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Hmmm, that’s interesting.

See this tweet from David Begnaud at CBS:

Manafort is supposedly under house arrest with a very soigné ankle bracelet, a $10,000,000 bail, and was asked to surrender his passport.

I wonder which one he surrendered?

Inquiring readers want to know…


Senator Schumer (D-NY) has a message for president Trump in the aftermath of the terrorist attack yesterday. It’s about that anti-terrorism funding that NYC is counting on:

And all you Trump voters peeing your pants about Muslims running you down should think about whether Trump has your best interests in mind when it comes to your personal safety or if his apathy is just a result of his boorish and calloused, “F}#% NYC, it didn’t vote for me” attitude.

If he can do it to NYC, he can do it to anyone who is insufficiently servile. He likes whip kissers.

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  1. Wonkette has a thread on Paulie Beernuts And His Multiple Passports:


    (BTW, I’m “amrak63” there.)

    • What’s your handle over there? I’ll look for your comments. Of course if they include anime, I’ll know they’re yours.:)

      • Oh, I’m not the only otaku member of the Nasty Vile Little Snark Mob (as we are proud to call ourselves).

        • One of our odd little house rules over there is that if anyone mentions canned clams, the first person who notices it is expected to post “You Monster!”, or some variation of that.

    • Sorry, I didn’t see amrak63; I’m just back from the dentist and stuffed to the gills with Valium and Advil.

  2. Trump is using the NYC crime/terrorist act to go full on Bannon, Blood and Soil fascism. Now, I’m really, really afraid. Today, my husband said that he read that 79% of Trump’s supporters say they would still support him even if it’s proven that he colluded with Russia!
    Hillary underestimated-vastly-how many of Trump’s supporters were and are deplorable.

  3. Cuteness break: One more Halloween pic, featuring Flandre Scarlet of the Touhou games, contender for World’s Cutest Vampire.

  4. HELL YES give the Trumpanzee neo-Ratzis a dose of their own medicine. I am tired of Democrats and/or liberals bringing a plastic spork to a gun fight.

    • Well, that is appropriate in its own way, but this is what I meant to post: 🙄

  5. I’m thinking the FBI should be looking to see Sayfullo Saipova had a Kremlin handler, this horror is beginning to resemble an overplayed Reality Show plot twister script.

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