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The motivation behind dehumanization, misogyny and cruelty

Most ethical Americans were shocked by Donald Trump’s recent assertion that electing Roy Moore, an alleged pedophile and selective Constitutional law enforcer was better than electing a liberal Democrat.

I’m comfortable being a liberal Democrat. I’ve been a liberal Democrat since I was 18. Is it perfect? No. But being a liberal Democrat appeals to the rational scientist in me. During the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt’s said:

“Do something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do something else.”

That is a succinct summary of the scientific method. But the desire to do something for me is rooted in the motivation to live in a better world than the one I was born into, one where more people benefit from nature’s bounty over time.

That is probably what sets liberal Democrats apart from conservative Republicans- the motivation to live in a more bountiful world with happier people, not one that is free from stress or conflict. Perfection is not attainable. And there is more virtue in the act of overcoming evil than by eliminating it.

Ok, enough of my personal philosophy. I’m sure that many liberal Democrats approach their politics in many different ways.

But what Trump was implying the other day was that it’s preferable to vote for a child molester than a Democrat. That in someway, being a Democrat is worse than undressing a 14 year old and forcing her to touch you. We’re not talking about show and tell among pre-pubescent. We’re talking about a 30 year old man taking advantage of a 14 year old girl for his own sexual pleasure.

That’s better than being a Democrat?

What exactly is it they think Democrats are anyway? I know we’ve been the subject of smear campaigns and Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. But what is it they think we’re going to do with all that power if we get it?

One of the Republicans (can’t remember which one) supporting Moore insists that we want to open the borders, confiscate guns and have abortion on demand. I’m a feminist and a liberal Democrat and pro-choice, the trifecta, and even I don’t believe in these things as they are laid out here, without restraint or regulation or not in accordance with the constitution.

Let’s take abortion for example. I don’t believe abortion is acceptable after the point of viability unless there is a medical reason to have one. I’m sorry, I just don’t. It’s my “screaming infant at the side of the road test”. If a child can be born alive and breathing and able to cry, then aborting it would be equivalent to abandoning an infant at the side of the road. Decent people don’t do such things. So, no, if you wait too long, like 22-24 weeks, you shouldn’t be able to get an abortion. Let a committee of experts make that call like they do in Scandinavian countries, the most women friendly countries in the world, and save abortions after 22 weeks for fetuses that are severely deformed or a female that is in danger of serious health consequences and don’t make it an ordeal for them.

I digress again.

My point is that for many liberals, our positions have some logical consistency behind them. That applies to gun violence (domestic violence perpetrators shouldn’t be able to buy a gun. And if they’ve attempted to strangle their victims in the past, they REALLY shouldn’t get one). We shouldn’t let a lot of people into our country. Let’s start with curbing the number of H1B visas for IT and Research. They are depressing wages and killing the futures of American sciencists. If you absolutely need someone from China or India and they are that valuable to your bottom line, then give them a fucking green card. Don’t make their lives miserable.

I digress again. {{sigh}}

My point, and I was getting to it, is that there is something about liberal Democrats that has nothing to do with our politics that Republicans are very afraid of. It’s our humanity. The minute they see that what we stand for are all these people who want opportunities to share the bounty, they find us a threat to their own bottom line.

It explains a lot, especially sexual harassment in the workplace. If you’re a guy raised yo expect to achieve certain career goals and you have to compete, it’s a good idea to eliminate as many rivals as you can on the way to the corner office. Harassing your female colleagues has tremendous short term potential because victims, up to 80% of them, leave the workplace within 2 years. In workplaces where there are strictly enforceable anti harrassment rules, getting rid of female competitors takes the form of implicit bias. Everyone knows that women aren’t as smart as men, are less capable, not as ambitious. Or if ambitious, unpleasant to work with or not aggressive enough or <fill in the blank>. They get talked over during meetings, their projects are reassigned to men, they don’t get promotions. Over time, it takes its toll.

The purpose of cruelty, misogyny and dehumanization is discussed at length in this brilliant essay in The New Yorker. There is an audio link to it if you’re busy cooking turkey and need something to listen to. But basically what Donald Trump was saying to Alabama was this: those liberal Democrats are human beings representing other human beings and they’re going to take something away from you.

The problem with that scenario is that most Alabamans don’t have anything to take. They live in a very poor state where the remnants of white antebellum culture persist. That is the fruit of the English Cavalier and Indentured Servants culture. (Albion’s Seeds is a pretty good book. Yes, I actually read all my recommendations.) It’s outlived it’s usefulness in this century and this Democracy. But it lingers in Alabama where the remnants of the slaveowners force the poor and deprived to compete against each other for artificially scarce resources. And why is that? It’s because if a regular rank and file Alabaman starts identifying with the out groups, the plantation owner’s stuff is at risk.

This is the message that Donald is sending. Don’t vote for Doug Jones because then all the stuff my class is sitting on to the detriment of everyone else, poor school children, sick people, working class people living pay check to pay check, will have a huge spotlight directed at it and Donald Trump doesn’t want to have to share with those people in terms of higher wages etc.

So better a child molester than a decent anti-bully.

Got it.

27 Responses

  1. Update: I wasn’t admitted to the hospital but spent seven hours in the ER. Bloodwork and CT showed that I have infectious colitis with a very high white cell count.
    I got two IV bags of antibiotics: Cipro and Flagyl, prescriptions and a stern warning to get to a Gastroenterologist.. At the least the pain is gone but I’m spent.
    No feasting this year.
    Season’s Greetings to RD and all the other wonderful people at this blog.

    • Infectious? Well, that makes it different from my Crohn’s, which is an auto-immune disorder. I have to take a couple of “immune modulators” to deal with it, which is NOT good for my low-grade microbe phobia. 😦

      May you recover soon.

      • Thanks, IBW. Yes, it’s most likely not chronic and can be cured? Not something I’d have to live with forever. However, my father died of colon cancer so I have to be vigilant.
        I hope that your Crohn’s is always well managed.

  2. I read the essay. Two snaps up. (Does anyone else remember that reference?)

    OK, we can add “or because they had a mistaken and self-serving idea of what constitutes justice” to this list.

  3. And yes about the Cavalier Culture.

    Ascended Madoka forgive me, but I sometimes think it’s a tragedy that the Wars of the Roses did not exterminate the English aristocracy altogether.

  4. I don’t know RD, I’m not sure you quite hit the target. The people who’d rather have a child molester aren’t worried about anyone else’s humanity. Or that they’re identifying all that much with some Jefferson Beauregard Hebert III. I’d be surprised if, like the Dump himself, they aren’t the sole occupants of their universes.

    But child molesters, and sexual assault, go a long way toward keeping women invisible. Lack of control over your own body keeps women chained to their biology. It all works nicely together to keep the caste system in place, to keep their universe structured the way they’re used to. And since their only sense of worth comes from being white, even more so male, take away that caste system and you take away everything from them.

    Democrats (since Lyndon Johnson) have been pushing a bit of equality. So they’re opening the door to the end of the world. The throwbacks’ world.

    I certainly hope it stays open and they’re toast.

    • I’m not saying they’re worried about it. I’m saying that they’re distress is due to the recognition that others are also human and therefore no less entitled. That’s what makes women and African Americans so threatening. If they were less than human, there would not be so much hostility. We don’t fret over turkeys.
      But because they are human, they are a threat and competition for resources. Therefore, they must be leveled.

      • I think we’re saying the same thing in different ways. They want to destroy anyone who might threaten their status.

        We have slightly different diagnoses as to why they feel threatened, but the smash-it outcome is the same.

        And I’m pretty sure we think the cure is the same: forget reaching out. Outvote the goons. While we still can and the vote hasn’t been totally rigged.

    • Speaking of child molesters, I’ve found another date for Judge Roy “Lolicon” Moore. 😈

  5. I come from a family with multiple viewpoints, so we all wisely refrained from discussing politics at the table today. 😉

  6. “Democrats are coming for your teeth!” One of the slogans rejected by the Alabama republican party.

    • Lol!!!

    • I call BS! As if they have any teeth to confiscate! 😈

      • We joke, but the sorry state of dental care among the low-income and working classes (two greatly overlapping categories) is one reason we need universal health care–and yet, it’s so easy to manipulate many of those same people into voting against their own interests.

        I consider Matt Taibbi to be pond scum (apologies to genuine algae), but he was correct about “the peasant mentality” among non-elite white Amurkans. (“A stopped clock is right twice a day.”)

  7. Someone’s gotta post this today. :mrgreen:

  8. From Wonkette–alas, the poster did not post a link to the original source.

    Couple crashes car into tree while having sex on highway with baby in back seat

    Emily Shugerman

    A couple in Washington State has sustained multiple injuries after crashing their car into a tree while having sex, police said.

    The man was drunk and the woman was sitting on top of him, engaging in sexual activity, while they navigated a local highway, State Trooper Brooke Bova told The Independent.

    Both were naked.

    The man failed to negotiate the curves in the road, Ms Bova said, and struck a tree with his car. The woman broke her pelvis and the man broke his wrist.

    Their three-month-old child, properly restrained in a car seat in the back, was uninjured.

    Well, they didn’t really want that Darwin Award, did they? Gotta kill off your offspring, if you have any, to get the DA. 😈

    Seriously, Ascended Madoka be praised that the child was unhurt.

    One has to wonder if it was conceived by the method described in the story. 😛

  9. Ugh, Flagyl is the worst.

    • Does it nauseate you, the way Pentasa does me? Not to the point of actual hurling, but unpleasant. And not every dose, thank Madoka.

      The Nauzene over-the-counter tablets work for me, but they’re based on dextrose and fructose, among other things–so a diabetic (if you have that) would need to find something else. However, there may not be enough of those in a dose to matter; a doctor could tell you.

      I can’t use Pepto-Bismol or its generic equivalents for nausea because the active ingredient is a salicylate, and Pentasa is a 5-amino-salicylate, so I can’t take any other salicylates with it. I can’t take aspirin any more for the same reason.

  10. Great NYer article, RD! What I want to know is, how many of those voting for Moore actually believe he is innocent? I think a lot of them do. They think the “libs” have made all this up, and they’re voting to show how smart they are. The “libs” are their poison containers– we get to hold all their shadow projections.

    • I think at this point they would knowingly elect a satanic puppy fucking cannibal who speaks with the voice of Beelzebub and can spin his head 360°. They just want to piss liberals off. Of course they believe the women. That’s what makes him so attractive. If he gets elected senator, he gets away with the worst behavior and is a thorn in our side for a few years. Not only that, but WINNING invalidates everything those women are saying. It is the triumph of the alpha male. So they have to do everything they can to make sure he sticks it to all those effete PC libtards and snowflakes. He’ll put those bitches back in their place and all this nonsense about sexual harassment will stop.
      If he loses, expect a harsh backlash against white women as Rebecca Traister predicted. Moore and his followers are not going to allow any kind of accountability without retribution. This is all very visceral. Rationality left this ranch a long time ago.

      Off topic: my earring got yanked through my earlobe. I’ve never had this happen before. I put liquid bandage on it and will call the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get a couple of stitches until it heals. Does anyone have any experience with this? It’s my own fault. I started wearing heavy earrings lately. They were bound to get caught in a sweater.

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