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Another one bites the dusssst

Matt Lauer is out. He was fired from NBC’s Today Show this morning after a detailed complaint against him for sexual harassment. The blurb says something to the effect that this might be an isolated incident but that The Powers That Be didn’t think so. Hmmmm… if they had suspicions, you’ve got to wonder why they didn’t do this sooner.

We’ll get to that eventually.

I’m beginning to see a method to this madness. Check out this tweet from Paul Krugman this morning:

And this one from Tom Watson:

The media steadfastly refuses to accept any responsibility for the Trump disaster. It refuses to admit that it pursued Hillary’s email issue to the extent that the average voter thought she had been carelessly slinging classified information around and was criminally involved in some kind of coverup. They did this partially for ratings. But they also did it because there is a stratum of political and opinion journalists, all men, who have this idea in their heads that no woman will ever be as good as the lowest man for the most powerful position in the world. So, nothing she did was ever going to be good enough for them. If she was smart and prepared, it only meant she was calculating. If she was tough, it meant she was a bitch. If she didn’t reveal every corner of her private life, she was being devious and lying.

Deviousness, calculating, bitchy, these are the characteristics that men who have no respect for women and see them as inferior intellects throw around all the time.

It’s curious that the worst offenders in the media last year were also the ones who turned out to be serial sexual harassers. Fancy that. It’s almost like it’s co-located on the same gene. And why should we be surprised that they behaved towards Clinton as they did? They see women as sexual objects with little understanding. When Clinton came along, it was necessary to bust down the idea that she was intelligent. What better way to do that than to play up her stupid email problem and make her look careless and incompetent. It turns out her server was very secure and her campaign team was fastidious about security and phishing. It took one man, John Podesta, to fuck that up. All of her female staff members rejected the phishing invitations.

Anyway, Hillary was unfuckable. That’s what all the “unlikeable” stuff was about. She didn’t excite them, this strata of guys in political media.

And now they’re dropping like flies. They had it coming.

In the meantime, take it away Freddie:

12 Responses

  1. Do they have anything on Chris Cilizza? Or is he just disgruntled because no woman finds him fuckable? Too small to fuck.

    All of this explains 2016 so much. How do we get it back?

    • Ahhhh, yes, Chris Cilizza. Definitely unfuckable.
      How come men don’t get that they’re unfuckable too?

    • Seriously I have been waiting for the hammer to drop on Cilizza. I think he already had that bitch beer thing from 8 years ago going against him. Too bad all this crap is happening too late to make Hillary president.

  2. Package for Matt Lauer! 😛

    This girl’s gonna be busy delivering packages, at the rate this trend is going. 😈

  3. From “Gee, Your Hair Smells Horrific” on Wonkette: 😆

    Dropping trou on a coworker must sound pretty bizarre to some . . . but not if you grew up reading Penthouse Forum. Maybe the next generation can be molded with a reconfigured Forum for our times:

    Dear Penthouse Forum: You’ll never believe what happened to me! I was delivering pizzas on Friday night when I buzzed this apartment. A totally smoking redhead answered the door in this skimpy nightie. She gave me a nice smile when she paid so I tried my luck—I dropped my pants to show her my spicy pepperoni. She smashed me in the face with a brass urn and called the cops! I got fired and now have to go to court. Sorry if this is hard to jack off to. : (
    —Paul in Palookaville

    Yeah, not sure which horny teen boys are going to want to buy my new Forum. Uh—oh well.

  4. Hillary hater litmus test. Another one fails. Seriously. Want to know if you’re dating the right guy? Put him to the test. Ask him how he feels about Hillary. It’s idiot proof. You can’t go wrong…

  5. It is quite a sight to watch these TV people (deliberately) not connect the dots of these men running the media narrative against Hillary in 2016 on all major media sources and the Katy Turs, Maggie Habermans, Andrea Mitchells and that awful woman at NYT, I can’t remember her name now, are just as complicit. They dance around that obvious point like nothing bad really happened in 2016 with the most qualified woman nominee of a major party in the history of the US. That reckoning will come soon too.

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