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I saw the clip of Donald slurring his words during his speech about his short sighted and possible dangerous decision to recognize Jerusalem officially as the capital of Israel.

I’d like to think it’s dementia so that we could invoke the 25th amendment but then Pence has been chomping at the bit since the beginning to displace Donald in a coup and usher in a theocracy.

But what it actually looks like is someone who is old, overweight, unattractive and stupid who simply hasn’t had enough rest. He looks like he lacks stamina. He’s weak and pudgy and soft. He’s slurring his words because his mouth is dry and his tongue has lost muscle tone (sooo, Melania is safe). He’s looking and sounding his age, which is no small feat for a guy who has money to burn, could afford a personal trainer and definitely needs a better esthetician to deal with the tanning bed raccoon eyes. So, there’s my personal assessment.

He probably thinks he’s still hot. Or anyway, his money is hot for women who have incredibly low standards. In his mind, he’s like Austin Powers. “Do I make you horny baby? Do I make you randy?”



Preet Barhara interviewed chess champion and Russian dissident Gary Kasparov this week. Kasparov’s take on the Flynn involvement doesn’t have anything to do with money laundering or the Magnitsky Act. Kasparov says to understand how Flynn is involved you have to look at how Putin stayed his hand when he could have dismissed American diplomats from Russia in retaliation for what Obama did to punish Russians for their interference in the election. That’s where Flynn passed the message to the Russian ambassador to Putin that Trump was going to fix things. Kasparov says he is 100% sure that the assurance came from Trump to Flynn. I don’t know how he knows this. Maybe he has special knowledge, maybe he just gamed it out.

Anyway, good interview, worth a listen.


If Franken goes out today, I hope he takes a slew of Republicans with him. What he’s accused of doesn’t sound like harrassment to ME. (I tweeted a #metoo on one thing but I could have tweeted about another). Ok, maybe the last one does but I’d have to understand the context. In any case, doesn’t pass the Roy Moore test by any stretch. And where there are Democrats culling their own, I’m betting there are a HUGE number of Republicans who are worse.


I had a good run last night and burned off the petit fours. Felt so good I ran up the stairs to the fourth floor this morning and skipped the elevator. And I haven’t slurred a single word yet.

Every morning when I wake, a feeling soon begins to overtake me.

Ringing in my ears resounds through my brain; it finally surrounds me.

There is fire, there is life, there is passion, fever and fury.

There is love and there is hate, there is longing, anger and worry.

Oh, I have a flame; feel it touch my heart.

And down at my core is the hottest part.

I can burn without fuel.

65 Responses

  1. A dentist said it was his dentures. In any case, he is old and unattractive and dumb and incompetent. But notice the manipulative words in that one minute. He says he is doing something none of his predecessors or other leaders had the nerve to and that kind of stupidity appeals to his supporters, just the words because we know what comes next is incompetence. They don’t care.

    • huh, there it is. “he was fixated on his base and seeming different than “other presidents,””

      The stupid devil in him rushes in where angels fear to tread. That is it. That is his shtick. He is not competent or smart enough to follow through that impulse and make it work.

    • Believe me, he doesn’t wear dentures-veneers or porcelain crowns or both. My dentist knows the NYC dentist who did Trump’s work and says that his ego is every bit as big as his most famous patient’s.

  2. OMG, now the Gingriches and Ingrahams are coming to Franken’s defense. They are having their Roy Moors and eating Democrats too. I think Democrats made a mistake. They needed to take this slowly and go through established process with the ethics committee for which Franken was open.

  3. Weiner vs. Moore: Can you spot the difference?

    If this goes through, the “good white Christians” of Alabama will reveal themselves as a true generation of vipers. Oh wait, they’ve been doing that for decades. 😡

    • Wasn’t Trump tweeting about this Weiner thing in the last couple of days, poking the Democrats right in the eye about supporting Moore.

  4. With all this Franken thing, it drives me crazy when the Democrats and the media on their own open themselves up to equivalences between Bill Clinton and Trump. Day and night. Shame on them. For God’s sake, leave Bill Clinton alone!

    • That’s the difference (you know this already, but indulge me):

      When our people f*** up, we criticize and even ostracize them, because we actually have standards.

      When their people f*** up, they rally to their defense, because they just don’t care what else their chosen spokescritters do, as long as they stick it to them godless, condescending intelekshuls and them lazy, criminal ni*CLANG*s and other dusky-skinned folks.

      • And then they turn around and act like they’re the most moral, good Christian folks in human history. The phrase “scribes and Pharisees” comes to mind.

      • Yes, we have standards and morals. But I feel they are wrong to equate Bill Clinton with Trump or any of those other R creatures. Period. Leave him alone.

  5. 😈

  6. Stupid, complicit, or both?

  7. The only FAIR response when media mfers and Rethugs bring up Bill Clinton is this: Republicans spent 10s of 1000s of millions looking at every consensual affair he had and impeached him for a CONSENSUAL blow job he had with a 20+ year old adult who threw herself at him (I would have too and not regretted it) . Yeah, I can hear the Althouse people screaming he lied under oath. All I can say is How is it working out for you with trump? I digress but with Clinton it was a true witch hunt and he was a GOOD president who carried out his duties faithfully despite muckraking distractions, he loves his country, he is smart and intellectual, he is truly interested in solving problems and his heart and mind are in the right place. The country was in a better shape when he left. Now let us ask the fucking Republicans and media fuckers how their installation of trump, the serial abuser, assaulter, the bigot, the racist, the liar, the incompetent, the traitor is going?

  8. What has happened to Al Franken is both a disgrace, and a horrifying moment for our democracy, maybe the last moment. We know how truly evil the Republicans are, with no moral compass whatsoever, their only lgoal being that of “winning” and enacting their relentless fascist theocratic agenda. The only credible opposition to them is the Democrats, who have devolved into a party of ineffectual sanctimoniousness; a party which cannot do anything to stop the Republicans, so turns to destroying its own members in a kind of Jacobin Reign of Terror revival.

    I applaud the women whose comments i have read, who are as outraged and desolated as I am about this. Women who understand that while unwanted male attention is never ideal, there is a vast difference between rape or serious sexual assault, and some man trying to kiss them, or even put his hand on their rear while taking a photograph at a campaign rally. And that’s even if those things actually happened.

    But this was all so inevitable, the confluence of all these themes we have deplored. A media which is clearly on the side of the Far Right, and which spins and twists every news event against the Democrats, particularly against Hillary. A Republican Party which counts on this, and thus knows it never has to give an inch, and can be as hypocritical as it wants, because the media will never call them on it, while the Democrats fall all over themselves to obtain the media apptoval which they are never going to get anyway. A feminist movement which has had worthwhile aims, but which, as so many movements, is ultimately voiced by the most radical members, those who inveigh for “zero tolerance,” and claim that every affront is as bad as any other. So Franken was doomed, the minute that the right-wing birther Tweeden was encouraged to tell this story of how Franken somehow did something awful to her 12 or so years ago. Immediately the puritans wanted to make Franken a sacrifical lamb for the actions of the Wieinsteins and Lauers. Meanwhle, it is clear to me that the Republians targeted Franken because he was the most effective Democratic Senator in exposing the lies of Sessions and the rest of the cabal. But they couldn’t just get him themselves, they had to get the Democrats to get him. Which they did, Kirsten Gillibrand Defarge leading the way.

    Gillibrand reluctatntly admitted that Franken was entitled to an ethics hearing, but that she wanted him to resign instead. So much for the New Democratic Puritan Brigade believing in rule of law, innocent until proven guilty, gradations of punishments. And that principle is now definitely planted as a mark which they can’t erase. The next male Democrats who are accused (and there will surely be more) must be treated the same was as Franken; that is, guilty simply because some women allleged some things. “Believe all women,” is as rigid and totalitarian as “believe no women.”

    There was to my knowledge not one single Democratic senator who stood up for Franken, said that he deserved his hearing; even dared to go so far as to say that what he is accused of, even if all true, is really not of the nature to warrant censure, let alone expulsion. But no male Democratic political figure dares to say that these days. An unwanted kiss is considered a sexual assault. It is akin to Orwell’s “sexcrime” in “1984,” which could basically be used to arrest and purge anyone who did or said anything of a remotely sexual nature. I am not praising an unwanted kiss (which the woman in qustion said she just avoided by turning her head), or an unwanted patting of a woman’s rear end (even though that was certainly not proven). But they are not sexcrimes. They are not lines in the sand. If you want to do that, then all men are playing russian roulette every time they are in the presence of any woman they might be attracted to And the key point is, that they don’t even have to have done anything at all, just be accused of it. It is the ultimate weapon for the radical feminists like Gillibrand. And predictably, it has cost us the best senator in the country, a longtime champion of women’s rights and individual freedoms in general. And the Democrats in the senate are proud of themselves, while the Republicans laugn and plot the next one.

    I honestly don’t know how we get out of this. There is no viable third party which represents our views. But the Democratic Party is now full of moral puritans who would rather have no political power but feel virtuous while the country burns. This feels like a moment from which there is no way to turn back. Republicans wn and win. Democrats help them win by sacrificing decent people on the altar of zero tolerance sanctimony. Maybe the Democrats should leave the political stage, devote all their time to proselytizing for “trigger free zones” and “safe spaces,” abolisning demon rum and pool halls, while another Party arises which has the capacity to help average people in their lives. Actually, Tammany Hall, with all its corruption, was an effective voice for immigrants, the poor, and the working class. FDR and LBJ knew how to get national legislation passed, and how to use power. The Democrats of today would not let them do it. And both had mistresses, so they would have thrown them out of office, just like Gillibrand recently said should have happend to Bill Clinton for having a consensual affair, There aren’t enough Gillibrands to elect or run a winning party or fight the Republicans; so sacrificing a Franken to her zealous puritanism is a very stupid trade to make.

    • I’m just not sure what to think about this.

      Meanwhile, demographics marches on–the GOP doubles down and doubles down on white supremacism, while their base of Stupid White Folks, increasingly useless to the Global McDuck Elite, more and more succumbs to despair, both in increased mortality from drug abuse and outright suicide, and in increasing failure to reproduce themselves. The day will come when there simply are no longer enough Stupid White Folks, even with gerrymandering and non-white voter suppression, and then the GOP will hit the wall at Mach 1. 😈

    • What these stupid Democrats have done to Franken will come back to haunt them. We don’t need this at all now and how lucky is trump to have such weak opposition. Don’t care for any of the Dem leaders right now. And how lucky is Sessions to have Franken off his back!

    • Horrifying? What about what happened to the women he assaulted? Multiple women came forth with similar stories and time frames. He stuck his tongue down at least two women’s throats. He gropes women while taking pictures with them. He did it! I love how men are always “remembering differently” well guess what? Women have to live with the memory their whole loves while men get to go on forgetting. Not anymore. He got what he deserved and his speech this morning was unapologetic and self serving. What is an ethics committee going to find out? That he wasn’t a Matt Lauer offender? Not everyone shits where they eat. I used to like Franken and thought he was a great ally but these men are getting what they deserve. Now time for democrats in house & senate to put mounting pressure on Trump to resign.

      • I dunno. I saw the video of him rehearsing with Leann. What it looks like to ME is she is great cheesecake on a USO tour. She wasn’t hired for her acting skills. She just doesn’t rise to his level of absurdity. I don’t think that video is indicative of anything.
        The pic of him grabbing her looks like he isn’t touching her. What *I* would havf done us waited until he went to sleep and pretended to measure his dick with a tape measure.
        When some people shake your hand, they squeeze. I’m guessing that Franken shakes so many hands at a fair and gets his picture taken with arm around waist that he doesn’t even think about it anymore. Who knows what happened? Maybe it was a height differential.
        The pic where he supposedly grabbed a boob? Really?? He’s not even close. He’s grabbing her armpit. Maybe it’s too close for her. It just doesn’t pass my test.
        The last accusation sounds more like harassment. But I don’t know what the context is.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Franken had some ghosts in his closet. The questions are when did these events happen, who was harmed and is there any redemption? He does not meet the level of Roy Moore by a long shot.
        Let’s not kid ourselves.
        But if Gillibrand says Congress is not structured to deal with it, and by that I mean the labyrinthine rules set up to report sexual harassment in secret, then really, he has no choice but to resign. He has no way to defend himself that wouldn’t call into question the method of determining culpability.

        • I don’t think he’s the worst offender out there – tame in comparison to Roy Moore and Trump. I do think resigning was the right thing to do regardless. The woman in the breast cupping photo said she had turned to face the camera and that’s why it’s not visible. Some incidents there are grey areas of course, but if 7 women said he made them uncomfortable and touched them innapropriately then I believe them. Many of these women were fans of his! Why lie? Sometimes lovable, funny guys do fucked up things…

    • And yes William all you have to do is be accused of it. Because in this country women are not protected from their abusers. So when the abuser is in power they must be held to higher standards. Fuck ethics committee and fuck going to court. You have on multiple occasions made comments suggesting that women and LGBTQ issues be put on the back burner. That there are more pressing issues to consider first. Not anymore. These are human issues.

    • “or an unwanted patting of a woman’s rear end (even though that was certainly not proven).”

      What are they supposed to do? Fingerprint the woman’s ass for any trace of Franken?

      • Again, I’m not sure this was intentional. We have no way of knowing.
        It’s not like the Taylor Swift incident where the guy stuck his hand up her skirt and fondled her ass.
        This sounds more like he took a pic and happened to touch her in a place where she felt uncomfortable. But this may havf happened by accident. He meets and greets many people at a state fair. Can he be expected to be held accountable to every woman he has his picture taken with?

    • William, I’m very much afraid that we are becoming the special snowflake party that the Conservative Media loves to parody. And the damn thing is, no matter how hard one tries to pass the purity test, someone is always raising the bar.

      • Let them raise the purity bar. It’s been long overdue. If you can get upset at Jon Favreau (and rightfully so) for groping a Hillary cardboard cutout… I sure as hell hope you’d get upset at Al Franken doing the same to a woman while she was asleep.

        • He didn’t grope anyone while she was asleep.

          As to the rest of the accusations, apparently you just accept them all at face value. Someone is accused, and so he is guilty. Or is that just with these type of charges? I thought that five centuries of British and American law had gotten us to the principle of presumed innocence before a trial or investigation. I had always believed that deep down, tne puritans on the Left were as rigid and authoritarian as the religious fanatics on the Right; and every time they have a chance to prove it, they do.

          • There is photographic evidence showing he was groping her while she was sleeping. This is not one claim where there is some grey area. This is numerous women coming forth with very similar stories and time frame. There is very little that can be done legally for sexual assault victims. Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman and only got 6 months. Therefore, multiple allegations is grounds for people to be fired and to step down. Sexual assault is scary, degrading and more than often happens privately. The women making the claims against Franken also had friends, family members and co workers all confirm they heard the same story. It’s about creating a culture where our first instincts are to believe women. Most impulses are to justify and make excuses in favor of the perpetrator.

      • Sue, yes; and I always appreciate your reasonableness in this delicate area where many fear to tread, lest they be accused of being collaborators or apologists or fellow travelers, or whatever the witch-hunt phrase of the era might be.

        And the greatest historical lesson of the French Revolution, usually repeated in all other revolutions, is that an understandable effort to overthrow a corrupt aristocracy ultimatelly led to an insane crusade for purity, in which successive leaders were guillotined for failing to meet the ever-developing purity tests devised for them by their rivals. Until the populace became so frighened and sickened by the carnage, that they desperately called for an dictator to restore order.

        • Since when is the simple concept of keeping your hands off of women’s breasts, pussies and asses an “insane quest for purity”? Are 7 women, their families, friends & coworkers all lying? This is a time in history that should be celebrated, we don’t need men yelling witch hunt & cautioning people from sharing their stories or warning that dictators are going to rise as a result.

        • Franken is not going to the guillotine, and another Democrat will replace him. William exaggerates.

          • The guillotine was obviously figurative in this instance, but the effect is roughly the same. Franken is removed by the Purity Brigade for some kissing and touching he may or may not have done 10-12 years ago. He will not be there any more on the Intelligence Committee, where he asked the questions that got Sessions to perjure himself, and led to the appointment of Mueller. If Mueller is fired, Franken will not be there to fight against it, and go on TV to explain what constitutional norms were trampled upon. The person who is going to replace Franken is apparently someone who has promised not to run for the next election in MN, thereby making it more likely that the Republicans will take still another Senate seat. If is fortunate that the Purity Brigade was not around during WWII, or we would have lost he war, because thousands of our soldiers would have been kicked out of the army for kissing or touching women at USO events.

          • Oh, whatever. If you’ll excuse me, I’m late for knitting class. 😈

  9. Meanwhile:

    Guns, shmuns. When are the NRA and the GOP gonna stand up for my Sekunn Aminmunt right to own a magical unicorn pony who fires energy blasts outta her horn? 😛

    • I will.
      Remember, when magical unicorns are outlawed, only outlaws will have magical unicorns.

  10. Why look at this, friendly Twitter correspondence between Donald Jr. and Leann Tweeden going back to 2011. Funny, we never heard about any of this before the Democrats decided to self-immolate, huh?


    Here’s the Twitter search results. H/t to Democraticunderground where this was just posted today.


    • WTF

      • IKR? I’m emailing and posting this as much as I can b/c I really can’t believe that this could not have been public knowledge until today.

        It’s one thing to say she was a Hannity-girl but to be buddy-buddy w/ Trump’s son?

        Come on.

    • I had never heard of Tweeden until I turned on a sports show in L.A. a little more than a year ago, and she was co-host for some strange reason. She didn’t know much about sports, but she had dated some NFL player, so she would talk about the NFL life. Well, when an issue came up about UCLA QB Josh Rosen wearing an “F Trump” t-shirt while playing on one of his golf courses, Tweeden was all over it. She called it very disrespectful, went on and on about it. So when her name came up in this matter, I discounted all of it. Unfortunateliy, since some tell us to “believe all women,” Gillibrand and Harris and the rest of them didn’t say a word about this. If those two were around in 1998, Clinton would have been convicted by the Seante and thrown out of office.

  11. I think this is moving too fast and at a time when we should focus on getting rid of dangerous Trump. Instead Democrats are getting sucked into this but they can’t even target Trump or Moore or other reprehensible R creatures and they are eating their own. Do they have a plan to go after trump and other Rs?

    • Franken’s seat will be replaced by a democrat so I don’t think they’re eating their own with him. Amy Siskind calls on the 33 senators who called on Franken to resign to hold a press conference demanding senate hearings on Trumps sexual assault allegations… call your senators… call all the democratic senators you can and demand they force the hearings

      • He was a very effective senator and I worry we will lose the good ones for far much less than the reprehensible Rs by setting foolish precedents. Consider Tweeden was a Republican hack. Consider the circumstances and the extent of crime before doling out punishment. Don’t box yourselves in with setting foolish precedents.

    • No, of course they don’t. Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon are holding hands and doing a jig because Ding, Dong, Al Franken’s Dead.

      • Minnesota is a blue state and a damn good state. He will be replaced by a democrat and I have faith in the people of Minnesota to vote for another democrat

        • Minnesota is now a purple state. Franken initially squeaked out a win over Norm Coleman. The Governor will replace Franken with a lackluster place holder.

    • “I think this is moving too fast and at a time when we should focus on getting rid of dangerous Trump”

      The Democratic “circular firing squad” problem is hardly a new phenomenon. The party is sometimes its own worst enemy.

    • Don’t forget he is accused of raping a 13 yr old. The case had merit and got far before it was pulled. I called my reps and other dem senators today to put the pressure on Trump to step down.

  12. The “new” Democratic Party is too stupid to live.
    I know it’s early but Ricco, I’ll have a Long Island Ice Tea, a Hurricane and a Zombie. In that order.

  13. “I’d like to think it’s dementia ”

    I think a TIA is more likely.

  14. OK, someone on Wonkette said it better than I think I could:


    Regarding those who have decided that Al Franken is the Real Victim (please, due process people–what happened to Al is not a “due process” thing) and that they will never forgive Kirsten Gillbrand and Patty Murray and that’s it, no more voting for Democrats because the Democrats threw Al under the bus and blah, blah, blah: please understand a couple of things.

    A) Al Franken knew what the stakes were here, that’s why he resigned.

    He knew that Roger Stone was now poised to come out with a new accuser every time the numbers started to settle down again, mixing cynical liars artfully in among those with legitimate complaints against Al, and keeping the whole fascist shitshow gleefully alive from now through next November—above all forcing Democrats either to betray the principle that “women don’t lie” by accusing some of these women—the liars among them—-of lying, or to grow more and more frantic, ashamed, and helpless as each new anonymous accuser grabbed headlines away from the Republicans’ grotesque tax plan, or their scheme to shred and ‘privatize’ the safety net, or their pussy grabber and wannabee warmaker and murderer of democracy in the White House.

    B) Nothing could make the Republican ratfucker Roger Stone happier than listening to people declare that they will never again vote for Democrats again because they “threw Al Franken under the bus. ”

    That’s not the icing on the cake for Roger Stone and the Republicans, that’s the actual cake: dividing Democrats bitterly on one of their core issues— their absolute commitment to full human rights for women.

    The old Karl Rove tactic is to attack your enemy where he’s strong, not where he’s weak. That’s what this was about.

    Democrats are strong on women’s rights. Every time someone on the Democratic side moans and wails that it’s no fair to remove a great Senator from the US Senate just because some woman didn’t like his attitude or got upset about some kidding around or a kiss—-do you not hear yourselves when you say these things?

    Do you really not hear what you’re saying to women when you say this?

    Al could hear it: that’s why he refused to say any of these things.

    He’s humiliated and profoundly hurt—so horribly hurt by this that it will probably shorten his lifespan. It’s an awful, grotesque end to a life that was largely pretty good and amazing.

    He probably believes he didn’t deserve any of this, but at the same time he dimly understands—-quite a feat for a man in his 60s who spent most of his life in comedy, and then a few years in the darker comedy of the United States Congress, both venues where women are regarded as subhumans or accessories—-that you don’t paw women, you don’t wet kiss women, you don’t fuck around and treat women like a punchline: not without consequences, at least not in a decent world.

    Yes, it’s true that Al has never boasted of jamming his fingers into a woman’s vagina without her consent, nor is he rumored ever to have raped a child, then threatened her and her family with physical violence in order to ensure her silence: he’s not Donald Trump. And no, he’s never taken a fourteen year old girl to a secluded spot and made her feel him up through his grubby old greasy little Southern shorts. He’s sure not Roy Moore, either. He’s never threatened a woman, told her that her job depended on her being nice to him, or asked if she’d be willing to fuck him for $5 million so he could make a fine Christian baby.

    He’s at the least awful end of the spectrum of awful.

    And yes, it’s the case that in taking him down, they took down an impressive, effective Democratic Senator, while they’re just throwing away a couple of their grottier creeps from safe Republican districts so that the news-readers can declare “both sides, both sides.”

    But Al knows political reality, and he knows that Roger Stone (and Chuck Todd and Jonathan Karl) were basically going to turn the whole issue into an industry and then a joke, the punchline to which was going to be “both sides, who cares? Democrats can’t talk about women’s rights any more, because Al Franken,” and so he resigned.

    I’m sure it broke his heart right in two. But even if the worst thing he ever did was that stupid photo-op, he knew he had no choice: not at this particularly terrifying political moment, as the nation plunges headlong into actual fascism.

    Al understood that the Democrats—and the country—just don’t need the fucking distraction right now, when maybe we’re all going to fucking end up in reeducation camps or a radioactive rubble or frightened to say the things we think in public places or compelled to pray and cover our heads in the presence of “Judge” Roy Moore, or looking over our shoulders for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third to come bursting through the door like a demented little devil-doll and bust us for weed.

    Stakes are very, very high. Al did the right thing.


    • Al resigning on his own would have been one thing like much of this comment presents but the problem is the perception that 30 and odd Democrats hounded him to resign. They did it thinking it will help them and the party but it may not. Nobody is bemoaning Conyers leaving but in Al’s case they didn’t manage it well.

  15. Kawaii break! Chino and Tippy from Is The Order A Rabbit?.

  16. “Friday Night”, by McFly. Now with extra Osaka. :mrgreen:

  17. Anyone surprised? Anyone? Bueller?


    Pastor who founded a Christian music festival accused of sexual assaults against minors. 👿

  18. Check the comments. ROFL.

    • so many hilarious replies but this one is my favorite. But there are so many other good ones.

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