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The Cautionary Tale of Sergei Magnitsky.

To the Trump supporters:

You have no idea what kind of people you voted for. But it is on you to find out. At least do your research.

Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer who represented the interests of venture capitalist Bill Browder in Russia. Browder made an enemy in Vladimir Putin when he started to expose Putin’s criminal activity. Basically, Putin’s Russia is like The Godfather on steroids cubed.

Putin had Browder deported and Browder quickly got his money out of Russia after paying a hefty tax. What happens next to his lawyer Magnitsky is chilling and horrific. Browder has been in an international crusade to bring justice in Magnitsky’s name ever since.

Preet Bharara at the podcast Stay Tuned talked with Browder in his latest episode. This is going to be a movie someday. Magnitsky is one of those rare people like John McCain. Tough as nails. But what happened to him should give us all chills because now that Trump and his gang are in charge, and I include any Republican who is bowing to the wishes of his donors right now, we are all living under a criminal enterprise of massive proportions.

The meetings that Manafort and the Trump campaign set up with Russian government representatives were for the purpose of undoing the Magnitsky Act. That is Putin’s goal and he aided the candidate he thought most likely to help him get it done.

I don’t know what law or laws were violated last year. Was it treason? Did it have to do with money laundering? I am not a lawyer. But make no mistake, what happened here was an act so unimaginable to most Americans that we are only now wrapping our heads around it.

Obama should have done more. I guess everyone assumed Hillary would win. And in a way, the whole ugliness of the 2016 campaign is being exposed at the same time with the treatment of women by media guys just beginning to come to light. Maybe the Russia thing might have gotten more attention if there weren’t a group of influential guys and their fraternal order getting away with treating women like shit and assuming they weren’t smart enough to run the country. Let’s get it all out because we should all be dumbstruck with outrage and incredulity at what a clusterfuck we are in now.

The Magnitsky affair puts the whole campaign in the proper perspective. Putin owns us.

I wish I were exaggerating.

And if I were a family member living with someone who is wired to Fox News, I’d take a sledgehammer to the cable box and “cut the cord”. It’s pumping poison into your home. It’s unAmerican and you’re living with the enemy.

10 Responses

  1. Oh, we have a big problem with the media men in this country. Even Don Draper wasn’t as bad as Mark Halperin. The Russia scandal is going to be a BIG BLACK mark on Obama’s “legacy”. His behavior during that though is typical Obama. Must not upset Republicans has been the Obama standard. Too bad all this did not break a year ago.

    Putin is nothing short of evil. He has people killed for opposing him and exposing him. And yet conservatives and conservative Christians embrace this evil because he embraced the Russian Orthodox church.

  2. Thanks, RD for putting this up. Preet’s podcast with Browder (link in RD’s post) should be required listening for every American. Period.

    I (and hubs) listened to it on a long drive (what was meant to be a relaxed drive) yesterday and I was crying listening to what they did to Magnitsky and when it ended my husband was distraught and said we should not listen to such emotional podcast (I play podcasts when we drive out) to which I kind of lectured to him that we had to listen to such things if only for the reason that Magnitsky type guys give their lives to alert us, to let us have a decent life; it is our Buddha moment that we need to know life’s ugliness before we appreciate those who gave their lives for us and to do our part. At the end of my monologue, he relented and asked me for the link so he can put it up on his meetup.

    So please, please, spread it around. Play it for your relative who gets their news from Fox. There is no other harbinger than Browder’s Magnitsky story of what is happening in (and to) America right now. Only silver lining is trump is old and senile (unlike Putin or that other evil bastard Erdogan). But someone else worse will take his place, then what?! A whole section of ordinary citizens is already being corrupted.

  3. So this morning the buffoon’s tweets are all about lies on Hillary. They are going after her. We have another fight on our hands to save her from the republicans again. It never ends for her. WTF!

    • They are screaming about Hillary because they don’t know what else to do. Notice they just started their “investigations” when they found out the hammer was coming down on Trump.

  4. We are all this woman! (backstory: woman shows her finger to trump’s motorcade as they pass her)

  5. Enjoy it while you can, Vladimir Satanovich.

    That’s a nice virtual Pearl Harbor you pulled there.

    But remember what we did to the nation that pulled the literal Pearl Harbor?

    Once we’ve disposed of your puppet, we WILL find a way to pull you down from your throne and humble you in the dust, too.

    No matter how long it takes.

    This is AMERICA you fucked with, motherfucker.

    Ask Osama bin Laden what happens to @$$holes who do that.

    • I hope people realize what is happening and stand up to it. My wish is for 2018 (if not before) to be the loudest referendum against trump and the minority he brought to fore.

  6. Why can’t other media people do this? Don’t they do their homework, are they incompetent? What is their excuse?

  7. This just popped up over at Wonkette.

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