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    pm317 on Pulling it all together.
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    pm317 on Pulling it all together.
    Sweet Sue on Pulling it all together.
    Sweet Sue on Pulling it all together.
    pm317 on Pulling it all together.
    Sweet Sue on Pulling it all together.
    pm317 on Pulling it all together.
    pm317 on Pulling it all together.
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2017 winding down

Holiday party today. The food included samosas and biryani rice and a lot of delicious petit fours.

I’m going to pay for that.

Listening to songs that Spotify says I missed. This was a nice walk to the bus stop song in the cool of the evening with a soft breeze.


10 Responses

  1. Man, that sounds delicious.

  2. From McSweeney’s:


    “A PSA to all grown men on the face of the Earth: We do not want to have sex with you.” 😆

  3. From a comment thread at No More Mister Nice Blog:

    (No, I am not Lars Macomb)


    Lars Macomb • 2 days ago

    In our current era, elitism is ultimately about condescension. It is not about money or privilege. It is about BEING JUDGED.

    Persons with scientific knowledge, literacy, and high level skills have a unique intellectual capacity to assess the habits and practices of their fellow citizens—and these persons often make judgments about things that are risky, unhealthy, dangerous, intolerant, and so forth.

    Quite often the persons who lack this knowledge, literacy, and skill—perhaps because they never wanted it or perhaps because this discipline was not suited to them—loathe the judgments made by the “educated/skilled” elite, and take everything they say as personally as possible.

    This is why the “deplorable” comment hit that segment of America with the impact of an atomic weapon. And this is why Trump, despite all his money and privilege, has become their messiah. He is a tactless, untalented ignoramus and has been a ruthless boor his entire life.

    He does not stand for anyone’s condescension, even if it isn’t condescension per se, but is instead a judgment issued by someone who knows things that he does not. It doesn’t matter if it was Manafort then, or Gen. Kelly now. No one tells him anything.


    That may describe the psychology of the non-affluent, and even the merely-affluent (as distinct from McDuck-rich) Trumpanzees better than anything else I’ve read so far.

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