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    • The Sanders-AOC Bill to Cap Interest Rates At 15% Is Too High
      All right, let’s get this out of the way: It’s better than the status quo. But most credit card interest rates are about 20 percent or so, so this is about a 5 percent decrease. Twenty percent is already insane. Given that banks have access to money, right now, at a little over 2.5 percent […]
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Racing to pass the Ugly Tax Reform bill before the s{}% hits the fan.

In case you haven’t heard, Flynn is cooperating with Mueller’s investigation and:

Game, set, match.

Donald may soon be out of the White House.

Therefore, the Republicans have only a short period of time to pass the tax bill before they have to turn on Donald.

And the $1 trillion additional deficit is not a bug. It’s a feature! The next step is to gut Medicare and Social Security, so says Marco Rubio.

Update: WaPo posts on the plan to gut Medicare and Social Security after the Tax Reform bill passes. Is that what Trump voters sent Donald to Washington to do??

So, to all of you elderly Fox News lovers who didn’t vote for Hillary last year because you thought that the GOP would *never* touch social security, this is what you get for your lack of interest in anything but scary Muslims and sex and missing white women.

The rest of us do not deserve this.


Read The New Yorker today. Start at the top.


I failed to catch this yesterday about Democratic lawmakers offering an amendment to make corporations accountable:

Sooooo, there’s that.

No one can say they didn’t know when this abomination screws us.


11 Responses

  1. I must admit that I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to just collapse into complete despair.

  2. Meanwhile, this is what our good guys are up to –


    I’m with you on getting rid of Trump and his stable of fellow-monsters, but as things currently stand, we will just ditch them to turn around and get betrayed by Vichy Democrats. Stunts like further deregulation of finance will just create the preconditions for someone even worse than Trump later. Voters are desperately trying to get through to the knuckleheads that we want real justice for everybody out here, not just Fuck-Us-Over-Lite vs. Fuck-Us-Over-Armageddon.

  3. December 1: time to post this. :mrgreen:

  4. Saw this in the Morning Call today:

    “Tucked into the flurry of last-minute changes to the Senate Republicans’ tax bill Friday was an addition from Sen. Pat Toomey to exempt certain colleges from a new levy on private schools with particularly lucrative endowments.

    The problem, according to Democrats who grilled the Pennsylvania Republican over his proposal, is that it would benefit only one school: Hillsdale College, a small Michigan institution described by the New York Times as playing “an active role in conservative thought and policy.”

    Toomey is a worthless tool, I can’t believe he was re-elected, but now we have him thru 2022… ARGHHH

    • I read that it was Betsy DeVos’ college or somehow related to her.

    • It appears the Morning Call jumped the gun… This provision was removed from the final bill. It doesn’t get Toomey off the hook IMO, since he was the one fighting for this. He has already thanked me for my message to him “Toomey fucks constituents in favor of Hillsdale college”. He is still a tool

  5. The fox viewers are now yelling in town halls across the country 🙄 Why can’t you convince these people to vote for their better interests? Where did they get the notion that Republicans were going to abandon their every platform and everyone will “be fine” – they literally told y’all they would do this!

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