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    Sweet Sue on Amnesty
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    • The current world peace paradox
      (MANDOS POST MANDOS POST MANDOS POST MANDOS POST) In a weird twist of fate, American liberals and (some) leftists are finding themselves in the non-traditional position of standing in the “hawk” corner, while (some) American conservatives under Trump are in the position of wanting to cut deals with so-called traditional enemies of the USA.  Whether […] […]
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On a Hill…

Taking in the last perfect Sunday…

Not even Donald Trump can’t screw up the weather.


6 Responses

  1. RD, agree with your tweet here. I think the five are trying to shame the fucker but he has no shame.

  2. Where is RD and everyone?

    Maddow broke some news on what happened in Niger. It sounded like what I had seen in this tweet thread. FWIW:

    • Gives you some idea why trump is not talking about it because it draws attention to his empty boast of getting rid of the bad guys in a month(!) during campaign. If he could have blamed Obama for this, falsely or otherwise, he would have done it by now. The fact he has not done it and said nothing at all about Niger is extremely fishy.

  3. Yulin Cruz/ Khan 2020

  4. I’m back, pm317. Just been dealing with all the disasters, fires, etc. I think many are just feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and maybe attempting to recover and gear up for 2018. I’m dreading 11/8.

    It is truly weird that Trump says absolutely nothing for 3 weeks. I believe he cannot find a way to defend against this one except to completely deny to himself it is happening. And play golf (1 days in 4 so far this year).

    RD, I couldn’t tell if that pic was snow or clouds at first!

    • Thanks, Lady V. In some new news, apparently Holder and Obama have started a joint project on gerrymandering and to make it happen equitably. Why wasn’t a big hue and cry when SCOTUS gutted voting rights is a mystery to me. Maybe there was and I was not tuned in(?) So many things need attention, it is overwhelming and not to mention the fire/water disasters everywhere.

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