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The Country of Puerto Rico: The woman warrior against Trump

Puerto Rico is still in post-apocalyptic mode almost 4 weeks after Hurricane Maria.

80% of the island still has no lights. More than 50% have no clean running water. And the Hospital Ship Comfort is still sitting mostly unoccupied because FEMA hasn’t coordinated the transport of patients from hospitals.

Meanwhile, the death toll is on the hundreds now. Can we call it a catastrophe yet?

I have no idea how Fox News is handling this crisis but I can guess that it is subtely or overtly trashing San Juan’s Mayor, Yulín Cruz. “She was warned, she was given an explanation, nevertheless, she persisted”. She’s being filtered out. You would think FEMA would want her expertise. After all, who would have a better handle on the infrastructure than the mayor and her office?

But this “recovery” has reached the level of a fiasco. The Jones Act is back in effect, probabky with the intent of the shipping industry to recommence the exploitative profit mining of the island’s residents.

The generators should have been installed to get the water treatment plants running. You can live without Vienna sausages for awhile but people can’t live without water for long. But while Florida had 18000 utility workers after Irma restoring the power system,

Puerto Rico, an island with 3,500,000 American citizens has a paltry 300. Power and water won’t be restored everywhere for months.

Now might be a good time for Puerto Rican’s to start producing their own power from solar, wind and wave action. It’s ridiculous that it is importing expensive fuel for electricity. More exploitative profit mining.

How would a Fox News viewer like to live under those conditions or are they incapable of understanding the feelings and suffering of other people? That would be consistent with the disgusting pussy grabbing nazi lover they admire.

Meanwhile, Yulín Cruz sleeps on a cot in the convention center. There’s likely nothing she can do to appeal to Trump’s better Nature because he doesn’t have one and anyway, she’s got ladyparts. She’s not model material. She went to Carnegie Mellon University here in Pittsburgh but we have seen that other women resent smart women in America. Why yes, it doesn’t make any sense. But many millennia of conditioning have made many American women servile “whip kissers”.

I can’t stand them.

But I love Yulín Cruz for not giving up. I love her persistence and defiance in spite of the warnings. She is holding San Juan together while Trump can’t even make a phone call without creating turmoil.

You know, she’s tireless, people respect her, she’s doing everything she can for them. She doesn’t back down. She’s got bigger balls than Trump does. (Ok, ovaries.). And she’s an American citizen born in the US over the age of 35. At least she knows how to run a city.

Would I vote for her? Yeah, I think I would. She’s more qualified to run than Ted Cruz who as a Canadian, had a lot of nerve running for President.

Run, Yulín, RUN!

Trump had one job and one little island. All he needed to do was kick FEMA’s ass. Before long, she’s going to wonder what she needed him for.

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  1. From Suburban Guerrilla:

    Pooty-Poot wants us mean librul Amurkanz to leave his faithful servant Donny alooooone!


  2. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before, Vlad. And Bill’s is MUCH bigger.” 😛

  3. Meanwhile, over in the left column of RD’s blog, St. Ian Welsh is proclaiming that George W. Bush is “responsible for innumerable murders and rapes”.

    Uh-huh, but how did he get in the White House in the first place, without which he could not have been responsible for any of that?

    There were a number of reasons, but one big reason was all the purists who saw no difference between Dubya and Al Gore, because they, too, at least somewhat believed the greatest smear campaign in Amurkan history, which a handful of McDucks financed against the Clintons, which spattered Gore (and, to a lesser extent, Kerry) as well.

    Those purists either voted for Ralph, or some other fringe candidate, or even for Dubya–or just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all because The Perfect Pure Left Hero wasn’t available in 2000.

    And then they want to whine because Dubya and Darth Cheney, whom they helped put in office, did evil things.

    The same sort of people–including St. Ian’s faithful, I shouldn’t doubt–did the same sort of thing for the same sort of reasons in 2016, because The Perfect Pure Left Hero wasn’t available in 2016, either.

    And now they whine that Cheeto Mussolini and his blackshirts, whom they helped put in office, are doing evil and stupid things.

    To those people, and yes, I include St. Ian: (NSFW)


  4. Cruz for President! (Yulin, not Turd) 😉

  5. I have a bone to pick with tweets like this and in general people revving up ‘authoritarianism is coming, authoritarianism is coming’. I would rather we assume the posture where we say, ‘yeah, this is what authoritarians do, but hell no! we won’t let that happen here’ and cry foul and raise hell and make the story how wrong it is for Sanders to say that, that will make her retreat. I heard that from at least a few reporters who said, hell no, we won’t accept that. Sanders is a dumb fucker and I don’t want to give her any power.

    • I agree with you. Let’s not let it take root before we say it’s already here c

      • Is it not amazing that for 200+ America kept a Trump like character at bay from getting into the WH by simply adopting norms and traditions based on ‘the right thing to do’ and a press/media who would chew such characters before they even thought about running?

        Before, a Trump like guy would have been restrained by the MEDIA; before, a Trump like guy would have been afraid to run; before, a Trump like guy would have been afraid to do what he is doing now.

        Media and the parties are the gatekeepers and they let the Frankenstein monster they created into the scared echelons of the ‘beacon of democracy in the world.’ Hold people and the party responsible accountable and make them pay.

        This election makes it crystal clear that the sophistication of America, the civics of democratic America is not understood by many of its citizens. It is like giving a gem stone to a monkey who will not understand the value of it. We immigrant citizens so clearly see it but the indigenous people don’t.

        Sarah Chayes on Maddow last night was great. She and Maddow drew a stark parallel between what happens in corrupt third world countries and what Trump is doing. Maybe if we start calling America a third world country, some of these people will wake up?

  6. Here they are, all 5 of them. I suggest that they do more than this. I think they should have rallies everywhere to start talking about what is happening in/to this country. Bring back first principles in governing and decency. Some people need a shot in the arm to wake them up and naming names and start talking about what America is not will help to consolidate all the discrete voices of resistance everywhere.

  7. I know I’m an effete, latte sipping liberal but among her other sins-both venal and mortal-at the podium last Friday, Sara Huckabee Sanders three times wished Hope Hicks a “Happy Burtday.” Arrrgggh.

    • LOL… trump loves the poorly educated! I think her mascara seeps out of her eyes from her black, ignorant heart.

      • Many people, even allegedly-educated ones who should know better, think of Trump, the multi-millionaire who poops in a golden toilet, as an “outsider”.

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