. I was middle class in my suburb and practically trailer trash because I owned a townhouse, not a swank single family dwelling. Believe me, the kid felt that snub from some of her school friends.
      The working class is just pissed off. They can’t get out from this ridiculous burden on them and neither democratic or Republican governors have been willing or able to make any changes.
      The middle and upper middle class in NJ are going to get hit HARD by the SALT cap. Really hard. As in, they won’t be able to save for their kids’ educations hard. And the value of their houses is supposed to dive by 10%. So, imagine that you just bought a modest single family 4 bedroom house in a nice development for $500000. Now your house is worth $450000. But you’re still going to pay $13000 in property taxes and it will be harder to sell to someone else. So. Yeah, they’re angry. But there’s not a lot that can be done about it. There are a few Republican Congress critters like Leonard Lance (nj-07) who was my congressman who will probably lose his seat next year. But what else can they do? It was a deliberate strike against the blue states by Trump and his base. And now all the wealthy and middle class voters are going to want to keep all their money to themselves. Why should they share anything with the mindless morons in Tom’s River who voted for Trump? You can’t blamd them for protesting. Everything the Republicans say they’re for: smart, motivated people, keeping what they earn, is completely wiped out by this.
      NJ is blue wrt presidential elections but purple otherwise. That’s going to change big time next year.

      • Thanks RD, that was an excellent first hand report. I think we in MD and Montgomery county will get hit hard as well.

      • No doubt this is property taxes, but, IMO this is compounded by Whitman’s decision, sometime in the early 90’s IIRC, to use money for the public pensions to finance the state. That’s when I knew I was getting out of NJ as soon as I could, NJ’s day of reckoning is yet to come I fear. I am glad I got out when I did in late 99.

        + I probably should have added a snark tag to my original comment to ensure no one would be offended.

        • Snark greatly appreciated.
          Most of my friends have left.

          I agree that NJ’s day of reckoning is coming. For decades, it has refused to share services between municipalities and property taxes are out of control. You really can’t complain about the schools though in some of those suburbs. My school district really took off in the late 90’s as I predicted it would. We were only 9 miles from Princeton. It was affordable. All the smart people moved there and it turned into a high school on steroids. The standards got very high.
          But all in all, it’s very expensive to live in NJ and bloody little has been done to even out the pain.

          • Having lived in the same district, I totally agree. My son graduated HHS in 97, so at that point I no longer had any ties to NJ.

  4. A crook who has evaded tax all his life and a corrupt Republican congress wrote line items that especially help them and they highlight an AVERAGE 60-100 dollar cut in people’s pay check (which they say the people will spend on dinner! at the local restaurants helping the economy!).

  5. I think I read somewhere that Paul Ryan grew up in poor circumstances losing his father early and being on state welfare (don’t exactly remember all the details) but now I read that he comes from a wealthy family? That explains his cruelty even more.

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